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I’m One Of The Lucky Ones – My Dad Is My Hero

I’m One Of The Lucky Ones – My Dad Is My Hero

While I am not one who usually writes about personal feelings and experiences, the current events of my family require me to shout from the highest mountain tops about a man I call my dad. Every man has a story about a hero in their lives who has made a great difference in how they […]

Highest Honors of 9/11

Highest Honors of 9/11

It’s shocking: a woman cross-dressing in men’s sailor garb, teasing the men around her, poking fun and mocking.  A man dressed as a woman, dancing, wiggling his hips suggestively, his skimpy costume emphasizing round breasts. These are members of the United States Navy, rudely having fun at the expense of gays, heterosexuals, bisexuals, men, women, and […]

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