Mr. Obama’s Christmas in March



President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Human Rights Campaign Gala at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. October 1, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

As I have said many times in the last five or so years, Barack Obama is here to destroy us. And over that time, he has made many moves that threaten our existence, both financially and physically. His true destructive ways came early in his first term, and have snowballed to a the crescendo that will hit this coming week.


His first assault on the Constitution of The United States of America was stepping into the private business of the American Automotive Industry, by literally stealing the ownership of General Motors and Chrysler. With GM, he stole all of the first lien bonds and all of the equity in the company, and gave it, yes, literally gave it to the UAW. By doing this, he violated the Constitution’s specific intent, and specific words, when he interfered with private contracts. He literally gave a multi-billion dollar company to a union (The United Auto Workers) in return for the $200 million or so they gave his campaign for President. This took money from countless pensions, and “widows and orphans” funds, breaking the backs of many of the very “middle class” he often claims to care about, but really doesn’t.

Later, he passed the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, which makes healthcare too expensive for most of the middle and lower classes in our country to afford. It also puts a gun to the heads of the healthiest of Americans, forcing them to spend much of their savings to avoid fines and/or jail. So much for affordable healthcare-so much for making America more healthy, as now there are already doctor shortages in many states, which will lead to long waits to see doctors, specifically specialists, and will lead to Americans of means going to foreign countries for treatments they would otherwise have to wait months or even years to get in the states-as the citizens of Canada and other socialist nations have to do now.

Furthermore, he also has signed into law, many bills that further erode The Bill of Rights, including NDAA, which allows the Military (in direct violation of posse comitatus) to act on American soil, by arresting without warrant or probable cause, American Citizens. It further allows for indefinite detention of those arrested, without trial, and that my friends, is exactly why Mr. Obama has been compiling an “enemies list.” It also leads to the next, and possibly the most disgusting and definitely the most despicable thing any President has ever done in America-more disgusting than The Trail Of Tears, more disgusting than Democrats filibustering the Civil Rights Act, more disgusting than the Democrats Ku Klux Klan-The use of armed drones on American citizens, domestically and abroad, to murder them without trial, probable cause, and without yours or my knowledge, unless you are danger-close to the hellfire that rains down on your neighbor when Mr. Obama decides to murder him.

These are all in violation of our Constitution. They are all disgusting. They all are draconian, totalitarian, and all are being done without Congress’ involvement. But the Congress isn’t above all of this. The Congress wrote and expanded on The Patriot Act. The Congress are the ones (specifically John McCain and some Democrat accomplices) who wrote NDAA, and the extension to include kidnapping American Citizens. They are evil too. There are very few in the Congress I would want to live next door to. They are the very people who have been insider trading for decades. Harry Reid was destitute by normal standards when he became a Senator, and is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nancy Pelosi dines on caviar and lobster at will, because she makes $25 million or so each year, by steering contracts to her husband’s Guam based company. For the most part, the members of both houses of Congress are nothing more than Capos for the “family” that is the Federal Government. Hell, they don’t even have to abide by the laws they write for us to follow-we go to jail if we don’t follow the Affordable Care Act, while congress gets free healthcare for life-and it isn’t the crap they have relegated you and me to. Heck, their haircuts are free-you and I have paid $25 million dollars over the last two decades to keep their barbershop up and running in the Capitol Building and it runs at a deficit!

But, all of the above is immaterial. Now, they will take our guns-and as The Second Amendment falls, they will begin the next phase. Obama will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty-ending your ability to defend yourself, and giving any military around the world the green light to invade us. You think we have been safe because of our military? The Chinese have a military of 45 million or so troops-20 million of whom are active duty! All the military hardware and tech on the planet couldn’t repel a military force like that! It is our guns in the hands of private citizens that are the cornerstone of our defense here in the States! And as those guns go, the President starts disarming our nukes, and starts giving the Chinese pieces of our country in lieu of the cash we owe them. Further to that, he is going to confiscate 401K and IRA money-and maybe even pension funds-all of them. Why? They are going to tell you all that it is because they can better manage the money! Of course, that is a joke-as our government is $17 Trillion in debt. They could literally pay that off with all the pensions, 401s and IRAs. So, how do they get their hands on that money without a fight? Easy-take guns away. Then, it is a simple transfer from your accounts to the US Treasury. The bill is already on Harry Reid’s desk. And it will get through both houses. We have Republican Senators and Congressmen who are agreeing with Obama’s Amnesty plan, with capacity reductions in our firearms, etc. The portion of NDAA that allows Americans to be kidnapped was championed by none other than the original RINO, Senator John McCain.

Now to the gift that made March Christmas for Obama. The EU, in a secret deal with the leadership on the island nation of Cyprus, confiscated 10% of all of the deposits in all of the banks on Cyprus. No big deal right? Well, it is. It is a precedent that will carry over to all countries in the world, who have spent themselves into oblivion and indebted their citizens to the hilt. Mr. Obama and his henchmen are watching the civil situation in Cyprus very closely. You see, they don’t have guns there. The citizens are used to civil war-as it has been going on there for a thousand years or so. But, they have not started a civil war as of yet. I’m thinking it’s too early-they all did their best to take as much of their money out of banks on Friday night and through the weekend, by using ATMs. The banks were closed there when the government announced the theft/confiscation of 10% of everyone’s savings/checking deposits. And folks, there are a lot of rich Americans who keep money there-a lot of very rich Democrats I know have accounts there. Cyprus became the new Zurich about three years ago. It’s very easy to hide dough there-and you can bet your bottom dollar that there isn’t a millionaire on Capitol Hill or in the Obama inner circle that didn’t get a haircut on Friday! So, rest easy knowing they lost some money-but not enough to really hurt. This precedent will be the one they use to argue that we all must “sacrifice” more, so that Mr. Obama can turn this country a little more Marxist. Now, that isn’t all. You see, the Asian Markets took a huge bath today, primarily because of what happened in Cyprus. It is an EU member nation, and thus, this could happen all across Europe. Therefore, all of the companies that are traded on the Asian exchanges that have European operations are in grave danger of confiscation of holdings by the European Union, and specifically the European Central Bank. Do you see where I am going with this? Our markets were closed on Friday by the time the news of the disaster in Cyprus hit the wires. Tomorrow morning, the boom lowers on the American markets. For years I have spoken about how confiscatory practices of ours, and other governments would eventually scare the professional traders out of equities. The markets are 90% dominated by professional traders now, and nearly no common citizens (other than the insider traders from Capitol Hill) are in equities (Stocks). So, when the pros start dumping stocks, the markets crash. And my friends, tomorrow, March 18, 2013 is the beginning of that crash. If you aren’t in precious metals, now would be the time to do so. This is the move that will push those through the roof. Because, after those holding equities and bonds get taken to the cleaners tomorrow, they will all want in on the precious metals. You won’t be able to afford gold when it is at $2500/oz. It’s here-and there’s nothing you can do about it. You elected Obama. You put us all in this mess! Time to pay the piper. And friends, tomorrow is Christmas for Obama, because our economy follows the stocks all the way to the bottom. That means more people dependent on the Government. And dependency means we are all Marxists now. I don’t like saying I told you so in this case. But I have to say it anyway. I told you this would happen. Merry Christmas Mr. Obama!


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