Murder and the Left

wolfI have stopped sobbing, just long enough to read some of the sick stuff on Twitter coming out of the left, and to put my thoughts into writing. Having turned on my television to see that some deranged young man has murdered a whole classroom full of innocent children, I am not doing well. All I can think of is going out my back door to my kids’ school, and bringing them home to the safety of my home-a home protected with firearms. A place where I know they are safe.

After the shock and horror of the news, and the great vim and vigor the news stations are covering this, as if it is pornography to them, I then thought to myself: “Twitter will be buzzing with left-wing vitriol and I told you so’s about guns.” And boy was I right. David Frum actually mocked the dead children making a comment about how Connecticut should lower their concealed carry age, and this kind of thing could be avoided-yes he actually said that. I sure would like to give him a piece of my mind since he apparently has lost his.

One doesn’t have to look far to watch the left-wing dirt bags in this country making hay out of a tragedy. They pinned the Colorado theater shooting on a Tea Party member, only to retract it later, after realizing the vetting they did on the shooter went no further than looking at his name, and knowing that a Tea Party member in Colorado shared that name. No research, just a moniker that will follow the Tea Party guy for the rest of his life. They have no problem with this type of hate.

The most disgusting thing of all of this is the violence that the left spews daily. The attacks on such people as Michelle Malkin and actress Stacy Dash are cases in point. Michelle Malkin endures threats of rape, murder, and attacks on her heritage daily. The violence spewed in her direction would make any husband or father, want to find the perpetrators and beat them senseless. Then there’s Steven Crowder, who was viciously attacked by Teamsters in Lansing, Michigan last week for peacefully demonstrating. The teamsters, worked into a lather by none other than James Hoffa, Teamsters President, and son of mobster Jimmy Hoffa, who called for civil war in Michigan. Today, Crowder has armed guards shadowing his wife, as he and his family have had death threats since the incident at Michigan’s State Capitol.

Through all of these threats of violence from the left (and they are plentiful) conservatives don’t resort to violence. And recent violent attacks, including the one on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords were carried out not by conservatives, but by Leftists. In fact, Giffords’ attacker is the son of a Democrat heavy hitter who works for the Democrat Sherriff in Tucson, and actually used her clout to keep him out of the loony bin, thus making Giffords’ attack possible. The shooter in Denver at the movie theater was an outspoken member of OWS, and regularly raged against Republicans and the employed at OWS events. The violence in this country is primarily an effect of Democrat frothing at the mouth. The level of vitriol and violence spewing forth from Democrats shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

The recent election cycle is a case in point. Those working for Obama regularly attacked Romney and his wife. In fact, in one very public occurrence, actor Jason Biggs and his wife (yes, his wife was involved) made comments about doing some pretty nasty things to Paul Ryan’s wife. On more than one occasion Democrats made comments about raping Sarah Palin, and her daughter. “Comedian” Sandra Bernhard threatened that Sarah Palin would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she came to Manhattan. The left are sick is my point. The violence in this country is mostly committed by typical, would-be Democrat voters. The gangs in the inner city, and the rural drug dealers are all welfare recipients. They are all part of the Democrat voting bloc. They are all beholden to their monthly government checks. They are the ones who use illegal guns to commit crimes. They are the ones fighting on the streets with each other, killing each other, yet the left want to keep you and me, working folks, with families to protect from those animals, from owning firearms.

Why do you suppose that is? I’ll tell you. The left don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves. That is a level of self-reliance that flies in the face of their goal of total domination of the masses. They aren’t moving to stem gun violence by criminals. If they do, they lose. In every state that has concealed carry laws, crime is down. In states like mine (Illinoisistan) we have very strict laws, and no concealed carry allowance, so violence is very high. Chicago is the murder capitol of the world. Why? Because they want it like that. They can push their anti-gun meme by showing high murder rates. The casualties in the inner city don’t mean a thing to them. And their faux rage over a mass murder like the one in Connecticut today is just that-it is fake. If they really gave a damn, they wouldn’t politicize it before the bodies of those innocent children are even cold.

I am sickened by what we have allowed our country to become. I am sickened that our voters re-elected the very man who has fomented the division of our classes, and our masses. I am sickened further that on a day when 40 or so parents have been given the news that their children were viciously murdered, and that they will not be coming home, the left is pushing their political demagoguery, rather than stopping, for even a day, to allow these families to bury their precious children.

Most of all, I am embarrassed that we have fellow Americans who hate our country so much, they would use dead children for their own political gain. For that, I will never forgive these horrid people who are leading our country. For that, I will never again believe a single word from the mouths of these degenerate animals. Those on the left almost seem to exult in events like what happened yesterday as it gives them the opportunity to push their anti-American agenda on a shell shocked nation. We’re tired of it. Please just shut up and let us grieve.

2 Responses to Murder and the Left

  1. Nicole Koretsky December 16, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    I appreciate your words, Mr. Harrison, and while I don’t agree with them all, I respect your views.

    regarding firearms: rather than to divide us, with your obviously informed views- and with those of others, will you hope with me that a solution might be found that will secure our rights under the Constitution, and at the same time teach and inform those who would use those rights (wrongly), to create a truly free society?

    Let us all convene and demand from our Government- all branches- the responsibility required of us ALL as citizens: in order to be free, one must be responsible. We need Kant and Milton; Homer and Dante; Locke and Hume—- and we need to turn those ideas to work–united against falsehood and working toward a freer, more responsible Union. Best wishes, Sir.

  2. Matthew S. Harrison
    MSH January 11, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Unfortunately, the lefties in this country want their protection to be that of heavily armed body-guards, be they hollywood types, or the president of the united states, who today signed a law guaranteeing himself a lifetime of protection by the secret service of the united states. They want a lot of cake-and want to stuff their faces with it.
    They produce horrific violence on the main stream media news 24/7, and produce films like "bullet to the head", '4 heads in a duffel bag" and shows like "dexter" and Kevin Bacon's latest about a serial rapist, then they wonder why kids are so fubar.
    Parents don't do their jobs, and the left for decades have been brainwashing kids with "social studies" instead of history, and with the NEA openly promoting teaching kids to disobey their parents.
    I need my guns-and no leftist will take mine from me, unless first killing me. PERIOD.
    The civil war starts in a few weeks-Do you and your husband have some hardware to protect yourselves? If not, I can suggest a gun dealer in Lake or McHenry county who can sell you guns for cheap-and of course my friends at can sell you much FMJ ammo.


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