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Special Accommodations for Special Ops?

Special Accommodations for Special Ops?

  Most functions that fall under the umbrella of Special Education can be defined as either ‘accommodations’ or ‘modifications.’ Accommodations are alterations of, or special supports added to, the environment, learning tools, language, schedules, and physical access on behalf of students that fit the “special needs” classification. Modifications consist of changes to curriculum and simplification […]

Why Some Children Can’t Learn

Why Some Children Can’t Learn

Many American cities are contending with  decaying, gang-ridden schools.  This is one of the well-publicized problems  of public education. But there is a little spoken-of  menace that has been stalking our schools for decades.  It is a malady that affects every district in the country. It has the potential to cripple our public schools, especially our […]

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