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From the dawn of the media age, newspapers have ruled the roost. Later, radio entered the picture. Then came television, and finally the internet.


With the maturation of the internet has come a mind numbing number of options for disseminating information. These options collectively have come to be referred to as the “alternative media.” The old school media outlets have now come to be referred to as the “mainstream” media or MSM.

As news outlets, newspapers are essentially dead as most of them are drowning in red ink. Radio other than talk radio, is an afterthought as most people only tune in for music while they drive to and from work. Television news has nearly become irrelevant as network anchors and pundits have time and time again been unmasked as partisan cheerleaders at best and partisan political hacks at worst. People on the left and the right have become rightfully suspicious of what they are told on the nightly news. Increasingly, this suspicion of the traditional nightly news is leading people to search for the truth on-line.

The old saying that you “can’t believe everything you read on the internet” remains true to this day, however, more and more we are finding that there are an enormous number of credible websites and blogs that deliver timely and more importantly, true information. In many cases, the bloggers or web publishers are very sensitive about their status and overcompensate by populating their articles with links galore to document their research and findings. This is in many cases far more credible than a talking head reading from a teleprompter. The nightly news anchor or network pundit is saying “trust me, I’m on a major network” while the alternative media publisher is saying “I know you don’t trust me yet, so I’ll back up what I’m saying with real evidence and let you come to your own conclusion.”

Very often I’ll take time out of my day to attempt to impart some information and the response I invariably receive is “why isn’t that on the news if it’s true?” When I tell the person that the information is available on-line I am often told that the information is a “conspiracy theory” or it “can’t be true or else everyone would already know about it.” From my conversations with various people it is becoming painfully apparent to me that the so called mainstream media is doing a bang up job at keeping the American population in the dark. The founders wanted a free press because they believed that the American people deserved to know the truth and deserved the protection that a free press provided. It is difficult at best for a government to become tyrannical with a free press exposing their every move. With a complicit press, a government can become tyrannical almost overnight as there is no longer anybody to blow the whistle on it.

This appears to be where we are right now. The mainstream media, which I have decided to forevermore refer to as the “Fringe Media” has apparently decided to abandon their protective responsibilities to instead concentrate on currying  the favor of the present administration. Their bias has become so blatant that they no longer even feign objectivity. Stories like “Fast & Furious” that would have resulted in impeachment proceedings for any other president, are completely ignored until the public outcry reaches a point where they have no choice but to report on it. Their throne sniffing would be funny if it were not so serious. The public is not fooled. They are hungry for knowlege and solid reporting and commentary. If the “Fringe Media” will not provide what the public craves, they will get it somewhere else. Into this vacuum of honest reporting now steps an army of citizen journalists armed with cameras, recorders and blogging software. These citizen journalists are putting the “Fringe Media” on notice and screaming in one voice, “we are the mainstream media!”

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