The Path of a Dictator


Barack ObamaIt’s troubling.


It appears that only Barack Hussein Obama knows anything.  Therefore, he gets to be the only one to run the country single-handed.   Apparently, the recognized checks and balances of government are irrelevant to him. As he asserts that the Constitution is restrictive because it only addresses what the government cannot do,  he cries that Congress gets nothing done, and that the Supreme Court is unelected.  To him that makes Obama the only one who can get anything done, whether the people like it or not.

That’s an unusual view in conservative America, but it parallels some of the views held by many dictators abroad.   Notwithstanding the normal cabinet and administrative posts, Obama has also appointed a number of unelected czars to help.   Instead of the constitution, it would appear that Obama and his administration use Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to be their guide.  We look around us and consider many of the horrifying aspects of the world of Orwell, and we see it all beginning to happen already.   For example, in his book: “1984”, Orwell portrays the necessity to have the threat of a common enemy in order to rally and unite the people in support of the government.  I guess that in Obama’s mind, the enemy is not the Communists nor Muslim Jihadists, but those who oppose his socialist agenda.

In 2009, Dr. L. E. Ikenga (her parents immigrated from Nigeria while she was a child), in her article: “Obama the African Colonial” highlights the fact that Obama has no intrinsic affinity to the civic, social and political values and traditions of America.  She identified him, potentially, as a typical third world dictator. According to her, his methodology would thus be that of colonial thinking in the third world.  She predicted that he would divide and rule by taking advantage of feelings of guilt and uncertainty; encouraging the abandonment of past traditions, affiliations and identity.  Then he would make it legal for the government to remove wealth from the successful and redistribute it.   All the time, he would encourage the concept that his privileged education gave him a huge advantage over us – the ignorant ‘hoi polloi’ (I imagine the term he would use is ‘proletariat’).   He would, at all times lie to us regarding “progress being made” regardless of signs to the contrary.  Finally she predicted that he would constantly remind us through the controlled media that his followers were the “enlightened ones”, and that those opposing his position would be painted as unreasonable, ignorant bigots.   How have her predictions panned out?

Wayne Allyn Root,  who attended Columbia at the same time as Obama, asserted the he is a Muslim (June 6th, 2010); and that he is following the plan of  Cloward & Piven – two radical socialist professors.   Obama’s association with “unrepentant terrorist” Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and other notorious radicals is conveniently ignored by the media.  To emulate his hero, Alinsky, he preferred to become a community organizer/agitator rather than be a productive, wealthy lawyer.  Now he has surrounded himself with Alynsky-ite radicals and Chicago-style activists in his administration; appointing a host of (yes) unelected, radical czars.

It may be argued that Barack Hussein Obama looks upon the world as his home, and that the United States needs to be changed and knocked down to size in order to be accepted by what he deems to be “the world”.   That’s where he gets the “hope and change” that he promised.  It sounds so good until it is heard in this context.   I am reminded of Paul Harvey’s recital: “If I were the Prince of Darkness” (see YouTube).

What’s next?  Like he said to Medvedev the other day on the open mike: after the election he can be more flexible.  I’ll say!  What could happen as time goes by and nobody checks him.   What has stopped him thus far?   Just about nothing.  The congressional investigation into “Fast and Furious” headed by Congressman Darrell Issa rolls on without satisfactory cooperation from the Whitehouse.   Those who disagree with Obama and the D.N.C. criticize and argue to little or no effect.

There are some who tentatively predict that a possible course of action by Obama would be to manipulate dissatisfaction, division and violence to his advantage.  He already has the reputation as a very divisive president. Where would the violence come from?   Just look at what happened as a result of the unfortunate shooting of Trayvon Martin.   It has been manipulated into something dangerous by those who placed politics above concern for the bereaved family.   Obviously justice is the last thing on their minds; otherwise “innocent until proven guilty” would have been observed.  Rahm Emmanuel was reported to have declared that “You never want a crisis to go to waste.”

One observes the actions of “Occupy Wall Street” mobs in Oakland and elsewhere.   We see how easy it is for violence to break out.  The nutty Left seems to be determined to cause hatred and division.  With his recently displayed disrespect for the courts, could he defy them?  What about his marked disdain for Congress? The New Black Panthers seem to be unrestrained, thanks to the D.O.J.  There are so many powerful people who support him.  The media who exposed Nixon now lie for Obama.  Disunity, racial discord and chaos are being nurtured. With his track record so far, what do we predict he would do next?

The economy of the world still teeters.  Our national debt is astounding!  Because of distractions, unemployment is hardly mentioned any more.  Inflation causes concern.  Canada will probably look to China as a market for their Natural Gas and oil.   The Iranian freedom fighters were ignored, while the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were encouraged.  That threatens the peace of the Middle East.  Iran ignores the West and could soon be a nuclear power.   North Korea threatens to go ahead and test their long range missile, thumbing their nose at the West.  Russia and China both disregard the concerns of the U.S.A. and casually break U.N. sanctions.  Very little information is coming out regarding the mess we left in Iraq; and now the situation in Afghanistan seems uncertain.

Obama has shown indifference to our allies, and grossly disrespected Israel.  Israel’s defense plans were leaked. That’s irresponsible.  Oh, how that contrasts with the time (Aug 12, 1982) when King Fahd requested help from Ronald Reagan because the Israeli barrage was so fierce that they could not arrange a withdrawal of the PLO from Beirut.  Reagan made one phone call to Prime minister Begin, and in twenty minutes the barrage had stopped!   That’s impressive!  I doubt whether any U.S. president has had that kind of respect and authority since.   Now, one word from us – and Syria does just whatever it likes!

As we look ahead to November 6, we need to consider the importance of this year’s election.  This isn’t Jimmy Carter being looked upon as too naive and too incompetent to win.   Obama has been portrayed by the GOP candidates and others as failing, ignorant and incompetent.  Obama likes this because it hides his true motives.  Obama hasn’t failed.  He is getting done exactly what he started out to do. If re-elected, he will complete the job. That is why he must be replaced at the next election! Unlike McCain, the next GOP candidate will have to stay focused.

2 Responses to The Path of a Dictator

  1. TheOhioConservative April 9, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Agree completely that he is not stupid, ignorant, or uneducated on the Constitution.

    He has continually manipulated Congress and the nation, showing that he is genius and incredibly wise to the system. He has accomplished everything he has wanted so far; and yet, we want to campaign against him as a "ignorant rube". Instead, we should be preaching that he has intentionally and willfully deconstructed major portions of this sovereign nation and intends to reinvent the United States.

    • Alan_Levesque April 9, 2012 at 11:18 pm

      Good point. It is far more likely that he is being disingenuous than he is being dense.


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