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Richard Nixon, Time cover April 30, 1973,

Richard Nixon, Time cover April 30, 1973, “The Watergate Scandal” (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

The majority of journalists are so servile (Abjectly submissive; Slavish) to President Obama that even they have become the fodder of late night jokester Jay Leno who concluded a segment with “…….See, this is very dangerous to the White House if journalists should suddenly start asking real questions.” This attempt to poke fun at the ever increasing servility of the press does uncover a real truth. That is, the real danger to America is not just the President and his policies, but a media that is so servile that they will not hold him accountable for anything.


Historically the “Watergate” scandal, was broken wide open by journalists who actually provided “real” reporting. The journalistic work of Woodward and Bernstein led to the only resignation of a U.S. President, when Richard Nixon left office on August 9th, 1974 before he could be impeached. Without a doubt he would not only have been impeached but found guilty and removed from office. Additionally over 40 individuals were convicted of criminal activities which began as a break-in by five men of the DNC for political gain. The journalistic work done in Watergate has led to nearly every scandal since being tagged with “…..gate.”

The protective instincts of liberal journalists, the majority, have been in evidence protecting Democrat Presidents especially since William Jefferson Clinton. The number of potential scandals that went unquestioned during Clinton’s years are too many to list in just a 700 word piece. President Clinton was impeached, forfeited his law license for lying under oath and the press gave him a pass because it was “just about sex.” Lying under oath, about sex, is still a crime. The greatest example of journalistic malfeasance during the Clinton Presidency may have been the protection they provided President Clinton during his re-election campaign after TWA Flight 800 was felled by “catastrophic failure.” To protect the President campaigning on “peace and prosperity” the press failed to significantly report the numerous eye witness accounts that the plane was “shot-down or bombed.” Regardless of the cause, sufficient and quality reporting was not done.

Which brings us to President Obama. Where are today’s journalists with a fervor for the truth? They pound away at their word processors servilely touting the latest talking points provided by the Obama Administration and accusing anyone questioning the President of being racist for doing so. It is not racist to question the competency of, or honesty of, one who attempts to obfuscate any time they are questioned.

One does not have to look far for proof of their complete lack of interest in anything that might damage the President. Two golden opportunities for real journalism have gone basically untouched. Number one, the illegal gun running known as “Fast and Furious” and number two, the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. In the “Fast and Furious” scandal, other than the excellent work of Katie Pavlich, journalists have taken a hands off approach. After all, the death of two Americans and hundreds of Mexicans, at the hands of narco-terrorists using weapons provided by the Obama Administration, might tend to damage the image of the Nobel Peace Prize winning President.

Liberal journalists also provided cover for the President in the Benghazi terrorist murders of Americans ignoring tough questions till after the election. Subsequently, they have remained uninterested in a story that might be damaging to the man they want in the Oval Office. The story the Obama Administration has told on Benghazi has changed so many times that one can’t remember what the latest iteration might be. Like in Watergate where is the journalist to ask, “what did the President know and when did he know it?” Is there not a journalist interested in that question or investigating why the President declared Executive Privilege to avoid answering questions about “Fast and Furious.” Amazingly, years after “Fast and Furious” and months after Benghazi, the journalistic wall of protection surrounding the President remains intact.

Besides these two acts of journalistic malfeasance the list of other neglects grows. This administration has leaked classified information, governed by fiat, received questionable campaign contributions from foreign sources yet these additional opportunities for reporting go for naught.

Not holding the Obama Administration accountable makes journalists “less Press more Pravda.”




3 Responses to The Servile Press

  1. Guest December 2, 2012 at 4:27 am

    "attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi"
    That wasn't a consulate. Most reasonable journalists will understand that there are investigations already under way.

    • Alan_Levesque December 2, 2012 at 12:43 pm

      Semantics. My understanding (without going back and reading the timeline again) is that the Ambassador was moved from the actual Consulate to a safehouse which is where the killings occurred. I'm sure the investigations will be very thorough and widely reported on regardless of who it makes look bad.

  2. John Wertz
    Sven_95 December 2, 2012 at 6:47 am

    Agree completely. The mainstream media, especially the three broadcast TV networks where so many get their only news, are so corrupt they begin to take on the feel of state controlled media — Pravda in the making. In the same way OWS has the makings of future Browns Shirts or Red Guards. A very scary trend for our country.


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