Same Sex Marriage – Some Food for Thought


Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe its time we face reality and admit to ourselves that we, as Christians, are doing exactly what we have complained about Islam doing to us. That is legislating beliefs and forcing our religious values and morals on others. I’m talking about the hot topic of same sex marriage.


While I am a Christian and believe marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman entered into before God, I am not sure that as a Christian we can, or should, attempt to dictate, through legislation, morals and values to others.  As with most religions it the Christian’s responsibility to spread the word of God, but with all the different denominations of Christianity in our society, how long will it be before we begin to attempt to legislate other church values.  Is our system of laws going to be reduced to the level of which religious group has the most followers and therefore the most votes.

In a theocratic society, one based on religious teachings and laws, the followers who are not a part of the majority suffer through persecution.  One only has to look as far as Iran to see how a theocratic society functions and how minority factions are treated.  Our Constitution clearly states that “all” men are created equal and there were no shortages of homosexuals dating back to antiquity. Therefore, I find it impossible to believe that the founding fathers did not intend for the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” statement to apply to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or in spite of them.

Regardless of the intent of the current laws being enacted, do we as a Nation want to give the government more control over our personal lives?  Do we really desire more government intrusion?  It is a slippery slope that once we start down there may be no turning back. I submit to you that same sex marriage cannot exist where a church is not willing to cross the line and perform the ceremony, so are our efforts being misdirected.  Instead of passing laws prohibiting same sex marriage maybe we should be demanding that our religious institutions adhere to the teachings in the Holy Bible.

I don’t blame the homosexual community for desiring, or expecting, to receive the same benefits and legal protections afforded to heterosexual couples.  Members of the gay and lesbian community are no less American or no less patriotic because they embrace a lifestyle that Christianity does not support or agree with. I think that we as Christians have lost sight of some of the basic religious teachings from the Bible including the admonition concerning judging others.  We are a  Nation founded by those fleeing persecution, yet apparently we still have not learned the lesson of tolerance and forgiveness. Where does it all stop?  Because atheists do not believe in God should also deny them the right to be married?

In addition to any prison sentence what else should we take away from thieves, murderers, adulterers, etc., for violation of God’s edict? Where is the line drawn that we do not cross, or is it that we are afraid to admit that it has more to do with our own biases and prejudices than it is about religious morality. I am not advocating same sex marriage but rather the legalization of a civil union which would provide legal protection for the gay and lesbian community and afford them the same rights as other couples.  This could easily be done without infringing on the religious sacrament we call marriage.  I believe this form of equality is in the spirit of what was envisioned in the writing of the United States Constitution.

With all the challenges currently facing our great nation I believe that everyone’s efforts would be better spent on ridding Washington D.C. of the career politicians who have had a free ride at the taxpayers expense while pushing the country to the edge of destruction.  The Evangelical Christians are one of the largest voting blocks in the nation but we have been repeatedly misdirected into conversations concerning such earth shattering topics as contraception and same sex marriage and away from the vitally important issues facing us today. The United States will not collapse due to same sex civil unions but it could very easily do so if the economic, security, and energy challenges are not appropriately addressed.

One Response to Same Sex Marriage – Some Food for Thought

  1. CrisAWise January 12, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Civil unions, or partnerships should be allowed, not only for gay couples, but other situations as well. Marriage should be the union of one man and one woman. If insurance and other issues are handled in civil union relationships, there will be no need to mock those of us who believe in Biblical faith by calling such relationships marriage.


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