Shameful: Union Mobs Storm Wisconsin Capitol

Simply Amazing. I never thought I would see mobs like this in America. Most of these protesters don’t even look old enough to understand the issues they are protesting. If they are university students it’s almost a guarantee that they have no clue. Pathetic.

2 Responses to Shameful: Union Mobs Storm Wisconsin Capitol

  1. Tim Foulke April 22, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Amazing, right down to the end he promotes Socialism as an antidote to Capitalism, thinks his boss should let the workers decide how to run a business they has zero stake in just by virtue of being employed, and then turns right around and, totally clueless, engages in an act of Capitalism! It is no wonder these tools don't recognize that 9 of 10 speeches Barack Obama gives include him telling us we cannot continue to do the very things he is doing!

  2. Maya October 11, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    I am not surprised at all. When you do teach young what to think (school full of leftist's agenda) and don't HOW to think, there you have it. Also, in socialistic countries (I lived under communists) politics was daily talk in families. That way children learned the real truth and then that same youth made revolutions against communist and eventually won. Process was longer, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia (14 mil only of them and stand against Russia) but with eventual victory, free of communists and their shackles. I myself am former political refugee and wrote 6part series "TRUTH" about live under Communists since Stalin's era to end of it all.
    Teach your children well, otherwise they become innocently slaves of future huge, all powerful government… and then would be too late…for us all…
    Viva Freedom!


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