It’s May Day. Is America Awakening?


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I haven’t opined about politics much this past week but I think since today is May Day, which of course was a special day in the old Soviet Union, it’s a good time to look at America’s future.  Many things have happened in recent years which appear to be the anathema of America, and while many of our politician friends seem to be running full speed down the “Left Coast Railway,” there are also positive signs.  Since I’d rather be optimistic than pessimistic, let’s look at where we’re headed with a twist to the “right.”

The first time I really got fearful about what the current Administration was doing was when the push for Obamacare was done so fast without listening to any opposition.  It was, as if the legislature were operating like the Soviets – one party government all the way.  The Republicans weren’t even asked to participate and the result was a convoluted hodgepodge of paperwork that nobody understands and nobody can afford.  I remember well Nancy Pelosi’s famous quote, “We’ll have to pass the bill so that you can see what’s in it.”  Really?

But there is good news. As more and more information becomes available, the opposition seems to be growing even stronger, and even the Democrats in Washington are complaining. This is a good sign that the left could be headed toward a meltdown, for remember, not all citizen Democrats are that far to the left. They have been silent to date but nearly 50% of them also have problems with Obamacare.

After reelection Obama really became cocky, and now we see that he is taking on a royal personage, or maybe dictatorial, as if he is either King or, worse yet, Emperor.  He spends his time flitting about on talk shows and going on vacation, rubbing his opulent lifestyle in the face of struggling middle class Americans almost like salt in an open wound.  Push back by Americans appears to be growing.

He also thought he could snap his fingers and, voila, gun control could be interjected and forced upon proud gun owners. Gun ownership is a big part of the American tradition. And, for a time it looked as if that would be the result. But when Rand Paul made his thirteen hour stand, the public’s light bulb came on and the resultant backlash killed the bill. Oh, it’s not over yet, as the phony conservative Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia talks of reigniting the issue, but I think the strength is there to kill it again. And make no mistake, West Virginians, Joe Manchin is no conservative.

Now we are hearing about how we must have comprehensive immigration reform or the country is doomed. How’s that? In what way?


We are told that 11 million illegal aliens in the country must be given the pathway to citizenship but, don’t worry, there are plenty of safeguards and border security processes to insure that this doesn’t completely open the borders. Leading this charge is Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a shameless man who will push an issue forward using devious means and gullible people.

Case in point, being a conservative in Florida, I supported Marco Rubio in his quest for the Senate. I think Senator Rubio is a real conservative, but I think he has gotten lost in the weeds on the immigration issue. I have heard his energetic endorsement of the bill on endless political programs, and he is making a valiant effort to convince us, but even if he believes what he says is true, there is a big problem.

All of the enforcement mechanisms and border control processes fall under the purview of Janet Napolitano at DHS.  She has always made it clear that she will not put a fence up at the border and will not enforce border security and is fully supported by Obama. The good people of Arizona who suffered through her governorship know and will tell you this. So passage of this bill will not only allow legalization of the large number of aliens already here, it will create a rush by more to get here the easy way. And the figure 11 million is a huge underestimate since the bill will allow the naturalization of families to the grandchildren level in the future. We’re probably looking at 30 million as a minimum within 10 years, largely unskilled labor which will become a huge drain on social security and Medicaid over time, two programs at the bursting point now.   State welfare programs will explode much earlier while the existing citizenry pays the price.

The good news:  The word is getting out and a few courageous Senators, like Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ted Cruz of Texas are speaking out and speaking out loudly. It seems the left can’t silence them and the public is starting to listen. So there is even hope here although nothing is certain yet. And the fact that the horror of Boston was the work of a naturalized citizen and his non-citizen brother adds to the concern of most Americans.

Because of these things, as well as the willingness of courageous Congressmen like Trey Gowdy of South Carolina to push for public disclosure on Benghazi, Obama is starting to go into heavy defensive mode for the first time. And you can see in his face how upset this makes him.  Maybe, just maybe, this is the sign that Americans are taking their country back.

So I’ll walk with a livelier step today and feel a little brighter knowing that the seeds of freedom are once again sprouting in the land that I love. And I hope all of the rest of you American Patriots will see this just as positively as I do. Let’s get rid of our gloom and doom and get to work righting the ship. We can’t take anything for granted; we must continue to watch everything and speak up loudly when necessary. But things do look a bit better today.

Let’s roll, Patriots; we have much work to do.


2 Responses to It’s May Day. Is America Awakening?

  1. johnnyangel10 May 5, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Now I'm not positive, but if you follow the old USSR, I think May Day is the 1st. Cinquo de Mayo is today.

    • Alan_Levesque May 5, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      I know. This was submitted a few days ago. Just got around to publishing it.


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