Obama Ain’t No American Citizen


Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather…..no not really. I always felt in my gut that Obama wasn’t a U.S. citizen, because the subject has been beaten to death and the man has never proven his citizenship to my satisfaction. There are dozens, nay, thousands of articles and pages, nay reams of evidence that would seem to suggest that he isn’t a natural born U.S. Citizen.


The man has a convoluted view of the world, because he is an Alyinsy-ite and he apparently has dozens and dozens of co-conspirators, going all the way back to his parents who helped start the hoax. Nancy Pelosi signed two nomination documents, one which says he is eligible under the Constitutional requirements, one that doesn’t. Which one do you think went to Election Judges around the country? Furthermore, many have published the various Social Security Numbers he has used throughout the time he has lived in our country, apparently illegally. And now, one of his own attorneys has admitted in open court, Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is a fraud!

Now, how do we fix this mess? He can’t be re-elected right? Well, as long as the press and DNC refuse to even entertain the possibility that Obama could be inelligible, it will be tough. Add to that, the many from the RNC, like Senator John McCain who accept his allegedly forged “Certificate of Live Birth” as real, and the apathy seems to include the entire U.S. Establishment. What does that mean to you and me? Well, as a realist, it means to me that no matter who we elect, we Americans are going to be screwed. In fact, it means that all the conspiracy whackos are right and that there is a NWO-and they are ALL here to destroy us!

I’m an easy going guy, but I am from Chicago. I watched Mr. Obama from the front row, going back to my career running lending institutions. I was threatened by his ACORN associates. My colleagues were too. Many of my employees quit because of this guy, and now I know in my heart that he is a fraud. I believed it all along, but I now believe that there is a smoking gun, in the study, and Colonel Mustard has blood on his hands. I am angry.

There is a good chance he will be re-elected, and if you watch Dick Morris’ daily video report, the second term will be even worse than the first, especially given the nightmare Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will bring to the U.S. via Agenda 21. The final storm will erode the tiny amount of our civil rights that are still intact, and the Emperor will be shopping for $5,000 suits in Chicago, new mom jeans at The Gap, and a new throne/crown to wear when he has become the American version of Pol Pot and is carting off Conservatives who dare speak ill of him, to count trees in “re-education camps” around the country, and of course for the worst of us, off shore, where we can’t do any more damage by writing stuff like this! The NDAA will be used against Conservatives and even the ACLU is worried about it.

I for one am damned tired of politicians who work for us, lying to us, taking our freedoms, and endangering our families. I am exhausted of having them say one thing to our faces, only to find out the Emperor (insert Obama, Bush, Clinton) has written an Executive Order, that goes completely against the letter of the Constitution and completely tramples our rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

So, as Maloney said in “The Untouchables,” “what are you prepared to do?” What can you do as a citizen in a country that was founded as a Democratic Republic, but has morphed into a mob-rules democracy where the party “in power” has all the power, and where a President rules by fiat, regularly usurping the constitutional three branch system that the founders so brilliantly built? How can one person make a difference? Well, its simple. Get involved. I write for a conservative site because I feel a duty to my countrymen to speak what I know. I feel a duty to share with you all I learn from the various real journalists I read daily, from the blogs I read, from the news wires, and from my experience. We all can be involved. It starts with voting and goes from there. If you don’t want to have a guy in the White House who probably wasn’t even born in the U.S., you can help insure he is fired in November. It’s simple. Make sure everyone you know, knows what is going on. Forward stories from sites like; The Daily Pamphlet, The American Thinker, and others who aren’t afraid of the truth. The Breitbart sites are all on the front lines, digging up truth, so that you have the power. This ain’t rocket science folks. This is your duty as American Citizens.

There was a very good reason the framers made it one of our core laws that candidates for President be Natural Born Citizens. Mr. Obama is a prime example of that. In my opinion, the man dislikes America and many of our allies, for the simple reason that he was born in a country (Kenya), which he believes was persecuted by the West. He has an axe to grind with Great Britain, thus his treatment of the UK. He likely has an axe to grind with Israel because he was raised as a Muslim, in a Muslim household, and many Muslims have nothing but hatred towards Israel. The fact is, a foreign born person does not have the patriotism, the innate love of country, and the loyalty that you and I have. Many times over the last four years we have seen first hand evidence that Obama and his supporters have a deep seeded hatred for our country because they feel slighted by the U.S.A. They will never feel differently. They want the U.S. to falter. They want the U.S. to fail. They want the U.S. to be gone. And that, along with his allegedly fake birth certificate, his sealed college transcripts, his alleged use of a Social Security number that is not his are why I can say that in my mind I’m 100% certain that Obama “ain’t no American Citizen.” Now go vote. Only once but make it count!


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