That Pesky Constitution

Come on guys! It’s been almost 225 years since the Constitution was adopted. We should have it figured it out by now, but just as in 1787, there still seem to be two sharply divided groups that have vastly divergent ideas regarding what ‘freedom’ really means and whether ‘the people’ are intelligent enough to govern themselves or are just too stupid to survive without the assistance of big government.


In 1787, the Federalists argued vehemently against the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, fearing it took too much power from the central government and gave to ‘the people’ more power than they were intellectually prepared to wield. Federalists were believers in big government and only limited rights for individuals and states. Anti-Federalists were the group who supported a limited central government and a broad measure of individual freedoms and states’ rights. They demanded the inclusion of the Bill of Rights as an important part of the new Constitution. Somehow, the two opposing groups got together and the Constitution was born.


To put it in the very simplest, basest of terms, in 1787 the Anti Federalists believed the American people were intelligent, hard working, and moral enough to have ultimate control of their government and their personal lives. Federalists, on the other hand, firmly believed the common citizen was simply too stupid, uninformed, and depraved to make major life decisions on his own, and should be governed by a strong central government that new what was best for the common rabble.


Our elected leaders seem to still be in the midst of the same argument. The names of the opposing groups have changed, but the legislative tug-of-war has, if anything, intensified regarding the ability of ‘the people’ to make sound life decisions. Thank goodness our forefathers were able to see the light and put aside their argument to adopt the law of the land known as the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, there is still a large and powerful group in Washington that is dedicated to tearing apart the Constitution and replacing it with their own version of socialism and big government control. The people in this group are not evil, at least not in the ‘Freddie Krueger’ sense; they simply believe, just as the Federalists, that you and I do not have the intellectual or moral capacity to govern or care for ourselves. They believe that they know what is best for us far more than we know what is best for us. The Constitution protects us, but we are allowing bits of it to be slowly chipped away by generic federalists who are patiently taking away our freedoms against the day that they can completely dispense with those pesky constitutional freedoms and control our lives as openly as communist dictators control the daily life of their own subjects.


Read the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. It is extremely short and quite straightforward. Absolutely nothing in the clause indicates that the government has the right to force individuals to purchase a product (such as health insurance) that they do not desire to buy. Barack Obama has distorted the Commerce Clause to press his own agenda, and ‘we the people’ have let him. Maybe the Supremes will rule against him, and maybe they won’t, but the fault is ours. We didn’t write; we didn’t openly complain; we didn’t demand a proper reading of the Constitution. We let the president chip away that little piece of our freedom.


Read the First Amendment. It very clearly states that the government cannot prohibit our free exercise of religion…but when was the last time you saw a manger spring up on the lawn of a post office at Christmas? They were commonplace in my childhood, but no more. Government has taken away the right of Americans to celebrate their religion, whether it be Christians or Jews or Muslims or anything else, with the notable exception of atheists. They don’t believe in anything, so their symbol would naturally be a post office with no religious symbols at all. I guess the atheists won that argument, but government is the entity that took away our constitutionally-guaranteed right. One more little chip.


Read the Fourth Amendment. There is no ambiguity whatsoever in the language that protects us from unreasonable search and seizure. And yet, millions of Americans each day pass through airport checkpoints to be irradiated, violated with nude photography, and assaulted by TSA criminals who stick their fingers into places and cavities that would get them arrested in virtually any other circumstance. The fact that Americans allow their small children to be defiled by this crude and useless branch of their government may be the biggest giveaway of freedom that the nation has ever seen. It’s a very large chip, and should be a wake-up call to the dwindling number of us who understand and love the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.


There are many, many other examples. Those who are steadily taking away our rights are depending on the fact that the Constitution is not taught in schools, and that most of us have no idea of what it guarantees. As long as ‘we the people’ don’t know, the generic federalists (you have to admit that is a more PC terminology for socialists or communists) will continue to erase the document until it provides no freedom at all. That is their goal.


What is yours?



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