The Unhinged and Undereducated Left

Hitler_and_Mussolini_June_1940This week, the left’s psychosis is on full display. Nowhere more obvious is the loss of mental function than in the far-left MSM, who will obfuscate the highest level of crime, and the lowest level of deviousness of Democrats, to propagate and proselytize their ideology

Today, in all its glory, the left wing rag The New Republic went so far as to suggest the Obama Administration break out the tanks, and do some killing of Republicans, to “put the boot on the throats” of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Actor James Woods tweeted the adage to me a few weeks ago, if you scratch away the surface of a leftist, you expose a fascist. Nowhere is this more evident and proven than the suggestion by The New Republic’s Senior Editor Julia Ioffe’s suggestion that Obama act as Boris Yeltsin did when he shot up Russia’s Parliament building with T-72 tanks.

I have now heard it all. I have seen it all. What we are witnessing is what “The Great One” Mark Levin calls “Soft Tyranny.” Such tyranny is a slow walk to 25% of our population being murdered, as Stalin, Pot, Mao, and Castro did, to name just a few of the most illustrious and storied Marxist “revolutionaries” who murdered all of those who couldn’t be “retrained”…as Obama crony Bill Ayers promised to do in his manifesto.

The truly perplexing aspect of this whole thing is that the leftists who railed against the purported tyranny of George W. Bush, who burned him in effigy, and went so far as to make a movie about their dreams of his assassination, are oddly silent. It’s as if they want fascism, and somehow think that because they believe in communism, they won’t be on dear leader’s hit list. More odd, is their belief they will still be able to sit back and collect free checks, while they sit around playing x-box and smoking “medical marijuana” in a communist utopia!

The irony of the whole thing is that these leftists, the ones who took history out of public schools and replaced it with “social studies,” to hide the real activities and murder records of communists around the world, will fall to the very type of dictator they fought so hard to hide. It’s as if they have forgotten why they hid the truth from the last couple of generations of school kids! They are literally committing suicide by letting Obama run amok with his “fundamental transformation of America.” Thus, the long used Communist term “useful idiot.” These people, like the nimrods who blindly followed Marx, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin and Mao are the very definition of “useful idiots.” They are the ones who will know where the bodies are buried, and who Chairman Obama will dispose of first. They, the ones who hide truth and distribute propaganda will be the very ones who are in the first shallow graves, they dug themselves, thinking they are in like Flynn, only to find out the hard-way with a .45 round behind the ear. The irony is almost dumb-founding!

So, I’ll break it down quickly, in an effort to open a few eyes, and help them make at least a slight effort to dig themselves (and us “collectively”-pun intended) out of the very dangerous and ever deepening hole we are presently in: Under Marxist dictate, everyone works. There are no iPhones, save for the ones used by the ruling class. There are no Escalades or food stamps, or raves in abandoned warehouses where DJ’s spin house music for 48 hours straight and there’s all the ecstasy a “raver” could ever dream of. There is no more “public education,” as it is replaced with public indoctrination. Your neighbors are required to inform on you, and if you cease being useful to the party, through a heart condition or cancer diagnosis, you are sent to a gulag if you are lucky-but most likely dispatched with a single round from a side arm to the back of the head. If that neighbor rats you out for sparking up a doobie on your lunch hour at the refinery, you are shot dead on the spot, and your body is buried in a potter’s field, all the while your family wonders forever where you are, and what evil has befallen you. You don’t own a house or a car, and chances are if you have kids, they are whisked off to a “school” where they are indoctrinated to hate you, capitalism, and to disavow freedom, in return for a belief in the “above-all survival of the collective.” You can’t have a passport-unless you are ruling class, or are conscripted into the military, which your kids may be conscripted into as well. No more weekend trips to Cabo to do copious amounts of blow off the breasts of strippers. And never mind what happens to you if you are caught speaking out against dear leader-the above circumstances for potential death should give you a hint of what happens if you don’t sing the praises of Chairman Obama! A little hint-Kim Jong Un and his deranged father before him, would chain the ankle of those who defied him to a spike in the ground on a military range and launch mortar rounds at them until they were blown to bits.

In the end, the unhinged, unglued, off the reservation whackos of the left have really gone off the deep end, and for the entire Obama Presidency have called us everything from Taliban/terrorist, to kidnappers, and murderers. During that time, each week that passes, brings more wishes of death, and more suggestions to dear leader as to how he begins the process of killing us all. One has to hope that Bill Ayers is not at the White House planning our demise. At the same time, one has to assume that the thought has crossed Obama’s mind on more than 10,000 occasions to start droning us. After all, it would make his life easier, and would certainly decrease the amount of propagandists he needs at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, WaPo, Boston Globe, and the rest of them. With 25 million of us out of the way (Bill Ayers’ wet dream), it would be clear sailing-Right Leftists? Wrong! With us gone, you have to go to work. With us gone, there isn’t a business person left on the continent to run the companies we’ve built. With us gone, you are left to your ill-conceived designs, and dear leader, who eventually kills everyone he perceives to be a threat. My suggestion, before you become any more unhinged, you go read the history books that your NEA brain-washers kept from you. Read about Stalin first-and you may save yourself a lot of work. He killed EVERYONE. He started with his military commanders, which is why Hitler was winning a war against Russia before the US stepped in. If you don’t, your future is more uncertain than Obamacare!

3 Responses to The Unhinged and Undereducated Left

  1. inspectorudy October 7, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    It has always amused me that leftists never look at what they desire for "US' as fascism because they only want what is good for us. They want us to eat healthy food and drink clean water. They want us to wear our seatbelts and helmets when we ride in/on a vehicle. They want us to drive the right kind of vehicle to save the planet. They want products that are so safe that they are not functionable any longer, like lawn mowers and electric saws. One of their odd beliefs is that you should have the right to murder a baby anytime you please for any reason you decide or not. But they go crazy over the rights of a mass murderer and do everything to keep him/her from the death penalty. Once all of these "Little" and annoying items are under their control they will turn to the "Big" items like freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Of course once they are gone then that pesky Constitution will have to be altered to reinforce their beliefs, who they are is never defined, and to trample ours. To accomplish that end will justify some mean means, like armed conflict with the recalcitrant population who think they are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. Or innocent until proven guilty. But it's all for our on good!

  2. William October 9, 2013 at 10:18 pm


    Please contact me at if you don't mind. I'd like to propose an idea to you. It's related to "the Great One."


  3. Alex October 12, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Not to be a jerk, but have you ever read Marx? The entire basis of his argument is that the working class needs to rise up and overthrow the ruling class to reach class consciousness. I'd really like to see how you managed to connect Marx to a ruling class with iPhones, gulags, or shooting on sight.

    I guess you could imply that communism would lead to those things, but that isn't Marxism. Also, Marxism doesn't dictate anything; it is more of a point of view.

    And I'm confused about your point about drugs. First you write "medical marijuana". I'm assuming the quotation marks are to mock the users for pretending to need it for their health. In your next paragraph you write about the fascist system that Obama is leading us to where smoking a "doobie" will get you shot in the face. So are you pro or anti marijuana here? On one hand you mock the people who purchase it legally, yet are rarely honest about why, yet suggest it is one of the great things about living in a free democracy.


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