Jewish Community Center Protest In Support Of The NYPD


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We should be proud of our rally Wednesday night. The Jewish Community Center personnel inside were ultra aware of the 3-hour stand for justice and decency, which was both genial and amenable to discussion; we had a fine variety of people; we were equipped with fliers of three different varieties to educate and inform; and we had excellent banners and pennants, thanks to our beloved partners, the Hindu contingent that does so much for the cause. We distributed hundreds of fliers to the notably cynical denizens of the Upper West Side. Present were old and young, Caucasian and non-Caucasian, religious and atheist, male and female, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and Christian, as well as a sprinkling of Other.

One block away, The Allman Brothers Band was warbling and charming a packed Beacon Theater. A few meters away, a hot Upper West Side boite was selling beers and guzzles to a slamming private party spilling hundreds of people onto the sidewalks, post-workday and pre St. Patty’s combining to produce an army of jollity amid suds.

Inside, Chelsea Clinton was moderating a standing room only Jewish Community Center hosted discussion on “Islamophobia” that went from 7:30 to 9 pm. Russell Simmons, that great humanitarian and heedless moneymaker, was in attendance for who-knows-what. Members of the press were carefully selected and some were excluded from attending the ticketed event held on West 76th and Amsterdam in the landmark 7-story building.

Public figures explained in speeches and on paper why Commissioner Ray Kelly should be allowed to continue the NYPD monitoring of potential terror sites and personnel wherever they see fit to do so, acknowledging that the NYPD has kept the NYC population safe for the past 10 years with their scrupulous hard work and preemptive foiling of numerous terror plots against the City; we supported Ray Kelly when he needs a vote of thanks from the people of a grateful NYC; and we did our part to educate the unknowing of the danger of that faction of Islam that has long been trying to destroy the US, our legal system, our schools, our welfare structure, indeed our very Constitution.

Two supporters of Islam, one wearing a crucifix, and one presenting himself as Jewish, stood disconsolately a few feet away holding magic-markered cardboards, and tried to convince passersby that non-existent “Islamophobia” is a bugaboo we must all foreswear. The “Jewish” gentleman asserted he had read the Koran “five times” and found no racial bigotry or desire to kill non-Muslims. The attractive woman wearing the cross would not engage in discussion at all, repeating that her reason for being there was just to hold the sign. We are not persuaded, as one beautiful self-professed Muslim woman confided inside the Jewish Community Center, that “almost all Muslims are peaceful,” and that “only a few ‘nutters’” exist to “give the rest a bad name.”

We say: If there are close to a billion Muslims worldwide (disputed figures, usually inflated by 30%-40%), even 1% of that figure is too many, if they are rabid, convinced Jihadis. And even the staunchest supporters of the Muslims will admit that there are far more than a mere 1% fomenting trouble and terror the world over. Time for larger anti-violence, anti-terror protests from inside the Muslim community itself, we say.

An ironic note: When the hired door guard from the Jewish Community Center tried to wave the group away at 8 pm, trying essentially to break it up, we had a permit that stated our right to stay until 9:30pm. The oddity of this was that the disreputable and clueless Occupy mélange of vagabonds and paid miscreants never gets permits, and yet has been allowed to stay entrenched for months on end in shambled tent cities on private property, without a whisper of permit or payment, noise warrant for ceaseless drumming, or contraceptives for attempted molestations. Our group always gets permits for a one-evening’s rally, and mildly show them to those who wrongly and ineffectually attempt to disperse us.

All concerned should be proud.



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