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The Tea Party Is Not Extreme; The Snarky Leftwing Media Are

The Tea Party Is Not Extreme; The Snarky Leftwing Media Are

  Contrary to broad-gauge assertions against the Tea Party since the start of the grass-roots movement, right at the fledgling start of the movement, the Tea Party is not extremist, except in the ‘minds’ of the libeling media that simply do not know what the hell they are saying. We have been a Tea Party […]

A Forfeiture of Statesmanship

A Forfeiture of Statesmanship

The conservative right has abandoned the practice of winning debates by defeating bad ideas, and has instead descended into the habit of cheap personal attacks. As reluctant as we should all be to waste any more ink on the topic, it behooves us to educate our peers on what should now be patently obvious: This […]

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