The Evil That Is The Left


English: Chris Matthews at the 2011 Time 100 gala.

English: Chris Matthews at the 2011 Time 100 gala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday was another horrific day in American history. On this day of celebrating in Massachusetts, with the world renowned Boston Marathon and Patriots’ Day in full swing, there was another attack on Americans. This time, two bombs detonated in crowds, resulting in unthinkable carnage. Men, women and children were victims, many of whom lost their lives, many more lost limbs, and the children in attendance who survived, lost their innocence.


I don’t know about you, but my first thought was Al Qaeda terrorists. Of course, the left had a different first thought-one which should surprise no one, yet made me sick. From Nick Kristoff to Chris Matthews, their first thought was Tea Partiers. Now I normally don’t take much these types of ravenous Marxist idiots say seriously. After all, they are on MSM networks, and they are known for such things as getting tingles from Obama’s very voice and for blaming the Aurora, Colorado murder rampage on a Tea Party member, whom they named by name. In the Aurora case, the shooter turned out to be a ravenous lefty with ties to the Obama campaign and OWS. This time it was different.

Chris Matthews had US Congressman and Democrat Bill Keating on, where they both speculated it must have been “right wingers.” The disgrace didn’t stop there. Matthews then went on to try to tie it to Tax Day, and further, when it seemed as though a bomb had gone off at the JFK Library, asserted it may be a conservative vendetta against the Kennedys. After I stopped laughing, I got pretty angry. How dare he make assumptions that it was Americans who blew up crowds at the Boston Marathon. An operation like that takes a great amount of planning. This is not something a nut job like the Newtown shooter would do. This was a surgical military action, akin to roadside bombings in Afghanistan. Furthermore it had the hallmarks of training, as one bomb went off, sending people in the direction of the second bomb which detonated thereafter. This is often done in roadside bombings-where one bomb goes off, to get a convoy stopped, or moving towards a larger bomb. This was definitely the case. Furthermore, what the hell was Keating thinking? This is conduct unbecoming a US Congressman, and is proof positive that the entirety of the Democrat Party have lost their grasp of reality.

I read a little later on that Nick Kristoff of The New York Times spewed similar idiocy when he said: “the bombing is a reminder that Republicans have barred Obama’s new ATF appointment, and shame on the Republicans.” First of all, the Director of ATF resigned in shame after undertaking Fast And Furious, which was the brain child of Obama/Holder, and which ran guns to Drug Cartels, leading to hundreds of murdered Mexican citizens, and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. It would seem to me that Mr. Kristoff’s messiah made that bed. Furthermore, politicizing an event like this is repugnant behavior unbecoming a “journalist.”

It gets better. Michael Moore, the 1200 lb gorilla in every room he enters, and an avowed hater of the American way of life posted tweets such as 2+2=, insinuating it was conservatives, or somehow evil gun owners attacking the Newtown families who were there being honored, as there were 26 victims, and a marathon is 26 miles. The thought of those families going through the tragedy of today made me cry-and this kook wants to blame the bombings on me, and people like me? Not quite Mr. Moore. But, you keep on helping Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and the other sociopaths you share ideology with and a civil war just may be started-careful what you wish for hypocrite. Now that I have mentioned Al Sharpton, I also read where his “producer” posted tweets asserting that an “anti-government” group probably did the bombing-which is Libtard-speak for conservatives.

I don’t know about you, but in between the tears today, I got pretty angry. There were so many more examples of divisiveness from the left, I can’t mention them all at length, but Cenk Uyger threw his hat in the ring, making the claim that if it had been done by a “white shooter with an assault rifle, it wouldn’t have gotten near the attention.” Really? A double bombing at the Boston Marathon would get more attention than a guy with an AK shooting people? What are these people thinking? We are all Americans! Are these leftists so stupid they don’t remember September 11, 2001?

I do. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I remember racing from my office in IBM Plaza in Chicago, after hearing on the radio there was a plane headed our way. I desperately crossed the city in traffic that was at a standstill trying to get to my wife. Along the way, I couldn’t reach her on the telephone, as the cellular system was jammed with traffic. And each time an F-15 would tear down the lakefront, or through the tall buildings (which they were doing, making their presence known), I feared the worst. I thought maybe that was the plane that would kill my wife before I got a chance to tell her I loved her. I thought one may kill me as well. I remember thinking about all the bond traders at Cantor-Fitzgerald who had traded our MBS for us, when I ran a banking outfit earlier in my career, and what their families were going through. I was nearly hysterical. And through that traffic, I watched the throngs of people walking north, away from the loop, and they all made contact with me as they walked past, as if to say, be safe fellow American. Good luck. And they all wondered why I was driving south towards the Sears Tower. I could see it in their eyes. Many were crying, hell, I was crying. We came together that day as Americans.

And today, we are divided. We are divided by a Democrat Party whose goal it was to divide us, and it worked. It’s us vs. them now-and even when we should all be together, praying, crying, reassuring each other, waving old glory, these sociopaths are trying their best to pin something despicable on the opposing political party. What brought us to this? Barack Obama, and nasty, hateful groups like Daily Kos, MMFA, and OFA. They are all Alinsky-ites who believe that the end justifies any/all means. And if that means fomenting a civil war in this country, then so be it. One of their biggest “revolutionaries” who has now been proven to be more to Obama than was indicated by the left, is Bill Ayers. He wrote that the Marxist revolution, when done, would have a percentage of Americans that they couldn’t convince to buy-in to the Marxist way that was equal to 25 million of us. He wrote that he would gladly murder us-all 25 million of us for “the cause.” That is Alinsky 101. It is also Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Stalin 101. And that is the only thing I can think of that is driving these left-wing hate filled sub-humans to be so willing to attack us for our principles. I can think of no other reason.

In the end, these people have no souls. They gave those up in return for a place at the table with the Tyrannical Marxist Regime that now runs this country. They gave that up when they willingly helped elect a man who had never held a real job, could not prove, or would not prove that he even graduated from either of the three universities he attended, who has forged Selective Service Enrollment forms, traveled to Pakistan during a time when US Citizens were barred from doing so, and who is close friends with two of the founding members of the terrorist organization The Weather Underground. That same man has proffered three different birth certificates, and has used the Social Security number of a dead man, issued sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900’s in a state that Mr. Obama had never lived in. They sold their souls when they helped that man cheat his way into a second term, through massive vote fraud, voter intimidation, and disgusting tactics, including accusations that the opposing candidate had not paid taxes in a decade. They are soulless. Our country now seems the same. On a day when neighbors should have been checking up on each other, and we should have been rallying behind the injured and dead people’s families, we were being assailed by the lowest our society has to offer.

I for one am tired of it. The left have fomented revolution for five years. Something like a terrorist act on American soil certainly isn’t going to stop them now!



One Response to The Evil That Is The Left

  1. Jackie Treehorn April 18, 2013 at 2:06 am

    I'd say that both sides are equally guilty of making every issue political. Interestingly, your anger-filled rant is just as one-sided and polarizing as the people you despise. You mention divisiveness in this country, but are you opposed to it, or contributing to more? If you truly believe that half the country is evil, it sounds like you're the latter.


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