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George Zimmerman says he acted in self-defence

By Orange County Jail, Florida (http://news.yahoo.com/photos/george-zimmerman-seen-police-mug-shot-provided-orange-photo-202111669.html) (Transferred by User:Superm401 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Things are relatively quiet in the cities of North Miami and North Miami Beach now that the elections are over.  I expect in the coming months, there will be plenty to write about, but an article in a recent issue of the Miami Herald caught my eye and got me seething.  Again.

Starting with the title, “Still healing, Sanford braces for George Zimmerman’s trial,” started the burn (Still healing, Sanford braces for George Zimmerman’s trial).  It only got worse as the extremely biased article, under the guise of “professional” journalism, continued to paint Trayvon Martin as a innocent angel and George Zimmerman as a racist killer.  From reporter Audra D.S. Burch comes the descriptive comment that Trayvon was “an unarmed” teenager who ended up “with a bullet in his chest,” while Zimmerman “shot his 9 mm semiautomatic gun during a violent fatal struggle.”

If that doesn’t paint a picture of an innocent child being gunned down in cold blood by an armed gangster, I don’t know what does.  The truth, of course, is vastly different from what the media portrayed then and now, and yet the Miami Herald would have you believe that the media had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the racial storm that followed this incident.

The truth is, had it not been for race baiting media whores like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Frederica Wilson, and the lovely and talented anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, aided and abetted by a complicit media that was quick to turn this into a “white on black” murder we likely wouldn’t be having a trial at all.  The unsuspecting residents of Sanford, Florida were drawn into this firestorm because of the national attention attracted by the media whores  like flies to garbage.

Yet now the Miami Herald is sympathizing with the “still healing” racial tensions it and its fellow race baiters created.

When the collective media had egg on its face at the miraculous revelation that George Zimmerman was, in fact, Hispanic, they coined a brand new phrase to fit their narrative – the “White Hispanic.”  Hence, they could still claim that poor Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black and not because he attempted to beat the stuffing out of George Zimmerman, who had to defend himself.  No, that would certainly not fit the narrative.

Also not fitting the media narrative that “only white people are racist” is a story I reprinted last year out of Mobile, Alabama (Will Eric Holder Prosecute this HATE CRIME?) where a white man was beaten nearly to death by a mob of black men, one of whom gave the parting shot “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”

According to the Miami Herald, the Martin’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, believes that the only “justice for Trayvon” will be if George Zimmerman is found guilty of second degree murder, a charge that even the well respected liberal Harvard law professor Alan Derschowitz says is ridiculous.  From the start of this media circus, Derschowitz has criticized Florida State Attorney Angela Cory, who he claims has been “fomenting” the “mob mentality” surrounding this case, and that her trumped up charges against Zimmerman were just politicizing the situation (Dershowitz Takes New Shots at Prosecutor in Trayvon Martin Case) which prompted Cory to call the Dean of Harvard to complain that Derschowitz threw sticks and stones at her.

The Herald also reported, “Almost immediately, the case – and for some, the verdict – began to be viewed through the prickly prism of race…”

That’s not surprising since “almost immediately,” George Zimmerman was tried and convicted of a “hate crime” in the media.  Yet, has the Herald and other so-called newspapers taken responsibility for contributing to the “prickly prism of race?”  Yeah, right.

From NBC’s doctoring of the 911 recording (NBC issues apology on Zimmerman tape screw-up), that it claims was merely bad editing (yeah, right), to the media’s implying that Zimmerman followed Martin after the police told him to go back to his car, George Zimmerman was painted as a murderer in the press.  Never mind that the full 911 tape never proved that Zimmerman did anything but follow the directive. The false narrative that he “hunted down Trayvon like a rabid dog” became Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s battle cry.

The truth is that the 911 tape told a much different tale, even to the point that Zimmerman asked for a location to meet with the police and said he lost sight of Martin (Full 911 audio shows Zimmerman in a more positive light).

The race baiting media whores rewrote a fictional ending, in which Zimmerman ran after Martin and shot him in cold blood because he was black.  Because that was a much more sensational story, it thus became the media narrative.  The truth became inconsequential since it didn’t fit Al Sharpton’s race warfare agenda.

From the beginning, the biased media portrayed Zimmerman as a gun toting, racist, who set out to kill a black man and found his chance in Trayvon Martin.  Despite the fact that Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts on the back of his head, proving that he was attacked, which corresponded with his account of self-defense, black “leaders” from all over the country swooped in to pressure the police to arrest him.  Despite the fact that Martin was suspended from school three times and photos and texts surfaced showing evidence of his drug use and tendency toward violence, and that he was apparently angry about losing a fight on the night he was shot, (Trayvon Martin was angry about losing a fight in the hours before he was shot dead by George Zimmerman, claim defence attorneys), his family and the media would have you believe he was a typical teenager.

I raised three teenagers successfully to adulthood, and I can tell you that drug use, fighting and firearms are by no means “typical.”  Those are signs of a troubled teenager.

The prosecutors want it both ways.  They want to be able to introduce into evidence facts about Zimmerman’s life that are less than flattering, yet they don’t want the jury to hear any evidence of Martin’s unsavory background.  Nobody is without flaws, and it appears that both Zimmerman and Martin had anger issues.  But if the truth about Zimmerman’s background is made public, Martin’s history is also fair game.

From the evidence that has been made public so far, I have to agree with Alan Derschowitz.  It appears that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was nothing more than self-defense.  A charge of second degree murder is beyond ridiculous and appears to be the brainstorm of an overzealous, politically motivated prosecutor, who wants her fifteen minutes to be followed by a long career in public “service.”

It is my hope that common sense will prevail in the courtroom.  Although, like Derschowitz, I seriously doubt Zimmerman can get a fair trial in Sanford, much less the entire country.  If there is a single person in America who doesn’t have an opinion on this case by now it will be a miracle.  One can only hope for a jury pool with enough intelligence and reasoning abilities to be able to review the facts carefully, and then base their judgment on whether or not the prosecution can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Only then will justice be truly served.

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