The “Leadership” of the Left

General David Petraeus and Barack Obama

07/21/2008 – U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander of Multi-National Force – Iraq, talks about security improvements while giving an aerial tour of Baghdad, Iraq, to Sen. Barack Obama July 21, 2008. Sens. Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel also joined Obama on the tour. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Lorie Jewell/Released)

After reading a Warner Todd Hudson piece on’s Big Journalism site, I was struck by one thing; the left’s idea of what leadership is, or should be. I was taught at a young age that a leader should be above reproach, in other words a model for all to follow. I was taught that a leader should be willing to do that which he demands of his subordinates. I was taught that to lead, one must be impervious to the superficiality that could bring down the team. And if I were to follow Doris Kearns-Goodwin’s definition of a leader, I would believe the opposite.

You see, this is what is wrong with our country. Kearns-Goodwin, and other lefty Ideologues all think the same way-the higher-ups in a communist society are able to do what they please and remain leaders. They believe that the party-members are above scrutiny, or at least should be. Their belief in a society where leaders aren’t held to the same standards of society is flawed. One cannot sit by and say Director Patreaus, or General Patreaus as he was, can lead men, when those men don’t respect him, as they know of his dalliances. To say that he is/was a good leader, all the while knowing he was cheating on his wife, with potentially multiple mistresses is a joke.

In any echelon of leadership, the top must lead by example. And therein lies the rub for the left! They believe that a nation of philanderers and miscreants is just fine. The reason is simple: If everyone is more concerned about where their next sex-capade will happen, they are not watching the government, and if they are not watching the government, then the government can erode more rights. This ploy has been used by every dictator in history. All the greats in the Left’s pantheon of dictators encouraged the masses to be immoral. For it is a great way to dissuade them from paying attention to that which is important. And while those masses engage in that behavior, the government moves. This is best evidenced nowadays by the very regular Friday Document Dumps, whereby the White House releases information that it doesn’t want attention drawn to, just after all the lecherous “journalists” hit the bars for their Friday cocktail and pick-up hour!

Further to the above aspect of the Left’s thinking, the leadership issue can be looked at more closely, to reveal their belief that they are in fact gods we elect to higher office. The Kearns-Goodwin quotes in the aforementioned article are great examples of how the media have snowed America for generations. She mentions FDR for instance, who carried on affairs, and that they were covered up by his adoring fans, the left-wing media. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want leadership who hold no principles, and who are completely dishonest! JFK is another example of a problem for our security, hidden by the left-wing press. JFK was a philanderer, a pill popper, and the position of POTUS was far above his pay grade, yet the press literally canonized him, and to this day likens his vacation home to the mythical Camelot, where King Arthur dwelled.

The thought of our country being ruled by a King and/or Queen flies in the face of our Constitution, our entire belief system, and that for which so many died to guarantee us; A government by the people, for the people. We must never forget what our founders, and our ancestors lived through and died for: to create our constitution, and our nation. This is elementary stuff. And we are letting it slip away, at the hands of ideologues who simply revise history to make their case look attractive to the robots who hang on their every word, and who think it is cool to sleep around on one’s wife. Bill Clinton is a shining example of how the left think. The man slept with a 20 something intern under his auspice, and then became a hero to the Left for doing so. Remember how much of an idiot he sounded like when he was lying to Congress? “Depends on what your definition of is is” was my favorite line of his-he sort of said, “Look, I’m the king, and I can say whatever stupid crap I want to, and America will still adore me, thanks to CNN and the other useful idiots who work for me.” And it did, and he did, and they did, and it worked.

Today, as we face another four years of Obama, and an ever increasing percentage of our populace on some sort of government hand-out, this sort of issue will become more important. Democracy always falls into disarray and leads to chaos and dictatorship. It has everywhere on earth, which is why our founders made us a Democratic Republic. It is why, while we slept, the politicians we trusted made subtle changes along the way to morph us into a Democracy. It is why they long ago started calling us a Democracy, so that those changes could be made. Even the brain surgeons at NBC have changed their HQ building to “Democracy Plaza.” It is terrifying and it is telling. The goal of the left is Soviet-styled Communism. They have made that clear with “paying fair share” language when talking about the “wealthy”-who already pay more than their fair share, as in 75% of all taxes paid in America.

Clearly, the Democrats and Republicans have vastly different views on leadership.  Oh how the founders are spinning in their graves.


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