When Hero Worship Turns To Tyranny


Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, G...

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, Germany, ca. 06/1940 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One doesn’t have to be an historian to know what happens when subjects worship rulers. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Il come to mind. What starts as an adoring mass (thinking their troubles will be over when the guy making promises actually keeps them), turns into all out deifying of that leader/ruler, and totalitarianism is never far behind.


In America, a country founded as a Democratic Republic, we are seeing this very thing happen, and if you aren’t terrified, you aren’t reading the news, watching TV or logging into a social network of some sort. This writer does all of the above daily, and I can honestly say that today I am very worried for my family’s safety. I never dreamed I would feel this way in the United States, but I do, and I think there is reason for all of us to be terrified.

In the 1930’s Adolf Hitler started laying the groundwork to turn Germany into The Third Reich. He began this plan by simply rallying “workers” and unions. He did this simply and effectively. The first and foremost action he took was scapegoating. This is a great way to instill mob-rules mentality. It works every time. In his case, he took the NSDAP (the worker’s party) to a position of dominance and then systematically scapegoated the biggest counterpart they had in German society-the Jews. By doing so, he rallied the whole country against one “class” of people. This formed a “unity” that would be unbroken and culminated in the extermination of 6.5 million people. Of course, he knew the Jews were nothing more than a tool to get his useful fools to do what he told them to do-and once you have people murdering on your behalf, you are no longer human, but a “God.”

This type of thing has happened in every corner of human society, and everywhere on earth. Nearly every country has had a dark point in their past where a leader-turned-ruler has “ordered” his followers to murder on his behalf. This kind of sycophancy is present and evident around the U.S. now. This is where things become terrifying. With actor/comedian Jamie Foxx thanking “his lord and savior Barack Obama,” it is most evident in Hollywood. Certainly, we all know that the artist-class in every communist society is always the first to jump on board with the dictator. They are fancied by communists as the class of people who struggle the most, as they often work without much pay, and must have government “help” to make ends meet. Over the last five or so decades, artistic grants in this country have become immense, thus solidifying the adoration of the artistic class, for the left. This is not a coincidence. It is all part of the plan, set forth by the communist infiltrators in the U.S., going back roughly 70 years.

If we are to believe that the current governing party in the U.S. is really intent upon saving our system, maintaining individual liberty, etc., then we must look past completely, every action undertaken by the last dozen or so Democrat Presidents. If we are to believe Mr. Obama when he says he wants us to have individual liberty as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, then we must look past the government take-over of our healthcare system (Obamacare). We must look past his signing of NDAA (which allows indefinite detainment of U.S. Citizens without due process). We must look past the private property theft of Mr. Obama’s EPA, which not only is confiscating peoples’ homes and businesses, but is currently confiscating public lands, to ensure our lack of energy independence from the Middle East. We must look past the approval of over 30,000 drones to be used by every Federal, State and Local “police” agency over the next ten years. We must look past the Law Of The Sea Treaty and the UN Small Arms Treaty, both of which Mr. Obama has signaled his intent to sign.

That small list is a grain of sand in the desert of personal liberty-killing moves that the Democrats have made in the past seventy years. The radical growth of our federal government is in fact the opposite of what Mr. Obama says he wishes for America every day. So, when these sycophants who worship Mr. Obama sing his praises and compare him to a God, one must realize from whom those accolades come. Usually, it is from two classes of people. The first is the wealthiest class. This class of people have either been born into the dough, or have thrived in our capitalist society to the extent they are secure in their daily lives. These are the folks we on the right call “Limousine Liberals.” They expect you and I to drive electric cars, bicycles, and fly coach, while they burn gas at a rate of 8 MPG in their SUVs, fly on gas-guzzling private aircraft, and have teams of servants who do their laundry, clean their homes, and shop for their groceries. These are those who have no idea what it means to earn a day’s pay. These are the Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, and Al Gore types. These are the very people who preach to us daily about how horrible we are that we want guns to protect ourselves, while they travel with no less than five bodyguards all armed to the teeth. These are the very people who complain about all the people being foreclosed on by the very banks where they keep their millions. These are the pseudo-intellectual lefties who are totally detached from the reality that is our current economy and the attack on our civil rights. These are the very people who called for the creator of the anti-Islam video to be jailed for doing what they do, earning a living by exercising their First Amendment Right of free speech.

The other class who adore “Dear Leader” are the have-nots. They just know they have been kept down by those who are better off than they are, never stopping to consider that those who are better off may have just earned their station in life. These folks labor under the false assumption that “you can’t get ahead” in life without government help. “You didn’t build that” speaks to these people. They know that they need a savior to keep them from the trappings of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and responsibility. They buy every word from that nice black man on the TV who they think has “struggled” like they have. They need a messiah, here on earth, who will be their champion and who will save them from their preordained existence. They will worship any and every person who comes along who says the rich are evil, and the poor are the backbone of our country. They ache to be important to our society. They long to matter.

The hero worship in our country has been around forever. We worship great athletes, great speakers, great everything. In the process, we forget that those who we worship are just men. They are just like us. They are really no different. The only difference between those “heroes” and the have-nots is that those heroes learned early in life that they could actually accomplish something. They learned that they were endowed by the real God with a body and mind that made them capable of walking on the moon, leading a country, or finding the cure for cancer. The false heroes who promise the moon, to gain power are the true evil on our planet. They learned at a young age that one can make promises to the have-nots, and be looked upon as a God, for the simple reason that if they are the ones who provide everything for them, then they are in fact, the real Gods of the have-nots. They can be the one provider of everything-and that is very dangerous. The fact that the well-to-do look upon these evil men as Gods too is misguided sycophancy, and nothing more.

For this, I pray that our God, the one who made this all possible, will be guiding us, as we try to end this sycophancy and hero worship, for it will be our undoing, as it was in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, North Korea, and beyond.

One Response to When Hero Worship Turns To Tyranny

  1. Cathy S. November 27, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Another fantastic article! And scary as hell; just pray it scares enough other folks to start speaking the truth.


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