Revenge of the Breastfeeder

England swings like a pendulum do…” or so says Roger Miller in his vintage hit, “England Swings,” and social trends are swinging now like a pendulum with an attitude.  The old-school concept of motherhood was scorned  for decades after Betty Freidan dealt it a body blow with her slanders in “The Feminine Mystique,” which was published in 1963.  The anti-life, anti-family, anti-male brand of feminism sunk its meat hooks into the culture just long enough to make divorce the first option in solving marital strife, legalize the slaughter of unborn babies, discredit the authority and general handiness of men, and turn motherhood into the equivalent of a lifetime of slavery in an oppressive insane asylum peopled with demanding, hairy hominids and smelly, obnoxious, short proto-humans.  In the early 1990s the anti-motherhood pendulum reached its apex and began to swing back through the equilibrium point to the other end of its trajectory, which is what we cultural observers fondly call “the backlash point.” Motherhood is now in full-scale backlash. And I say “hoorah” to that!

Breastfeeding Symbol

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A new breed of activist is storming the sidewalks and parks of America. Loosely organized groups of women, lactating or not, are joining forces to oppose stupid ordinances that outlaw breastfeeding under the guise of public nudity, and to nurse the public back to an understanding of the natural role of top tier female anatomy.  “Lactivism” is the name given to this revolutionary movement in which breasts are the weapons and mother’s milk is the ammunition.  This revolution is based upon the radical philosophy of “Motherhoodism,” and fueled by a general desire to bond with and nourish babies in the way glorious Nature intended. Revolutionaries in the lactivist war aren’t plying their art in traditional nursing venues. They’re taking their cause, and their lactating breasts, to the streets.
Revolutions are triggered when actions, whether that of cultures or of tyrants, so wholly contradict the foundational principles of civil society that human rights become jeopardized. The right of mothers to be mothers has been stifled for a very long time and the “lactivist revolution” is a full-throated rebel yell against cultural duplicity.  The same convention that coats every aspect of media in porno, portrays human sexuality as either a sport, or a commodity, or both, and fixates on the perversely slender, toned, silky ideal of womanhood, mocks the very beauty, tenderness, and divinity inherent in the most ordinary, comely women.  The pop-culture that gives a thumbs-up to Janet Jackson’s pierced nipple popping out in the middle of a family-oriented sports event, says “poo-poo” to a lactating mother revealing a few square inches of breast so she can feed her hungry baby.  The same main stream media that portrays public nudity, public sex, and public toileting within the “Occupy” movement as “peaceful protesting by disaffected patriots,” blows an aneurysm when a group of mothers decide to feed their babies “nature’s perfect formula” en masse in a city park.

At the roots of the lactivist revolution, however, is something more powerful than cultural backlash or the effort to recapture the full meaning and purpose of womanhood. Humble biology is the strongest catalyst in the backlash of the breast. Women, men, civilizations, and tyrants can’t put the Genie back into the bottle that Mother Eve and Father Adam released ages ago. Men are protectors, providers, and fathers first. Women are Nestor’s, nurturers, and mothers first.  The best bonding and nutrition come from breast milk, hands down! (or should I say, nursing bra flaps down!) The biological drive to bear and care for children has not been excised from the female spirit, even by the sinister surgeons of radical feminism and the porn culture.
The revenge of the breast feeder will only look revolutionary for awhile, until society reaches its own equilibrium point where it again feels comfortable and at rest with womanhood, motherhood, and the most efficient and healthy feeding system devised by God.


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