Going Galt With The Education System


English: It represents the 1905 law on secular...

English: It represents the 1905 law on secularity in France, and more info is found there about its legal state. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who followed me on Twitter or Facebook knows I’ve been saying for months that Election 2012 was not going to end well. I’ve been saying for years that this country is dramatically split and it is something that digs deep into the core. I was talking with a friend about where this nation is going, why we elected a man who has demonstrated clearly non-Christian, non-traditional values and embraces a world view that is not different from socialist Europe. Many of the things he suggested reflected what a lot of the leaders in the so-called Conservative movement have been saying post-election. Frustratingly, I heard him repeat what so many of my conservative Christian friends have said. “We need to continue to pray.”


No. That’s not the whole answer. You see, we have never had anyone actually apply some root cause analysis to this. I don’t deny prayer works–I’ve seen too many times that it does work. But we’ve not actually done anything. Faith without works is dead, folks. But what do we work on? I’ve gotten tired of hearing pundits accuse us of not figuring out how to talk to the youth, to talk to minorities, to talk to veterans, to talk to seasoned citizens. These are groups, they are people behaving in ways and seeking ends that are merely indicators of symptoms. You simply cannot keep building a party, propping up candidates and a platform that applies bandages to symptoms. We have a gaping wound, here, and we are debating over how to apply that gauze and who will apply it. What an incredible waste of effort this is. Apply the 5-Whys. Why are growing numbers putting in place a government that takes from producers to give to takers? Because people want to be able to do what they want to do with as little effort and as little negative consequence as possible. Why? Because, with each generation, people have embraced a spirit of mammon (material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence). Why? Because we have been raising them to seek self, personal satisfaction without consequence. Why? Because, over the generations, parents have ceased to be parents and have left the education system to form the ideologies and philosophies–the world view–of the children. And this is a cycle that repeats itself. The critical piece missing, of course, has been God.

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Most people really aren’t aware of how our nation’s founders viewed the world. But, then, where exactly would they learn this? You got it–school. Oh, to be sure, they should have picked a lot of this up from their parents. Our earliest schools used the Bible as part of the actual classwork. Civics, citizenship, English, for a few examples, utilized scripture as part of the curriculum. That, accompanied by solidly traditional family values, shaped the world view and the moral compass of our society. So, what happened?

We outsmarted ourselves. We began to feed our growing insatiable desire for gratification as industry and technology gave us material things to seek after and empowered us to expand our imagination in ways to enjoy it all. In and of itself, this isn’t a bad thing. But when excess becomes the goal–even if circumstances make a person’s ability to ever achieve his or her target status–traditional values are almost always sacrificed. God becomes an obstacle and conscience levies guilt. The only way to remove the obstacle and ease the guilt is to remove reminders of such traditional values. This is why we have seen our education system change from one that included an obvious Judeo-Christian ethic to one where any hint of these values is shunned and, yes, prosecuted.

While the progressive movement will always devise rationalizations, the undeniable fact is that you can graph the societal changes right along the removal of traditional values from our educational system. We have generations now who actually believe that “separation of church and state” is part of the Constitution. Devoid of the annoyance of traditional conscience, progressives have been able to successfully replace it with a secular humanist conscience. Materialism and hedonism are the benchmarks, both of which become the gods of the New Religion. I challenge you to actually look at public schools, from kindergarten to our universities, and note what you see. The kids are dressed to excess, carrying all sorts of electronics, driving expensive cars, engaging in behavior in and out of classrooms that would have been shameful a few generations before–talking back to teachers, engaging in violence, all sorts of inappropriate sexual behaviors. Where are the parents? What power do the teachers have? They, too, are casualties of being raised up by an educational system and government that now makes you feel guilty for actually standing for those values. We now celebrate promiscuity, children outside of marriage, foul language and other behaviors. The concept of being a lady or a gentleman is nearly gone. I have watched friends anguish over their teenagers who walk away from their best effort to maintain a Christian upbringing, to reinforce the solid work ethic and the holding of a traditional family as a worthy institution. The schools now indoctrinate kids into the secular humanist world view, and they succeed because schools and government, which also have this same goal, increase their control and diminish parental control. Making this worse is the fact that most families have both parents working. So, how much time–and influence–do God-fearing parents actually have with their own children? Precious little. Instances of one parent working and one parent at home are few. Children spend more time with day care and schools than they do with parents. So, by the time they grow up and graduate from college, is it any wonder their world is largely about deviant sexual behaviors, abortions, drugs, binge drinking and a nearly overwhelming drive to accumulate stuff?

So, what can we do? I think if we are to rescue our society from the downward spiral of this mammon spirit, it’s going to require a very dramatic effort to diminish the influence of the secular humanist “religion.” Charter and private schools aren’t enough. I believe it’s time that we seriously pursue a completely separate educational system. Unfortunately, there is no way we’re going to get away from paying taxes that continue to fund the horrible public school system. This means, to accomplish this we must have the determination to develop a separately organized and funded “Education System 2.0,” a sort of “Going Galt,” as it were. We already have some of the makings of this with private, charter and home schools. In fact, the home school industry has quite a bit of fantastic material to assist with this effort. If we could engage conservative business people with the gift and experience of developing and deploying a large training system, this is not an impossible feat. There are a lot of very successful conservative benefactors who could be persuaded to invest in such an endeavor and get this off the ground. Of course, one challenge may be the Department of Education, which would likely try to exert influence on a separate system, along with liberal groups like the ACLU. As long as this was developed as a private sector endeavor, not using taxpayer funds, it would be much more difficult to be attacked on that front. Truly, our ability to influence, much less control the public school system, has been hobbled because it IS public. The mythical “separation of church and state” idea doesn’t even come into play with a private sector educational system.

We can continue to lament over what’s happening with society, an America that is embracing the socialist model, celebrating materialism and hedonism while attacking and insulting Judeo-Christian values. Or, we can roll up our sleeves, recognize that these values are what best maintain a successful, peaceful and compassionate society and create a new educational system that gives Americans a real choice for our future. The product of such a system will be much better equipped to elect leaders who understand where we came from, why we rocketed to world leadership, why we were once the most productive and innovative country in history–and what it will take to get us back there. Otherwise, the alternative may well be many small areas of isolated conservatives striving to hold onto these values.



One Response to Going Galt With The Education System

  1. stlgretchen December 27, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    I have a question. You write: "If we could engage conservative business people with the gift and experience of developing and deploying a large training system, this is not an impossible feat."

    Are you saying the purpose of education is to train students in a certain industry, career path, etc? That sounds a bit like the common core standards and the longitudinal data system used to track children from birth through their job placements. In fact, the DOEd is linking student information with the Depts of Labor and Health and Human Services to track student progress…or non-progress. Here is our concern with education becoming training centers:

    I guess I'm confused as how businesses "training" students is any different than the government wanting education to evolve into supplying and creating a managed workforce. Neither solution allows classical education of the student, but rather, the training of human capital.

    Thanks for your answer!


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