“Just a Blogger” Slays Mainstream Mediasaurus


American writer and blogger Michelle Malkin.

American writer and blogger Michelle Malkin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of all the Americans recently polled by Gallup, the people who most trust the media are liberals and Democrats. Even then, the percentages of those groups are only 57% and 59%, respectively. An even sadder result is that “Lower income Americans and those with less education are generally more likely to trust the media than are those with higher incomes and more education.” Considering that 48% of the people polled say that today’s media is too liberal, as opposed to the 15% who claim it’s too conservative, Americans most in need of being educated about today’s political events are being spoon fed that “education” by an extremely left wing, biased media.

When Michelle Malkin was infamously insulted by Juan Williams on Fox News, when he said “I’m a real reporter, not a blogger out on the blogosphere,” she responded with the zinger, “So real journalists are apologists for corrupt-ocracy, we got it.”

Just a few days later at the “Right Online” convention, her opening statement, “My name is Michelle Malkin and I am just a blogger,” became the new war cry of the blogging community.

The truth is, bloggers get no respect when they are, in fact, the new “mainstream media.” If it weren’t for citizen journalists like Malkin, who continuously expose the corruption in Washington, or James O’Keefe, who exposed ACORN and who has made it his mission to rout out the rampant voter fraud that the liberal media claims doesn’t exist, a vast majority of the American public would have no choice but to believe the media’s version of the “truth.” Very few actual journalists seem to buck what has become a disturbing trend by the media to regurgitate the pap spewed by Jay Carney at White House press conferences. In fact, only one comes to mind, and that’s ABC’s Jake Tapper. It’s a miracle that he still has a job at the All Barack Channel!

Local newspapers, such as my hometown’s Miami Herald, are slightly better at reporting stories without the typical liberal bias of network and cable television. However, budgetary problems, cutbacks and layoffs appear to have made investigative journalism a lost art. Fortunately, bloggers have been able to pick up the slack. In South Florida, and I’m guessing all around the country, local bloggers are doing the leg work and exposing the truth, often scooping the “professional” reporters, on stories that matter. We sometimes even become the news when our hard work pays off and someone gets carted off in handcuffs. Those are the moments we relish.

Over at Political Cortadito, Elaine de Valle’s investigation of the Hialeah absentee ballot fraud ring scooped the Herald’s reporting of the arrest of the boleteras. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa publicly thanked the award winning Eye On Miami blog for its outstanding three part expose about a disabled woman who had her vote stolen by absentee ballot fraud. My website, VotersOpinion.com, has also recently had the honor of being acknowledged by the Miami New Times for my dirt digging on and eventual arrest of former North Miami Beach mayor Myron Rosner and connecting the dots in a very questionable contract voted on last week by a corrupt North Miami City Council. I’m even more humbly honored that I was given a shout out by two of South Florida’s top bloggers, The Crespogram Report and Random Pixels.

The Miami Herald, however, for the most part has been mum, and only grudgingly acknowledges local bloggers when it becomes glaringly obvious to everyone else that we do all the hard work. Thanks for nothing, Herald!

I didn’t set out to be a political blogger. Before I started my local column, my claim to fame was as a baseball mom/paralegal/sometime humor writer. My idol was Dave Barry, who I wanted to be when I “grew up.” But once I started following local politics and saw how much fraud was being committed by elected and public officials, and how little was being done about it by so-called enforcement agencies, I accidentally found myself in the position of becoming an investigative non-journalist. As much as I prefer to be funny, corruption is no laughing matter.

As much as I will always adore Dave Barry, my new idols have become people like my fellow local bloggers and national figures like Michelle Malkin, who I now want to be when I “grow up.”

And, like Michelle Malkin, I am proud to be Just a Blogger.





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