The Republic That Was


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you had told me when I was a little boy, proudly watching my father’s ship, the USS LaSalle, an LPD class US Navy ship, steaming away from port in Virginia Beach, VA, that at forty six years old, I’d be watching my country crumble, I wouldn’t have had a clue whatsoever what you were talking about!


But back then, I was a patriot already and didn’t even know it. I told all the kids at school my dad was a Navy man, and he was out at sea protecting us. I saluted his ship as it steamed away, in my sailor suit, dressed identically to my big brother, and we did the same, in the same outfits when he came home after nine or so months steaming around the Atlantic, and the Med. It was pride that burst from all of the families we were close too-they too Navy families.

Today, when my sons ask if they should go into the military, I tell them not if they ever want to speak to me again, or see me. In fact, as our republic crumbles, and my fellow Americans sit back and let their freedom be stolen from them, as they willingly submit to Barack Obama, I want to punch them in the face…..repeatedly. I watched videos on CNN and other websites this week of Americans stating they are just hearing about Obamacare for the first time, and asking why they weren’t told about it-no seriously, there are VOTING AMERICANS who have absolutely no idea what is going on. Now, in their defense, they have been programmed to ignore Washington, DC, as most of what goes on there is a useless expenditure of taxpayer money, and those morons who don’t know what is going on, pay no taxes, so why should they care-which leads to the point I am going to make.

Why should someone who has no skin whatsoever in the game, care what the hell the government does to them? Why should someone who has never paid a dime in taxes in his life, care if the government takes over the healthcare of those of us who are responsible taxpaying citizens? We on the conservative side are well informed about the destruction of our Republic. We know what is going on in DC, because we care about our freedom. We fight daily for our freedom, by working, spending most of our lives away from our families, earning enough money to buy homes, cars, health insurance, pay for vacations, college, and other personally responsible, discretionary expenditures. But those who are on welfare from cradle to grave, who have never paid taxes, or for a doctor visit, or insurance, or a mortgage payment are already prisoners. Our Congress has made them so-for the sake of having permanent voting classes who will vote for whomever offers them the most free stuff. So, in the end, most Americans don’t care who pays for their healthcare. They won’t be running out to have “work done” on their faces, because they have no reason to do so-they don’t go to cocktail parties with billionaires and congressmen, and certainly will never be invited to a private concert by Stevie Wonder at the White House. The doctor is someone they go to once every five years when they accidentally blow a finger off playing with M-80’s or suffer an overdose on heroin or meth.

In the real world, so few of us have anything to lose if the government gets worse, and our country goes the wrong direction. In the real world of working Americans (and there are fewer and fewer of us every day), we must know what is going on, as our families and employers depend on us to do the right thing. We must know if our insurance is going to be yanked out from under us. We must know if our kids grades are slipping because they have started hanging around with kids who’s parents are out drinking after work, who smoke dope in the house with the kids at home, and who buy beer for their kids on the weekends. In the real world, we give a damn, because we have been working our whole lives to provide an even better life for our families than our parents provided us, because we decided at a young age we would do so. In the real world, the thought of living off of the taxpayers bothers us, and is a repugnant thought that we don’t even want to breeze into our heads-we perish the thought!

I am more and more angry every day-and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about what is going on in America. Short of becoming a politician and having my kids have to see the press attack me, because I dare push for America to go back to what it used to be-where people want to work and where the majority of Americans are self-reliant, I have no ideas! Oddly, the Democrats are convicted of horrendous crimes almost weekly, yet the voters seem to only hear about bad stuff that Republicans get themselves into. The fix is in. The “Free Press” is gone, and that signals the downfall of our Republic. When the free press is gone, so goes the Republic. The founders made that clear. The Tyrants’ first moves are always to silence the free press. That was done here in the US a long time before Obama. Now, the press, who commit fraud by calling themselves “News Outlets,” do nothing but publish propaganda for the left, while they defame conservatives, creatively editing video, audio, omission, and outright lies.

The downfall of the republic is almost complete. Ronald Reagan warned of “State run healthcare” back in 1953. When the government controls your access to medical treatment, they control your life, at every level. Ladies and gentlemen, either speak out for liberty, or leave. There are no other choices. This country is lost to tyranny. This country will fall further, the longer these people are in power. A tyrant grants himself power. Mr. Obama is very adept at that aspect of tyranny, and we sit by and watch as those we elected to balance the power, vote with the Democrats, and sit silent as Mr. Obama rules by edict. And that my fellow Americans, signals the downfall of our republic. While our proverbial Rome smolders, our enemies engage in joint war games, develop WMD, and roam the world, murdering those with our values. In the very near future, there will be no going back. The “fundamental change of America” which Mr. Obama promised is almost complete. It won’t be long, before America is the Republic that was.

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