Roe v. Wade: 40 years of “Affirming Motherhood?” Seriously?


English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria ...

English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria Feldt (right), President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on the steps of the Supreme Court, to rally in support of the pro-choice movement on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there was ever a case of twisted reasoning it was given a few days ago by Congresswoman Gwen Moore from Wisconsin. When speaking with MSNBC, the Democratic representative said that 40 years of Roe v. Wade was “40 years of affirming motherhood”


Ummm…say what? Did I read this correctly? The Roe v. Wade decision, along with the lesser known companion Doe v. Bolton, have resulted in over 55 million unborn babies slaughtered and millions upon millions of women scarred and devastated for life! Yet, Rep. Moore with a straight face claims this is “affirming motherhood?” It is as if she has looked at the results of this tragic event and come to the one conclusion furthest from reality.

In reality, Roe v. Wade was itself born of an unrelenting campaign by the early feminist movement against motherhood! Almost without exception people such as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan wrote about how motherhood was a waste of a woman’s life, and amounted to nothing more than slavery to men and a shameful prostitution of themselves. An excellent example of this comes from an article in First Things, “Despising Our Mothers, Despising Ourselves” by Orania Papazoglou. She writes:

“Declaring war” (0n motherhood) may sound like hyperbole. I don’t think it is, and I don’t think the war is over, either. According to Shulamith Firestone, pregnancy is “the temporary deformation of the body of the individual for the sake of the species.” According to one of the women in Ann Dally’s Inventing Motherhood, raising an infant is “spending all day, every day, in the company of an incontinent mental defective.” According to Betty Friedan, the women of The Feminine Mystique had “a sad, sick love affair with their own children.”

These quotes are from some of the leading lights, still revered, of the early feminist movement in the 20th century. These women were also champions of abortion on demand as a function of ‘liberation’ for women. That philosophy is still what drives modern liberals, both men and women, in their defense of Roe v. Wade. What exactly were the women then, and now, being ‘liberated’ from? Why, from the chains of having a family! Of course, marriage was the first victim. As Ms. Papazoglou notes in her article, there first had to be a “war” on wives before there could be a war on mothers. Once marriage was socially characterized as being nothing more than legal prostitution and, as Friedan wrote, a “mind-numbing” state, the path was open for the ‘slings and arrows’ of self-righteous feminists to shoot at motherhood. What has happened since those days of women’s liberation has done little but expand the feminist “war on motherhood.”

The most obvious evidence of this is that the very act of abortion itself is an act which “despises” motherhood. It takes a beautiful state of being, that of carrying a child, and reduces it to at best an inconvenience and at worst to something no intelligent woman would ever want. Motherhood is not welcomed in this scenario and certainly not “affirmed.” If motherhood were being even slightly acknowledged as a reality, let alone “affirmed” there would be no objections to having 3D sonograms of the developing baby in the womb shown to women before they decide to abort, at every Planned Parenthood clinic. In addition there is the heart-rending toll upon the women themselves. I have witnessed this many times with women, some close friends and family, who shared with me how the “choice” of abortion has devastated their bodies and souls.

Another piece of evidence is the inaccurate slogans such as “reproductive rights” and “pro-choice” constantly used by NOW and others. “Reproductive rights” is a misnomer because it has nothing to do with any “right to reproduce.” Rather it advocates an absolute “right NOT to reproduce” or to NOT be a mother. “Pro-choice” is also inaccurate as it only promotes ONE ‘choice,’ the choice to rid a woman of motherhood. Of course, there is and has always been a ‘choice’ not to be a mother. It used to be exercised widely as a ‘choice’ not to have sex outside of marriage.

No, if anything, Roe v. Wade has not “affirmed motherhood.” It has helped make being a mother a ‘second class’ state for a woman to be shackled to. Being a wife and mother was once considered a very noble thing in society. Roe v. Wade has only served to help denigrate those pursuits severely and our own humanity has suffered incalculable damage as a result.


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