Healthcare Vs. Health Insurance


The signatures of President Barack Obama, Vice...

The signatures of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on the health insurance reform bill signed in the East Room of the White House, March 23, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I peruse the interwebs, reading the various different dishonest, intellectually barren, and often times outright lies of leftist “journalists,” I am stricken nearly speechless by their lack of knowledge of that which they write about.


The disconnect, in my opinion, lies with their inability to discern between Healthcare and Health Insurance. To them, they are one in the same, but to people with brain cells, the difference is obvious. So, I thought I would give them a little roadmap to help them understand the difference, and maybe finally realize what they have done to their fellow Americans by backing the ACA/Obamacare.

First, a background-a very simple background on health insurance: Long ago, it was decided that the cost of catastrophic health crises was becoming too much for the individual to bear. So, in the eyes of the seekers of socialist utopia in America, they devised a plan to help people put away dough to cover those surprise events. They saw it as an opportunity to help…….themselves to other people’s money, and to push their socialist agenda. By doing this, they could expand the plan over time, and before long be in the position of literally ruling people’s lives through healthcare. So, catastrophic coverage was invented, and people bought it. Why wouldn’t they? They had friends who had heart attacks, or got their legs caught in the cotton gin and ground off, so they knew it could be life changing if the same thing happened to them.

Over time, this plan was made bigger. The insurers saw dollar signs, and the folks in DC saw a greater control over society. After all, they could legislate regulations for those insurers that would allow insurers to force people to behave in certain ways-it was a brilliant partnership between capitalists and all out commies-and it has worked perfectly. Before people knew it, instead of paying for their kids’ school physicals, the insurance company did. And the government loved it-because the forced inoculations were part of that plan! And by the late 20th century, insurers were saddled with the cost of birth control, abortion, and hard-on pills. Imagine that-someone who is supposed to make sure you don’t go bankrupt because you broke your back at work, now has to help you get it up in the bedroom! And guess who pays for that? Everyone else! That my friends is precisely why healthcare has become so expensive.

You see, in the past, the insurers were not paying for nose jobs, boner drugs, and rib removal for women who want to look thin. Back then, they were there only to make sure you didn’t lose everything because a drunk driver mowed you down and made you a cripple. But those days are gone. Now, the pharmaceutical giants take their R&D costs right out of your ass. They don’t do it anywhere else on earth-but here, our congress has been bought off, so they allow the fleecing of you and me. Additionally hospitals charge fifty bucks for a Tylenol if you are an admitted patient. And lastly, ambulance chasing attorneys have driven the cost of malpractice insurance so high, that in big cities like Chicago, a top flight Obstetrician will pay premiums in the neighborhood of $1 million/year. So, naturally, because they are soaked by their insurers, they have to soak yours. So where once a woman paid twenty five bucks for a monthly visit to the Obstetrician during pregnancy, it’s now $2500.

Add up those costs of healthcare and you should be starting to understand why we are in the position we are in. The ACA and ultimately the Single Payer utopia that the Progressive Marxists want has been on the drawing board for many decades. The slow and evil creep of insurance has been their tool to get there. The insurers have become billionaires in the process-they are the useful fools for the Marxists who pushed us to this point.

Now, imagine if you will your new insurance. If you are like me, a middle aged person with a health issue, you probably have long-standing relationships with your doctor(s). I have Gulf War Syndrome and Ankylosing Spondylitis-both caused by Squalene MF 59 which DoD gave me and 350K other guys back in the day as an experiment. I’m here to tell you the experiment worked-they proved the substance intended to work as an Adjuvant (supercharge your immuno-response to inoculations) to be a danger and naturally, Novartis is now using it in flu shots (but that is for another discussion). When ACA came about, my Rheumatologist, the head of Rheumatology at U of Chicago decided to retire early. He had another 10 years in him, but was not about to go on the government payroll. After all, his office alone cost nearly 100K/month in the Chicago Loop-and that’s a big nut to crack. So, I am now without a rheumatologist. The guy who diagnosed and treated me for most of my adult life is gone from my life. And guess what? Most of the Rheumatologists in the Chicago Suburbs are lousy, and the good ones aren’t accepting new patients. They are being ruined by Medicare and Medicaid patients they already have, who’s insurer (the Federal Government) stiffs on their bills!

This is the case for many patients across the country under ACA. In fact, the major wires are reporting that roughly thirty million Americans will have their insurance canceled due to ACA, most of whom have already received their cancellation notices. They will now have to search for a plan in the ACA menu, that their doctor operates within. Most of them will be sorry to find out that in fact their doctors won’t be there, if they go with the least expensive plan, which will still be more expensive than their current insurance by double. So, the healthcare they get is solely determined by the health insurance they have available. In many jurisdictions around the country, there are only one or two health insurers to choose from, and their doctors won’t be on their partner lists. So, under ACA, Americans will lose their premium healthcare, due to being forced to buy sub-standard health insurance. I hope the Amanda Marcottes of our country will finally understand that this was never about healthcare-because it never was.

Long and short folks-the difference between healthcare and health insurance is quite simple. Healthcare is delivered by people who care if you live or die. Health insurance is delivered by people who don’t care if you live or die, unless you have chronic illness, in which case now, they hope you die-because they are forced to cover you for your whole life, and that is expensive!


2 Responses to Healthcare Vs. Health Insurance

  1. Dorian November 24, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Mr Harrison, thank you for discussing this fundamentally important topic that either party or the vast majority of the population dare to discus, since they are simply not informed due immense propaganda and misinformation. You have missed one immensely important component to why health care is so expensive. And that is regulation. Obamacare is additional regulation on healthcare coverage (and so much more which warrants dozens of other discussions), but what about regulation on health? In my view, it is one of the most highly regulated industries, which odd to say because health is ultimately our bodies. In other words, our bodies are more regulated compared to anything else. One of the main culprits, the FDA. One of their main tasks is to weed out competition, because after they are controlled by the same pharmaceutical companies protected by our bought and paid for congress. Less competition and more regulation lead to higher prices, and little innovation due to the barriers of entry results in subpar health care. We need be discussing why health care is horrible, why there is little innovation, and why it is so expensive. And it all leads to regulation, due to the FDA, and the bureaucracy that surrounds it. Keep in mind, doctors are also controlled by the limits of the FDA hand book. It all circles back, why else are the FDA regulators armed just like the FBI, and the CIA?

  2. Deductible January 11, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you Mathew for a very informative article. To many people, the subject of health insurance and understanding ins and outs seems to be a not easy affair. And perhaps a greater awareness about insurance policies can help families or individuals in making the right choices.


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