Time To Say Goodbye To The “Stale And Mossy Old GOP”


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English: United States Senate candidate , at a town hall meeting in Louisville, . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember as a young boy being intimidated by a bully on the school playground. Tommy terrorized everyone and wouldn’t allow anyone else on “his” monkey bars without his permission. He also routinely performed shakedowns by charging a fee for not stealing your lunch.


I put up with it for a while but one day I just decided enough was enough. On that fateful day when he started to push me around I reared back and smacked Tommy as hard as I could right in the nose. And guess what? He bled and cried just like me. He was humiliated and that ended it; we eventually even became friends.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I do so because it reminds me of the actions of many of our elected Republicans in Washington, excepting the final part where I defended myself. After all, they have been worked over by a bully for over four years now but they show no signs of standing up for Conservatism, America or self-respect.

Now we do have some true patriots in the party, men like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in the Senate, two of several rock stars now in office. We also have a new breed of representatives in the House, including a group who displayed the courage and conviction to vote against John Boehner as Speaker on their first business day in Congress, a vote based on principle not politics. They knew their assignments and perks would suffer but they didn’t care; they were there to do the people’s business, not the insider’s business.

While we don’t have enough of these dynamic New GOP members yet, as Senator Paul so aptly described them, the new articulate Senators and Representatives are speaking up and the public is taking notice. And this spark, if brought to full flame, will result in the election of more reinforcements who will represent the real America, not the America of the Beltway Establishment. Who knows, maybe even some of the establishment might “get it” and join the new team.

And this begs the big question. Why are the current Republican leaders so weak and why do they cave on everything without a fight? Are they cowards? Are they, as some say, liberals disguised as conservatives? And why do the Boehners, Cantors, McCains and Grahams campaign one way back home but operate in Washington as only marginally conservative even on their best voting days?

I think the answer has more to do with the perks of office and power than anything else. And it has been a problem for a long time but is just more apparent today since we have a President who sometimes almost makes Jimmy Carter look reasonable by comparison.

It all has to do with the power elite and the desire to maintain those connections that they have cultivated over too many years in Washington. This means they will accept the status quo, which today has become radical, and they will do so by representing themselves one way back home and another way in Washington when they vote. What matters most to them is staying in the game in Washington and maintaining their prestige and lifestyle, the public and the country be damned.

Well. Ladies and Gentlemen of the “stale and mossy Old GOP” (again, using words from Rand Paul), the New GOP, a different coalition than we’ve ever seen before, is going to take over our party. And it will happen because it is our party; we have helped it and grown it, from the Goldwater days, through Reagan, and up to and including the Tea Party Revolution galvanized by the atrocious Obamacare. And John Boehner, you wouldn’t be Speaker without us and, in spite of your actions, you know this to be true.

The New GOP will truly represent freedom. It will operate on reason and be open to ideas, but it will not compromise on the Law of the Land, the Constitution. It will recognize God, not as a state religion, but as a right of the individual to express without fear of ridicule. It will also protect the honor of the United States and our fiscal responsibility. In a nutshell, it will return the country to the tried and true practices and principles that made her great in the first place.

It’s really quite simple. It will operate the country in a manner similar to the way we operate our private households. We balance our budgets, we are responsible for our actions, and we know that some things are right and some things are wrong and we expect the country to operate in a similar fashion.

So to all you members of the “stale and mossy Old GOP”: it’s time to move over before you get run over. No more “go along to get along” with radical Democratic Party ideas or worrying about what the Washington Post or the New York Times think of your actions. And no more selling your principles for an invite to a fancy D.C. dinner party or for favors from a rich lobbyist.

And to the media which has been in the tank for the radical Left for a long time: take notice. Either practice the art of journalism or watch what little is left of your credibility completely disappear. We are on to your falsehoods and lazy non-reporting and your viewing and reading numbers will continue to shrivel.

There is a new group of Sheriffs rising in D.C. and they will assume responsibility for what you have all neglected. And, even then, we will also watch the New GOP to make sure they also remain true. We know that power tends to corrupt even those with the best intentions, so we will, as Reagan said, trust and verify. Never forget, maintaining accountability is the only way to get and keep America on the proper course.

One Response to Time To Say Goodbye To The “Stale And Mossy Old GOP”

  1. Steph March 27, 2013 at 12:42 am

    This is absolutely wonderful! It filled me with hope for the GOP and the nation. As one of the nation's senior citizens, I long for the days when the U. S. Constitution was truly the law of the land. There has not been any president who was perfect, we all know that. We have had some better than others, for sure. I couldn't stand to even look at Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky affair but I'd take Bill Clinton any day over this imposter in the White House. Yes even Jimmy Carter seems to be mild, doesn't her? One by one, we must be active in our communities, we must vote for those who truly "walk the walk" instead of "tickling our ears". If our nation is to survive, all of us must get on our knees and ask God's forgiveness for taking Him out of the public square and following the moral relativity in society today.


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