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It has been five days since Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election. Although reports of massive voter fraud continue to flood the web, we are not going to address that here as the point is very likely moot. The question that needs to be answered is “what now?” What do we do now that our well informed votes have been nullified and we are apparently stuck with a president who is hell bent on driving the country into the dirt?

Why don’t we let him? Let’s face it, he is going to do it anyway. Only days after his “re-election” he is already back on the UN gun grab bandwagon and has shut down 1.6 million acres to oil exploration and drilling. The last four years have produced a dizzying array of new laws and regulations and the next four promise to be just as bad and probably worse. If Congress won’t give him what he wants through legislation he will simply issue more executive orders. Nobody is going to stop him. Not Congress. Not the Supreme Court. Not the DOJ. Want proof? Executive orders can not override or supersede existing Federal law but Obama issued an executive order that amounted to a de facto “Dream Act.” A few weeks later, I saw a sign in front of the immigration office that invited illegal aliens to come in and learn about the new “immigration law.” In other words, his executive orders have somehow become “laws” and nobody has said a word. Basically, we have a King now.

We have been told that this is the worlds smartest man. He simply knows more than anyone else about everything. He knows about aircraft carriers (“We Have These Things Called Aircraft Carriers, Where Planes Land on Them”), submarines (“We have these ships that go underwater. Nuclear submarines.”), quantum physics and so much more. We have very likely been hasty in our judgements. Even John Boehner said “Mr. President, this is your moment. We’re ready to be led”  and “We want you to succeed.”

So let’s be led. And, since we are beat, let’s not be obstructionist sore losers either. We should be advancing ideas and policy that the president can get behind and that the House will reach across the aisle to support. How about something that was put forward on Twitter the other day? Maybe the House should send a bill to Harry Reid that raises the minimum wage to $20.00 per hour. If the Senate doesn’t pass it, that means they hate poor people. We should also present a bill that dramatically increases the monthly Food Stamp allowance. The Senate would pass this unless they hate children and want them to starve. Unemployment checks should be equal to the amount that a person was earning before they were laid off or fired. If this didn’t pass it could only be because they don’t “care” about the working man. Everybody should have 4G wireless internet in their homes at government expense. How can kids learn without internet access? And, speaking of learning, how about free Ivy League college educations for all. A nice law degree would certainly prepare a young man or woman for one of those “jobs of the future” that they keep talking about but that never seem to materialize.

These are just a few examples of how we can not just compromise with the Democrats but actually go above and beyond in our efforts to give the president’s “ideas” a “fair shot.” And for the Republicans and Conservatives it is a win-win. If Democrats refuse to implement ideas like these, they will be exposed as hypocrites. If they do implement ideas  like these, they hasten the country’s economic collapse. Since there is no Republican obstruction, the Democrats would own the destruction. The House should make sure that everybody knows they are giving the Pharaoh everything he wants and then some. They should call a press conference every time they send a bill to Harry Reid. They should run ads all over the web to let people know that Mr. Obama and the Democrats own whatever economy is left after four years. Maybe it’s time to strap in and ride this thing to the bottom “Dr. Strangelove” style. Then perhaps we can pick up the pieces and rebuild the country from scratch.

Think of it this way: a phoenix doesn’t pull itself out of a nosedive, it instead rises from the ashes.

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