Obama Supporters Are A Lost Cause


White House Washington DC

White House Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is generally believed that to win the White house in November, the eventual GOP nominee will need a broad coalition of voters to include conservatives, independents and disaffected Democrats. Note that I said Democrats and not liberals.


While many will question that a difference exists between the two, I submit that there is and that understanding that difference is crucial to a successful outcome in November. You see there are two forces at work in today’s Democrat party. There is one group who you could consider to be “traditional” Democrats and then a second group made up of what are essentially Marxists, Socialists and Anarchists. Traditional Democrats tend to be somewhat fiscally responsible and socially liberal. They are all in for social programs and helping the poor but can reel in their enthusiasm for these pursuits if it is shown to be imprudent due to budgetary concerns. In other words, they are reasonable and can be convinced of things if they are presented with a cogent argument. They will listen to you, weigh the facts and make an informed decision. When you think of this group, think of¬† “Reagan Democrats” from 1979. I believe when the media speaks of president Obama losing Democrat support, it is this group who is abandoning him.

The second group is a bit more problematic. These are die hard Obama supporters. We have all encountered them. Faced with facts, they respond with irrational diatribes that usually involve George W. Bush. You listen to their screeds and you instantly recognize that most of what they are saying is non-factual and that they have swallowed whole whatever gruel the fringe media (formerly the mainstream media) has seen fit to feed them. A for instance, would be something someone said to me about the insurance claims process recently. They basically said that Obamacare had “fixed” a problem within the insurance industry. Being an experienced former claims professional, I instantly recognized that the problem not only doesn’t exist and therefore required no “fixing” but also that the person was simply parroting a talking point used throughout the nonstop Obamacare public relations campaign. Could I have refuted this persons claim? Sure, easily. Did I try? No.

I’ve learned from experience that trying to convert the die hard Obama fans is a waste of time. I use the term fans rather than supporters due to the fact that there really is a cult of personality at play here. These people will not listen to reason, logic or rational debate. They are a lost cause.

Much attention should be focused on the first group. These folks are votes waiting to happen. They can be swayed. If the eventual GOP nominee can form a coalition of conservatives, independents and traditional Democrats, he will win in November. Even taking the president’s incompetent performance over the last three years into account, this will be a very close race. It shouldn’t be, but it will. Traditional Democrats are the key to winning in November in my opinion. The conservatives can be counted on to vote for the GOP candidate as can many independents. However, the independent vote is a wild card. Assuming that Mitt Romney is the nominee, many independents, rightly or wrongly, will perceive¬† little difference between the candidates and will opt to go with the “devil they know” and pull the lever for Obama. These lost votes will need to be recaptured and the place to get them is from the Traditional Democrats.

These Traditional Democrats need to be educated so that they realize they are not all that different from the average GOP voter. Once they awaken to the fact that the left wing of the Democrat party has much more in common with Hugo Chavez than with John Adams they very well may come around and vote for the GOP candidate. If that happens, we may be back here in a few years discussing how to court the “Romney Democrats.”

2 Responses to Obama Supporters Are A Lost Cause

  1. Nancy October 7, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    "Traditional Democrat" here. You're saying I'm "not all that different than the average GOP voter"??? Dear God, you've just scared the bejesus out of me. Vote for Romney? When he'll freezes over!!!

    • Alan_Levesque October 8, 2012 at 1:48 am

      That's cool. When Mitt wins and rescinds Obama's 923 executive orders and reigns in the EPA, the economy will improve. You can gripe about him while you enjoy the benefits of a more robust economy.


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