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Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, tonight at midnight, the world comes to an end. (didn’t that already happen with Nostradamus, The Mayan Calendar, and W’s 2nd term win?) I digress. I sit here, with all my utilities running, coppers driving by the house as they do, sirens in the distance. Brave firefighters rush to rescue citizens, and the METRA train’s horn blowing across the fields, like a sound effect from an old black and white film. But, tomorrow, well that’s a different story.


If we are to believe the histrionics from the White House, and the crazy stuff from every Obama-bot from Holder to Maxine Waters, then tomorrow, well, its game over for America. In fact, Ms. Waters went so far as to say that 170 million Americans will be put out of work. Wow-e-wow that is a lot, considering only 150 million of us have jobs. That would mean that Mr. Obama destroyed 178.5 million jobs in four short years. I’ll bet she got a call from Barry’s chief jester telling her to shut her pie-hole after that embarrassing statement! And therein lies my point.

A guy by the name of Josef Goebbels said “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.” Goebbels was of course Adolf Hitler’s chief propagandist, and an astute propagandist he was. He convinced an entire country of “civilized” people to either turn a blind eye to, or join in, the slaughter of nearly every Jew in Europe. If you don’t think an iteration of that kind of inhumane, horrific atrocity can happen in modern times, ask a Jew who lived through it. It wasn’t so long ago, and humans weren’t any dumber then than they are now. Or are we?

Currently, instead of having one chief propagandist, Mr. Obama has a multitude of zealots, operating under the guise of being journalists. Some would say I am overreacting. Most of those who would however, are in on the con. The con is one that has been stewing just under the surface for nearly one hundred years. The Communist Party of America (CPUSA) has been carefully succeeding in the shadows in many ways, not the least of which is indoctrination of our public school children and college students. “Revolutionaries” like Bill Ayers and his felon wife Bernardine Dohrn, are exemplary of the CPUSA’s work, intent, and success. Both were on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for more than a decade if I remember right. Both however are college professors. Dohrn in fact teaches at a big ten school-a pseudo Ivy League school; Northwestern University, where parents pay roughly forty grand a year to send their kids to school to be indoctrinated by the very revolutionaries who want to murder their parents for having the audacity to have amassed enough wealth to send their kids to schools like Northwestern. The irony is not lost on me, but is lost on the morons who send their kids to schools to be brainwashed by those who would see 25 million Americans murdered in cold blood to reach their goal of a Marxist Utopia.

Additional to our kids being poisoned by Ayers-type communists, in our primary and secondary schools, our kids are primarily taught their daily lessons by union member teachers who subscribe to Alinsky tactics, and use those very tactics to extort pay raises from school districts, and who by way of being members of NEA, or one of its partner organizations, are themselves indoctrinated by Saul Alinsky, by way of “required reading” lists the union gives to each teacher-those lists include Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” Furthermore those unions indoctrinate the teachers to make every attempt to brainwash the children under their auspice to buck their parents’ authority, to question their authority, and to act against their parents’ teachings. Every day you send your children to a public school in America, they are taught revisionist history, where the true history and intent of the DNC is whitewashed, and where the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, Trail Of Tears, and philibuster of The Civil Rights Act, all of which are DNC actions, are never mentioned, other than with vague dotted lines to the Republican Party. You do this to your kids-I do this to mine-there is no way around it other than homeschooling. And to home school properly, you must spend north of $5,000/year, money which you should get back from your property taxes, since your kids aren’t attending public school. The problem with that demand is that presently the Department of Justice is moving to deport a German family because they home school. That precedent, if successful, will outlaw homeschooling in the US. Then, it is forced indoctrination, just like Germany, which that family bravely expatriated from, for the sake of their children.

I was bussed in the 1970’s. I’ve written about it here in the past. I was bussed to a school in a district with property taxes that were half that of those my parents paid. I was one of about 50 white faces there. I was harassed daily by my classmates. On more than one occasion I had to fight for my life, literally. And what I got out of it is exactly what you would imagine-a lousy year of sub-par education, and a chip on my shoulder. Mr. Carter proved nothing with his bussing scheme, other than you get what your tax dollars pay for. There is no way around it. The message it sent however was simple: Government input in education is a major mistake. It allows for politicization of our schooling, indoctrination of our children, and plays right into the hands of the CPUSA. They have fully infiltrated our education system from Kindergarten through graduate school. In fact, the openly Marxist Chicago Public Schools Union, and their supporters in the Chicago City Government are now pushing for full-blown sex education starting in KINDERGARTEN. There is a reason for this. If children are hyper-sexualized at a young age, they will be promiscuous throughout their lives. Stalin, Hitler, Pot, and nearly every other despot and dictator in history have championed promiscuity. Why you ask? Because it makes the public easy prey for political cons. They take their eye off the politicians if they are focused on hormones. It’s an old con, but a very useful one.

Additional to all of the wonderful propagandists in our government, and in every government outpost, we have Police Chiefs across the country who are tools of the despots. They regularly go on television, as did the Chicago Police Superintendent recently, and preach total gun control. In fact, he went so far as to say that anyone who owns a gun is corrupt, and the Second Amendment is a danger to public safety-this from a guy who’s city is owned by gangs, and where no citizen is safe from the gangs due to his, and his boss, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s intrinsic failures to manage the exponential increase in crime here. Incidentally, Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, while also leading the nation in violent crime and gun murders. The purpose of gun control is people control-which is why the police chief in Chicago was handpicked-he buys into the people control aspect of DNC/progressive policy-which is nothing more than Marxism disguised with the term progressive…..progress sounds a lot better than you not being able to own anything because we all (the proletariat) suffer together under Marxism, while the politically connected (The Bourgeoisie) live in the lap of luxury. One doesn’t have to look past the vast number of multi-million dollar vacations the Obamas have taken, all while telling us we have to cut back on discretionary purchases like vacations. Never in my life did I think I would be a victim of Marxism-Jimmy Carter made me think it was going to happen, but America learned, if only for a little while. Today, I am seeing it unfold before my eyes. And it all comes at the hands of the “journalists” who fancy themselves as bourgeoisie, but have not read enough history to realize that they are expendable.

So, when the doom and gloom about the Sequester comes blasting at you on TV, the radio, your computer, smart-phone, iPad, or by smoke signals, just remember it’s all bluster and propaganda made to take your eye off the ball. Today is Friday after all, and a White House/DoJ document dump will happen, just after all the propagandists, I mean journalists have had their first five martinis in a bar over on M Street. The Sequester has been puffed up for two simple reasons: 1) to try to denigrate the RNC and 2) to make you watch the left hand, while the right hand gives your hard earned money to lazy people, islamofascists, and Obama’s friends/donors. There is no other reason. It is propaganda. You are the proletariat. And the bourgeoisie has your number!


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