Journalists, I Mean Propagandists, I Mean Useful Idiots


English: FBI most wanted poster for Bernadine ...

English: FBI most wanted poster for Bernadine Dohrn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the “journalists” in America start to realize the Obama Regime has been using them, they are becoming more aware of what their true fate will be under the new Marxist Government being constructed here.


They are suddenly aghast at the nerve the Regime shows by making them sit by, while Mr. Obama plays golf with Tiger Woods. This is the same media, who all have degrees from such institutions as Yale, Harvard, NYU, and Columbia. They should have taken a Modern Euro class, or at the very least a simple civics class, which would have given them an idea of what a Marxist Regime would do, given half the chance, to take over the US.

The first thing a tyrant does is co-opt the media. By doing so, they control the message. This is a simple coup, and is easily accomplished when the media have been indoctrinated by the same Marxists as the very tyrant taking over. In fact, so easy was it for Obama, his known ties to such radicals as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and such Russian sympathizers as Frank Marshall Davis were completely buried by the very news media that was developed and propagated to protect the masses. They not only covered it up, but built an organization called “Journolist,” comprised of 60’s era radical bomb-throwers, liberal news media types, and other radicals in “journalistic” organizations at major universities, and DNC outposts like Media Matters For America.

There is a name for such subversive types: Useful Fools/Useful Idiots, meaning they were so ignorant to what was going to be done to them, they could be used to propagandize their own demise, and then be “killed” (Literally or figuratively) when their services were no longer needed or wanted. These types are the very whiny, petulant folks who make up the White House Press Pool, and are currently bemoaning the fact that Mr. Obama only gives them what he wants them to print/broadcast, and hides the truth of his actions from them. These are the morons who helped elect this subversive communist, not once, but twice.


English: Bernardine Dohrn speaking at a Studen...

English: Bernardine Dohrn speaking at a Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) reunion held at Michigan State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Furthermore, these “journalists” on the “Journolist” have regularly confabbed with the White House since Mr. Obama began his occupation thereof. These are the folks who idolize “revolutionaries” and who nowadays are more than happy to share their adulation of the President. They are the Chris Matthews of the media, who hate our way of life, and have been waiting for a Communist Utopia their whole careers. In fact, Matthews, O’Donnell, Schultz, and Maddow are known to confab with the “strategists” at the White House on a regular basis. And another “Journalist” named Al Sharpton, who’s only job before MSNBC was being James Brown’s bodyguard, and “community activist,” is now a regular confidant and advisor to Mr. Obama on issues economic. Yes, I said that Al Sharpton is a close advisor to the President of The United States of America. The very man who helped to falsely accuse a career NYC prosecutor of Raping a teenage girl, and who was successfully sued for defamation in the case, is an Economic Advisor to POTUS. Yes, the comedy becomes more of a tragedy in Shakespearean terms almost daily.


But fear not friends, as many Obama propagandists are starting to see the light. In fact last week, two “journalists” from went off the reservation and called Obama a “Puppet Master.” This was telling, but also got a full-on shunning of Politico and specifically these two reporters who dared expose some “truth” about Barry. They are currently on the outside looking in, while those who spend most of their time under the Oval Office thumb, like Chuck Todd and David Gregory, continue to carry water, and everything else that Obama demands of them. They too will learn. In the mean time, as more “journalists” become disenchanted with the Obama economy, more will slip and allow small tidbits of truth to spill out in between the lines. Further, as that Obama Economy continues to slip into a full scale depression, replete with radical inflation, government confiscation of assets, and a paramilitary occupation of our streets, you will find the spineless “journalists” who so ardently carry O’s water, will themselves too be standing in the same breadlines as you and I. That is when we will be able to exact our own brand of revenge, justice, or whatever you want to call it.


SI Neg. 2002-20961.01a. Date: 6/17/2002…Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor, Washington Post, speaking at the National Press Club with Ben Bradlee and Carl Bernstein on “30 Years After Watergate” ..Credit: Jim Wallace
(Smithsonian Institution)
By Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution) (Flickr: Bob Woodward) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In the latest journalistic “scandal” in DC, none other than Bob Woodward of Watergate/All The President’s Men fame, decided to tell the truth for the first time in the last decade or two. Now, by not carrying Obama’s water, he has put himself in the crosshairs of the “journolisters” and of course the administration. His crime-telling the truth. In the rubble of his great career now lay some amazing attacks from his fellow journalists, many of whom read and watched “All The President’s Men” and said to themselves, “I want to be just like Woodward and Bernstein” when I get out of J school. Only now that they are out of J School, they don’t really want to be journalists-they want to be propagandists. One such “journalist” even made a joke this week about waking up to the news that Woodward had been murdered. In this age, where Journalists make news every day, through their subjective lenses, and in consort with Media Matters For America, and the Obama White House Staff, they have resorted to threatening and daydreaming about the murder of their colleagues who are bold enough to break the new rules and tell the truth. The Liberal sickness has taken over all aspects of the media in America. Josef Goebbels would be very proud of them all.

In the mean time, if you listen to, read, or watch any liberal media outlets, you may want to drink, or use some sort of mind-altering halucenigen, so as to not get yourself too worked up. Because the more brazen the left gets, and as they continue to slip here and there, you will learn stuff that you can’t unlearn, and you will see that my warnings from years gone by are all too accurate. Make no mistake, you are not in the twilight zone; rather, you are in Obama’s America, where the Journalists/propagandists have served you up to become a slave of the State, a ward of the State’s whim, and an expendable commodity, useful only until you cannot produce on behalf of the State, or become too expensive for the State to medicate. At that moment, you will learn just what Governor Sarah Palin meant, and what Paul Krugman means by “death panels.” Your demise will be dictated by a eugenicist emplaced by the very journalists sworn to protect you, the very politicians you elected, and some un-trained bureaucrats who are not doctors, but have degrees in Women’s Studies, Afro-American Culture Between 1869 and 1907, and other brilliant disciplines dreamed up by the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Tom Hayden, at the bastions of American Scholarship known as The Ivy League.

Elijah Lovejoy is spinning in his grave. His death, which occurred due to his standing up for freedom of the press, seems to have been in vain.


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