Open Letter to Those Who Would Execute NRA Members


The words

The words “MOLON LABE” (ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ) in greek as they are inscribed on the marble of the modern era monument at Thermopylae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To those of you on the opposite side of the aisle from me, who would have me and other American citizens murdered to satisfy your hatred, I think it is time for you to look at yourselves in the mirror. It is time for you to look at 5 of the 7 most recent mass murderers (all registered Democrats, one an ardent Obama supporter), and ask yourselves if maybe the hatred of all people who differ from you in opinion isn’t the real problem in America.


You see, when one looks across the country, the hatred spewed on social media and on websites, whereby you often call for the murder and/or execution without trial of all people who disagree with you makes you sound like Islamofascists. It makes you sound like the mass murderers you so vehemently want to take guns from, and frankly, it worries me a great deal.

You see, I am of the belief that when someone hates that much, they are a danger to our country, to the world, and to my children. That angers me. That makes me want to go buy more guns. Because radicals like you share ideology with Bill Ayers and others like him, who are okay with murdering all those they cannot “re-educate.” And your increasing anger, hostility, and calls for our murder by drone, and other means at your “president’s” disposal is a frightening concept-as he too, shares the same ideology as Mr. Ayers, and other “revolutionaries” like him.

So, if you really want changes in gun laws, you must first follow our law. But more importantly, you hateful, malevolent, violent-minded/violent-hearted slobs need to stop with all the violence. It is members of your party who regularly murder masses of people, who commit robberies daily, and who have destroyed to the point of turning to war-zones, Oakland, Detroit, Philly, DC, and Los Angeles. It is people from your party in politics across the nation who have driven our country to such a great point of desperation, it is more necessary than ever in our history for the masses to own guns. And frankly, I see no alternative to protecting my family from the likes of you, your sycophants, and those who even share a small amount of your ideology, with firearms. And therefore, I will not relinquish my Second Amendment rights, now or in the future.
The Second Amendment was inserted into the Bill Of Rights to combat tyranny, and given your “president’s” propensity to make up laws  (and instate them with Executive Order), to sign unconstitutional laws like NDAA, to give himself raises via Executive Caveat, and to use any/all means at his disposal to terrorize and intimidate citizens. It is a last bastion of protection, when ideology and hatred lead to fascism, and our rights are stolen by that tyrannical government that we have, to this point, only read about in other countries in history.

So, it is to you leftists who want to murder me and my sons, who want to murder service members who protected this country/protect this country. It is to you leftists who want to murder the staunchest naturalists in our country (hunters and fisherman). It is to you leftists who find it normal to speak of the murder of your fellow citizens so flippantly, I give this very dire warning: If your idol in the White House or his minions are successful in taking away our guns, you will perish when that tyrannical government decides to take America to the full-on totalitarian rule they dream of-they have been working on for decades, and that they have every intent of forcing upon you and me. It is to you leftists I say, be very careful what you wish for-without us, you guys are dead. You just don’t yet realize how much you need us and our guns. The founders warned us about people like Obama and you! They warned us with the bill of rights. You seem to be okay with giving up a number of those enumerated therein. It is sad, frightening, and telling. You are either totally ignorant, or in on the con. Either way, you are dangerous to me/my family, and therefore I say, once again: Molon Labe


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