They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore


Seal of the Army National Guard

Seal of the Army National Guard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you have to blow the horn of an individual to make a really good point. Once in a while, you’re fortunate enough to know that person or persons personally, or actually be related to them. There are two such people in my life…my daughter and my son-in-law.


Her, because she chose him, after being raised by a very wise father and mother. Him because he actually lives the conservative values that he espouses. He lives them every day, all day long, in all kinds of circumstances.

They were high school sweethearts, and since they “got together,” she’s never wavered in her choice of him, or her devotion. They have their times, like all couples, especially young couples, but they come through it. They fuss, have their disagreements, and sometimes they get a bit loud, but they always end up making up before the sun sets.

For the most part.

This young man is in the National Guard, and is set to be deployed soon. He serves his country with pride and determination. He’s a true patriot. When not serving his country, he works, every day, sometimes two or three jobs to make sure he can take care of his family; my daughter and my grandson. My daughter stays at home and takes care of my grandson and the house. My son-in-law pays the bills, he comes right home after work, and …yeah, I know, it sounds like “Leave it to Beaver.”

But that’s OK. One of the things that sets him apart from a growing crowd of young people, is that he’s interested in what’s going on in the nation. He votes, not just Republican, but CONSERVATIVE. He listens to what the candidates say, looks at their records and makes up his mind, and casts his ballot. At 23 years old, he’s my hero.

My introduction to my son-in-law was not so great. When I met him for the first time at a Junior ROTC dance my daughter attended with him, I really didn’t like him. He was too tall (14 foot)…

my daughter insists he’s only 6’7”…so far.

And he was interested in daddy’s little sweet-pea. That’s what made me not like him the most I guess. But the more time I spent around him, the more I saw values that I’ve always thought important. He didn’t lie, he stood up for those who were being bullied, he was open, hard working, politically active, and best of all, hard working (yes, it should be said twice).

My son-in-law is like a lot of Americans, the people that founded this great nation, and those that followed them who have kept it great. But there is a new tide in the country that seeks to shout these young people down. They intend on making them wards of the state. They offer unending unemployment checks, Medicaid, food stamps (excuse ME…SNAP) and anything and everything to turn them into liars and louts, lazy to the bone because “they deserve it, they’re ENTITLED” to be taken care of by the all powerful and all wise government.

I say hog waller. Young men like my daughter’s husband are few and far between indeed, and instead of falling for the line of BS that the liberals and “progressives” try to ingrain in them, he gets up every morning and goes to work. One weekend every month, he goes to prepare himself to go overseas and defend that same Constitution that our ”President” seems to think is such a pain in the BOOTAY.

He is ready, if needed, to go to a foreign land, expose himself to danger above and beyond the call, or to give up his life in defense of his country, his wife, his son, or all of us. He’s more than willing…he’s doing it.

Then there’s my lovely daughter. She’s willing to support him in all this. In his values, in his duty, in his choices because she was raised that way and she believes in him. Of course, she thinks he’s Superman. Bullet proof. But she knows that there is the off chance that he may not be. And she is willing to take the chance that she might have to explain to my grandson one day about how his daddy was a hero, and that’s why Paw-paw played ball with him growing up instead of his daddy.

I remember my own grandfather, who was 4-F during WWII. He had a brother that fought in Europe, Normandy especially. My grandfather couldn’t go, but he did his part for the war effort. Every day he worked…hard. He saved his money, took care of his family, and bought war bonds.

You know, I think I might have titled this article wrong after all…I guess they still do.


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