How I know America Is Dead – A Post Mortem In Bullet Points


Eric Holder - Caricature

Eric Holder – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

How do I know our country is dead? Here’s a list of facts that proves my theory!



  • Black Friday Gun Sales
  • Black Friday fights, stabbings, murders
  • The Adult Video Acting Awards are now televised
  • Sandra Fluke was nominated for Time Magazine’s “Person Of The Year”
  • There are still people without power in NY and NJ
  • TMZ has reportedly applied for a license to own/operate a spy drone
  • A Painting of Barack Obama Crucified hangs in a major gallery
  • Jamie Foxx called The President “Our Lord And Savior”
  • The United States Treasury is borrowing $25 billion or so daily
  • Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner asked for the debt ceiling to be infinite/non-existent
  • It will take 514 years to payoff the debt of 2011
  • 144,000 people pay more than half of all of California’s taxes yearly (1% of the population there)
  • The United Nations is seeking total control of the internet
  • The truth about Benghazi is still not out
  • Eric Holder is still avoiding his contempt charge (congress is powerless-by choice)
  • Justice Ginsburg is demanding an all-woman SCOTUS
  • The American Association of Pediatricians is suggesting Kids under 17 get morning after pill
  • Obamacare starts in a month.


There is so much more-but these are the striking headlines today, most of which aren’t on any of the MSM, and won’t be, because they want us to fail, so dear leader can go full Fidel and turn us into a socialist cesspool!





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