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Thank God for the nanny state. What would we do without it? In the absence of the nanny state we would be out in the cold with nobody to tell us what to eat, drink, drive, wear, think or feel! We would drive big pickup trucks with no thought given to how the people in France felt about it and our fingers would be perpetually orange from eating salty treats! We would eat until we were full even if that might offend somebody in a third world country. We would heat and cool our homes to a comfortable temperature when surely we should be sweating in penance for our many sins against the planet. We would speak the truth, which is usually not politically correct, instead of dancing around issues. We would raise our kids as God intended rather than following some arbitrary guidelines set by a bureaucrat. In short, without the nanny state we would be lost and forced to just live our lives free from the interference of elitist busybodies intent on sticking their snouts into every facet of our existence “for our own good.”

I don’t know about you but I get mightily offended when I read about legislative proposals or executive orders that intend to curtail my freedoms based on the assumption that I am too stupid to make my own choices. It is not governments place to enact legislation or issue executive orders for the sole purpose of “guiding” my decisions or anyone else’s for that matter.  If I want to eat a two pound meatloaf buried in liquid cheese and wash it down with a quart of soda, that is my business. If you want to eat a beansprout for dinner and drink a glass of deionized water, that is your business. I will feel sorry for you but I won’t try to stop you. Why? Because it isn’t any of my business what you eat. It doesn’t concern me in the least. I also reject the false argument that if you don’t eat healthy I might have to pony up some tax money for your bypass surgery in twenty years. How much would my percentage of your surgery be?  My guess would be pennies. That’s a risk I’m willing to take in order to eat as I like.

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This brings us to a new development in Massachusetts. The Democrat Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, has issued an executive order banning “sugary drinks” from all city properties and functions. The ban is to include sports drinks, soft drinks and juices with added sugar. These items will no longer be available at city run meetings, events, concession stands or vending machines. The Mayor has stated that many Boston residents are overweight and he wishes to make healthy choices easy for them. Isn’t that special? The Mayor who has had trouble keeping his own weight down and has had a host of health issues including Crohn’s disease, stated at his City Hall presser announcing the order that “I haven’t had a glass of soda in two years.’’ Well good for you sir. I would salute you but I don’t want to spill my soda.

It is believed that this executive order could cost vendors as much as 20% of their business as people opt to bring their drinks from home instead of purchasing from them. So the new rules are not only tyrannical but unfriendly to business as well! Fantastic. This appears to be yet another case of a crusading public servant foisting their belief system on a public that just doesn’t want it. Of course people can still drink their sodas, but if they want to purchase a sugary drink on city property, the answer will be clear. No pop for you!



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