To The Loved Ones Of Christopher Lane


American political activist, Reverend Al Sharpton.

American political activist, Reverend Al Sharpton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks another dark day in American history. A promising young man, here in America on a scholarship for sports, bettering himself so that he could contribute to society, was gunned down by three kids from the inner city, to whom life is obviously very cheap.


Why is this significant? Why is this case in such stark contrast to the death of media darling Trayvon Martin? Its simple really. Christopher Lane was doing everything right. Having graduated from the Australian equivalent of high school, and being a strong enough student and athlete, was given a scholarship to an American college, where he was supposed to spend four years at the beginning of his adult life, bettering himself, so that he could either go home to Oz and contribute to their society by working, creating, teaching, whatever, or stay here in the States and do the same.

In the case of his murder, three “kids,” aged 15-17 were bored and thought it would be fun to go murder another human being. I am not supposing here-this is what they told the police. To them, life is cheap. To them, Lane was just a white guy, of privilege, and deserved to be killed, so that they could somehow feel better about their sorry lot in life-a lot they were bequeathed by parents who themselves held life in as cheap a regard. To them, a trio of misanthropes, “raised” by misanthropes, the white man is the enemy. Why should Christopher Lane have what they don’t have? Why do whites have “privilege” while they don’t?

It was the same case with the media here in the US, where the Trayvon Martin case played out. George Zimmerman was protecting that which he and his neighbors had worked to amass. Yet, the media, and the black “leadership” of the left made him out to be a monster. And here we are, with two divergent cases, that really are the same. Both involve whites whom the leftists at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the NY Times would say were/are “privileged” just because they are white. They would take from both men, all their accomplishments, and would damn them both, simply because they were born to parents of a different skin color. Additionally, they did for Martin, and will for these three animals, make excuses for their behavior. They will do that which defense attorneys in rape trials do all the time-blame the victim. In the Martin case, it is Zimmerman who was the victim-he was attacked and relentlessly beaten to the extent he feared for his life, and was faced with the devastating decision to take another human’s life to save his own. In the case of Lane, three young miscreants with time on their hands, no jobs (or intent to get them), out late on a school night, thought it would be fun to go murder a white person.

The three murderers and Trayvon Martin all have one thing in common. They come from homes where their parents have no idea what their kids were doing-and no interest to learn what they were doing. Martin was on his umpteenth school suspension for burglary, weed, and graffiti, and these kids were in possession of an illegal firearm, and evidently didn’t have anything to do. Their parents evidently allowed them to go out in the streets and get in trouble.

In the end, two law abiding citizens and their families suffer. Mr. Lane’s family is rightfully devastated and will never be the same. Their promising young, beautiful son is gone-senselessly murdered by products of the left-wing in America. The acceptance of the behavior of the “less fortunate” will go on, as if this murder didn’t happen. There’s no march by Al Sharpton, and United States Attorney General, Eric Holder won’t send the DoJ’s political marching secret rabble rousers to Oklahoma where Lane was killed, to march on behalf of a white kid senselessly murdered. Jesse Jackson won’t hold press conferences and demand guns be taken out of the hands of the misanthropic gang banging, drug dealing, fatherless slime in the inner city-because that’s where his meal-ticket lies. We won’t hear the end of Trayvon Martin for decades. Hell, rappers are having his face tattooed onto their bodies-yet those same rappers won’t care an iota of this senselessly murdered young man. Why you ask? Because it is acceptable in America for white people to be murdered by the less fortunate. It is acceptable for these aimless kids to be criminals, murderers, bangers and drug dealers. They don’t share the privilege.

For some reason, the left in this country find it difficult to support the fact that the plight of the liberal black community is the fault of the liberals. For some reason the left in this country turn the other cheek when senseless stuff like this happens. They will lynch George Zimmerman for protecting what he had worked for, and what his neighbors had worked for, knowing that there were weekly burglaries and even a murder. He shouldn’t have had the nerve to fight for his property and safety-after all, he didn’t build it-the government was benevolent enough to let him keep just enough of his earnings to buy a home for his family.

I for one am tired of this. I am tired of being berated by the left because I want to protect my family from the left. I am tired of being berated by the left because I want to keep what is mine. And I am tired of being berated by the left because I speak truth when I say the real racism in this country lies with those who can murder people because of envy. And my friends, this bright, beautiful young man was murdered because of ENVY. He was murdered because he was a privileged white person. And you will not find Reverend Al Sharpton, Oprah, Jesse Jackson, or Barack Obama shedding a tear, because given half the chance, those racists would have all of us murdered. It is time to stop this. It is time for the working populous to say no more. No more cradle to grave welfare. No more cradle to grave free housing, healthcare, food, cars, cell phones, and internet. If these animals in the inner city who murder 90% of the people in our country’s crime statistics had self worth brought about by self reliance, they may not hold life in such little regard.

To Mr. Lane’s family, I say this. I grieve for you. I am embarrassed by what my country has become in the last five years, where the behavior of criminals is ignored if they happen to be black. I am embarrassed that parenting in my country is non-existent, and that the poor are monetarily rewarded for having children out of wedlock. I am embarrassed that in my country, if you don’t feel like working, you just need to fill out a few forms that won’t even be verified or vetted, and you can watch television all day every day (when you aren’t out doing murders or robbing old ladies), for your whole life-and you’ll get more each year you do it! And to the black “leadership” in my country who turn a blind eye to the real problems of our country: You did this. You own this. This is more blood on your hands.



Matt submitted this a couple weeks ago. I was pretty sick for about a week and have been working about 70 hours per week so I was very tardy in posting this. My bad. Sorry Matt!


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