Molon Labe: Come And Take Them!


The words

The words “MOLON LABE” (ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ) in greek as they are inscribed on the marble of the modern era monument at Thermopylae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spartans dared their foes to come and take their weapons. Americans are about to have to do the same. As the gun argument heats up, it is being said that Messer’s Obama and Holder are prepping an Executive Order to confiscate guns. Good luck with that.


If one were to add up all the military, cops, sheriffs, HLS, FBI, and other armed government employees, one would still not come close to having a military force large enough to take the 250 or so million guns from Americans. I would imagine that these two clowns are at present preparing also, to enact the protocol for taking over the internet, cellular, and land-line based communication systems in the US, as that is their only chance to keep the American people from organizing a defense against their illegal forces now being built.

As I watch the cable news outlets, read the blogs, and peruse twitter, I am stunned by the absolute ignorance being spewed by the left. I am stunned that the left is fully prepared to give up their second amendment right to keep and bear arms. I am stunned, because as goes the Second Amendment, so goes the First Amendment. And while morons like Ed Schultz and Martin Bashir currently enjoy the favor of the Emperor Obama, at some point, and as history tells us, that favor will end. Hitler, Stalin, whomever you prefer to draw comparison to, eventually ran out of use for their propagandists and murdered them. Now, while I am not too worried about any of the pigs of the left who pollute the airwaves daily with their psychotic rants getting got by Obama, I don’t particularly want to be sent off to a FEMA Camp for writing this piece, or any other opinion piece I write.

Ronald Reagan went on television in the 50’s to warn against a government who takes over our healthcare. Obama snuck that one in already. We are paying dearly for that debacle, but this is a far more urgent problem. If we are unable to protect ourselves from government sponsored violence, by overreaching Para-military police departments, by tyrannical rulers, and against attacks from abroad when our government is no longer functional, then we are dead as a nation.

Currently, there are Democrats in every state calling for total banning of all firearms. From where I am sitting, that is a seditious act. Where are the adults in these states? Where are the constitutional scholars and why aren’t they speaking out? Why are lefties so ready to make themselves and the rest of us completely vulnerable to bad guys, tyrants, and our enemies? As our government hands out 30,000 or so drone licenses to everyone from Sheriffs to security companies, and HLS, we are going to be left to defend ourselves with baseball bats, kitchen knives and nun chucks. I am here to tell you, that won’t get us far.

I for one will give up my firearms when they have killed me. I for one will give up my civil rights only when my ashes are being scattered to the waters of my favorite trout stream. Before that, I will not go down without a fight. I, like most parents will fight to my last breath to protect and defend my family, my property, and my civil rights.

For many years now, going back as far as I remember, I have had my civil rights trampled by the government of the state and or city I live in, and by the federal government. I was bussed by Jimmy Carter to a crappy school, even though my parents moved us to a place with an outstanding school system, and paid the property taxes pursuant to supporting that school system, all while he bussed the “have nots” who paid next to nothing in property taxes to my school, to learn from the teachers my parents paid double what their counterparts in my new school paid. What is wrong with that picture? I’ll tell you. The federal government barred me from receiving the education my parents made massive sacrifices to procure for me. Thankfully, that didn’t last very long, and I only spent a year in the rat-hole I was bussed to. Fortunately for America, Carter was drummed out of office for destroying our economy, our social structure, and our banking system.

Today, my kids go to a school right outside my back door. I won’t allow them to go anywhere else, as I pay $12,000 in property taxes to send them there! And I will defend theirs, and my right to attend the school for which I am taxed nearly to serfdom. Furthermore, I will defend their right to own and keep firearms. I will defend my right to do the same. You see, in our country, the bastion of human rights, we have always made sure that our citizens are the freest on the planet earth. Many of our allies around the world have quashed true free speech. The British have made it illegal to speak out against Islam, all the while, allowing Islamists to say anything, including threatening the lives of their fellow citizens. Our country is supposed to do the opposite, yet here I sit, typing about the most important civil right we have – self defense.

I have had my right to leave the United States taken from me, at least without paying an “exit tax.” George W. Bush did this in his overzealous action to have the Iraq war funding continue. I have had Mr. Obama write executive orders to steal my freedom through NDAA, and strip me of my Miranda Rights – the same rights that he so ardently fought to keep for Terrorists held at GTMO. He has also taken our right to be able to communicate, through Executive Order, giving him the ability to take control of all communications and means of energy distribution (A move that most certainly was a precursor to confiscating firearms, so as to not allow an insurgency to communicate/assemble to overthrow the US Government). It is all happening, and cannot continue as long as we are armed and defended en masse. Our “Militia” will be quashed, by the “rulers,” which are the very types our ancestors braved the North Atlantic in small boats to escape-the very ones our ancestors warned us about, and protected us from in our Constitution.

In the most dangerous country in the European Union (Great Britain), they are actually considering outlawing large kitchen knives, because armed robbers, who used to use firearms, have turned to the next most menacing weapon-a large blade. Ironically, Libtarded pundit for MSNBC Al Sharpton suggested we outlaw large knives too, were a total gun ban to be unsuccessful in lowering violent crime rates. You see, violence is in the heart, not the weapon. In the absence of a firearm, a violent hearted felon will use whatever is available to inflict terror or harm, be it a crow bar, a baseball bat, or a butcher knife. I for one will not fight off an attacker in my home with my prized personalized Louisville Slugger-I will use a legally bought, safely stored firearm, and the intruder will leave my home in a zip-lock bag. That is my right. That is my intent. That is my duty, as a father and husband.

So I say to Messer’s Obama, Holder, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Reid, and Pelosi, Molon Labe. Come and get them. But be prepared to kill me in the process, for I will fight for my rights, as granted in the Constitution of The United States of America, and the Amendments known as the Bill Of Rights. After all, many died for me to maintain those rights and I am duty bound to defend those documents with the same selfless vim and vigor that took the lives of so many patriots before me.

3 Responses to Molon Labe: Come And Take Them!

  1. nazarenedeb January 16, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    Ronald Reagan went on television in the 50’s to warn against a government who takes over our healthcare. Reagan was President 1981–89, not the fifties. So not sure if he actually said this in the 50's or it's a typo.

    • Alan_Levesque January 17, 2013 at 12:57 am

      It was actually 1961 when Reagan gave the speech. He was still a Democrat at the time. You can listen to it here:
      It is an utterly amazing speech. Anyone who would ever suggest that this man was stupid is just too lazy to do their research.

      • nazarenedeb January 17, 2013 at 10:49 am

        Thanks for clearing this up for me. Going to watch video! God bless! †


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