Race Baiting Community Organizers And “Reverends”


English: Barack Obama

English: Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How dare you Messer’s Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Jones, and the rest of you who claim to be community organizers, reverends, and leaders of the “Black Communities” across America? How dare you?


If you are such good community organizers, than why have 11,000 black men killed each other since the evening Trayvon Martin died? If you are so effective in leading your communities, why is there a 50% high school graduation rate in the black community? And why are 50% of black homes without a father?

Your rage today is aimed at the wrong person, at the wrong geographical location, if it isn’t directed towards the “men” in your own communities. You wear your $5,000 suits and are on television berating George Zimmerman, who was man enough to say “enough is enough-my community won’t be a hotbed of crime and I will do something about it!”, yet you ignore the teenagers murdering each other in your own neighborhoods. He was man enough to want to be a policeman. He was man enough to want to protect the innocent people in his community. Are you? Hell no you aren’t, because if you actually did something, your meal tickets would evaporate. If there weren’t gangs, and if kids were lauded for good grades, instead of beaten up for them, you would be out of work.

Oh sure, you do a march once a year or so, to decry violence in the community, but you get in your Benz and drive back to your gated communities when the march is over-and you sure as hell aren’t going to get caught in that hood again, unless there are cop escorts and television cameras around you for the visit, guaranteeing your safety-lest we forget the body-guards you travel with.

Maybe the other leftists are fooled by your B.S., but the rest of the country isn’t. And you Mr. President, where do you get off saying “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin?” He’s black, you are black, of course you’d “look similar.” But you are privileged. Before you went to DC, you lived in a mansion which you got through a shady real estate deal with a convicted felon. If you had a son, he’d be surrounded by body guards, and would go to the same private school your daughters go to. You claim to have been a successful “community organizer,” yet the community you “served” had 55 shootings over the 4th of July holiday long weekend. You didn’t bat an eye. In fact, you didn’t mention it, but you sure do want to take guns away from we folks who have the right to own them! You won’t touch the war zone that is the city you brag about a career as a community organizer in. And you won’t talk about the violence here, because that would bolster our argument for guns!

Of course it is a tragedy that Trayvon Martin was killed. It is always a tragedy when a young man or woman is killed at such an age. But, this case is just one of thousands a year. Most of which (90+%) are black on black crime. Most of them are gang/drug related, yet there is silence. In Chicago, we have so many murders every week, we are numb. We don’t even flinch. In fact, there are drinking games built around how many bangers killed each other every weekend. Furthermore, while this is happening in Jesse Jackson’s hometown, and Barack Obama’s home town, there is nothing being done. There isn’t an ounce of rage over it. There’s good reason for that. If the left spoke of it, there would be obvious reason for law-abiding citizens to own guns-and lots of them.

It is a war zone in Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, etc. Chicago is more like Beirut, Lebanon, than a Midwestern city. The thugs regularly beat unsuspecting tourists and shoppers on the “magnificent mile” and not a word from the “community organizers.” But, a kid gets killed in a cut and dried case of self defense and the whole of the left are burning cars, yelling “kill whitey” and lamenting the fact that the system, in all its glory, worked.

The prosecution had no case-none. Yet, the Mainstream Media propaganda machine, acting on orders from the Obama Administration went so far as to lynch George Zimmerman, edit 911 audio to make him appear racist (mind you he voted for Obama), and convict him before the Prosecution even had time to start suppressing evidence and committing prosecutorial misconduct (which they did and still didn’t win a conviction).

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of turning on my television and seeing the community leaders bemoan the fact that people don’t have enough free stuff, and that whites have so much privilege. I would much prefer to see them bemoan the fact that there is no family structure in the inner-city, that things will never change unless parents start parenting their kids, and unless the children study and finish school. Instead we get the same old story from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and Van Jones. They all want to take more away from the productive, to give to the unproductive. They all keep trying to make us feel sub-human because we refuse to sit on our hands, because we demand to work, and because we are keen to keep what we have worked so hard for.

Make no mistake, the community organizer in chief, and all of his underlings are organizing the communities to do one thing and one thing only-NOTHING. They have programmed the have-nots well, and thus there will be no civility, no peace, and no change. The community organizers are con-men. They learned early in their grifting careers that the most vulnerable are the poor, who will buy into anything if they think their pitiful lives of welfare, illiteracy, and illegitimacy will be made a little better by their next hand out. The community organizers dangle that hand-out carrot in front of them, knowing damn well, they own them-and will for their whole lives, which will keep Al, Barry, Van, and Jesse in their Mercedes Benzes, $5,000 suits, and arugula, while the young men in those communities continue to have nothing to live for. In the words of Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” The decades upon decades of brain-washing from community organizers have led to the deaths of countless thousands of young men in gang violence, and countless millions of aborted babies in the inner city, to the extent the Democrats are losing votes so fast, they are going to buy 11 million new votes in the form of Illegal Alien Felons. This will cheapen the lives of those they “organize” even more. So sad.

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