Obama’s Kill List Just May Include YOU!


Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t say I am surprised. I hope you are not so ignorant of Obama’s plans that you are surprised either! It was bound to happen. This guy fancies himself a dictator, and to have dictator cred, he’s gonna have to wack some innocent countrymen-that’s what dictators do.


Pot, Stalin, Minh, Mao, they all had something in common: They were ruthless murderers who found it easy to kill their countrymen. One doesn’t need to look too far past Obama’s view on late term abortion and the murder of babies who “accidentally survive” abortions to know that the Drone killing of American citizens on US soil was bound to happen.

With Mr. Holder coming out and saying that there are circumstances where the murder of US citizens on US soil would be “constitutional,” the game has changed, and changed a great deal. There is no place in our constitution that anything of the sort is allowed, mentioned, or alluded to. In fact, The Bill of Rights states the exact opposite of Mr. Holder’s statement. So, for him, a supposed Constitutional Scholar, to state that it would be constitutional to murder a US citizen without a trial of any sort, through the use of a military aircraft and military ordinance is so far beyond the pale, it bears a second, third and fourth look.

There is no precedent, other than Mr. Obama’s murder of a US citizen, and his child on foreign soil. So, for Mr. Holder to come up with the statement, or even harbor the belief that “they” would be within the realms of their office to murder us, is either proof-positive that Mr. Holder is a lunatic, or is proof positive that every comparison I and others have made of Obama to Dictators past, are spot on.

If there is a Democrat out there who agrees with these tyrants, I want to meet them. Where is the irate ranting from the lefty media, who wanted George W. Bush in chains for “waterboarding” islamo-fascist terrorists? Why has Chris Matthews not ended his love affair with Mr. Obama over this statement? These are the people who demanded impeachment of Bush for Iraq, Afghanistan, and for the “mistreatment” of terrorists who would murder us. These media types who stopped counting our dead in Afghanistan the day Obama took office are silent-and it is deafening.

The only reason the media are silent, is their fear of themselves being on that kill list. After all, while they act like they haven’t read a history book, with their fawning over Obama, and his unconstitutional Executive Orders, and selective enforcement of US Laws, they know that Mr. Obama would just as soon waste a detractor, as look at him/her. So, they will remain silent while Homeland Security (The Gestapo redux) buys billions of bullets, opens concentration camps, and buys 2,700 armored vehicles, because they know that they too, could end up at the wrong end of a Hellfire Missile. And since Mr. Obama has proven he can blow up women and children, the media are just protecting their families right?

Well, what about my family? What about your family? At some point, someone with a spine in DC is going to have to stand up to these usurpers. Someone is going to have to say enough is enough and it is time to impeach this man, and rid our government of those who think it normal to murder our citizens. I don’t want to be that guy-the first American citizen murdered on US soil, by a US Military drone, flown by some 25 year old kid who is himself afraid of going to Ft. Leavenworth for 20 years for disobeying an order. And while I think I am not high up on the White House enemies list, I know that eventually, given Mr. Obama’s close association with the likes of Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Cass Sunstein, Obama can kill two birds with one stone: he starts taking out his enemies list, he is on track with his eugenics plan, and is starting the purge of the 25 million that Bill Ayers wrote about, who won’t be “re-educated.”

Simply put-you are on the White House Kill List, I am on it, and everyone we know are on it, if we dare to hold our Constitutional rights dear, we dare to speak up against the unconstitutional actions of this government, or heaven forbid, dared to serve in the military.

2 Responses to Obama’s Kill List Just May Include YOU!

  1. @dtorev March 10, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Well with all those "qualifications" you write of to be on Barry's kill list, I have to be there! I don't want to be and I'm sure no one else does either. But if we do not stand now, there may be no one left to oppose this dictatorial president and his terrible "fundamentally transforming" of our land.

    • Alan_Levesque March 10, 2013 at 11:33 pm

      If you're "Drone Worthy" it just means you are on the right side of history. If Barry liked you it would likely mean you were a miscreant. I'm proud that I might be on the kill list.


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