EMP: Darwin’s Hammer

EMP:–electromagnetic pulse: a burst of electromagnetic energy, produced by a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, considered capable of widespread damage to power lines, telecommunications, and electronic equipment.

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That is the Online Dictionary definition of EMP. It fails to tell you that the “widespread damage to power lines, telecommunications, and electronics equipment” means literally, that the lights go off, and they don’t come back on for a very long time.  If North America was to sustain an EMP attack  approximately 90% of the 400 million people who reside here would die from the direct and indirect effects of such an attack. An EMP would disable the electrical grid in the United States and Canada, appliances, lights, vehicles, medical equipment, portable electronic devices, and nearly all forms of communication for an indefinite period of time.  As  James Carafano senior research fellow for national security at The Heritage Foundation says, “The Earth would likely recede into the “new” Dark Ages.”  ‘Lights out’ would mean that a period of utter darkness, desperation, and death would envelope the world.


The threat of an EMP is real.  Any nation which regards the United States of America with suspicion, or as an adversary, such as Iran or North Korea, or terrorists, and rogue states could potentially launch such an attack.  It would require just one nuclear warhead to be launched into the high atmosphere from another continent, from a ship in the oceans that surround our continent, or from a location our own soil. Who would survive such an event? Who could possible survive an EMP? The answer is simple: The strongest, the most adaptable, the fittest.


Charles Darwin introduced to the scientific world his notion that nature selects certain species for survival according to their ability to alter, over time, physical and behavioral characteristics to match the challenges of their environments. The most adaptable survive, and continue to adapt as their environments change. This is not a discussion on the merits of “The Theory of Natural Selection.” However, in the event of an EMP humans will be pressed to adapt quickly, change their behavior, and prove themselves to be the fittest in the cruel arena of survival.


Only the most prepared individuals and communities will be among the 10% of survivors. These are people who have stockpiled food, water, medicine and other life-sustaining commodities that will last for at least one year.  Most organizations that encourage this measure of self-reliance are religiously based. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have for decades devoted resources and teachings to individual and family preparedness.   Other Christian churches have done this as well. By and large the preparedness communities  in the U.S. are populated with people who are family-oriented, religious, and have some knowledge of wilderness survival techniques, and personal weaponry.


The survivors will include those who have quickly escaped large urban centers and have had the ability to flee quickly and connect themselves to families or groups that are prepared to live without electricity or civic infrastructure for months or years.  The medically fragile and those dependent upon medical equipment will die shortly after “lights out.”  Urban centers will lack the resources to sustain  large numbers of people. Vital services will stop. Garbage and stalled vehicles will fill the streets. Water and sanitation will not be available and disease will be unstoppable. When the cities shut down and food riots, looting, violence, and sickness batter their populations, they will not be able to adapt quickly enough to overcome their environment. Government administrators, the military, and first-response teams will be just as crippled as civilians. Thousands will fall into despair and shock and will kill themselves. Most will die at the hands of other humans, from starvation or exposure, or from disease.


Suburban and rural Americans will also face a collapse of infrastructure. They will  be pitted against empty stores, looting, and disease. But if they have prepared themselves and their families to hunker down, survive without running water, outside sources of food and medicine, and have the weapons to defend themselves against looters and roving gangs, many will survive, at least for a few months. Farming communities will have the advantages of space, personal water wells, seed stores, live stock, and a lifestyle that is less dependent upon society than those in cities and suburbs.
The primary  factor that will best ensure survival after a global event, such as an EMP, will be the quality of our relationships. In other words, those with extended family who are networked with a greater preparedness community and have practiced a lifestyle of provident living and self-reliance will most quickly adapt to the circumstances of life after an EMP.  Families and preparedness communities offer a structure of people who are invested in one another. They offer the psychological support and love that will be critical to continuity. Those groups who have faith in a Higher Power, and who believe in the worth and the power of the individual, and who value life will benefit through times of stress and deprivation.


The family formation is the chief adaptation that makes humans a robust, wide-ranging species. The nuclear family, with radii of extended family, church, community,  is in itself a natural adaptation which allows humans to create, recreate, and mold the environment that best meets their survival needs.  In today’s America, conservative religious organizations foster traditional families who are close knit, self-reliant, and heed Biblical warnings that have spurred the contemporary preparedness ethos.  So, in Darwinian terms, religion is the crowning achievement in human evolution.


Darwin’s Hammer, the survival of the most adaptable and prepared, will be proved sooner or later. Whether it be an EMP strike, nuclear warfare, a massive solar flare, widespread terrorist attacks, biological or chemical weapons strikes, conventional combat, or social and economic collapse that presses humanity into survival mode, there will be  factors over which humans have some control; and that is who will surround you, and what will you have prepared, when the critical moment comes.


ReaganGirl is a cauldron of cultural contradictions. She is a conservative public school teacher. She is a Mormon and a single mom. She is a  New American Feminist who is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-manly men. She is at once cuddly, loveable, and lethal with her incisive analysis.


Marjorie Haun @Reagan_Girl
Note to Reader: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of TheDailyPamphlet.com



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