Diversity Yes, Anti-Americanism No

American FlagI recently learned of an incident that occurred at a Colorado High school and while this isolated incident may be much ado about nothing, I believe it highlights a disconcerting shift in attitudes about our country, its place in the world and what it means to be an American.

Apparently a young man named Jeremy Stoppel told Denver’s KMGH-TV that he received a ticket at Northglenn High School last Thursday for smoking the tires on his truck and had his parking privileges suspended for two weeks as well. According to young Mr. Stoppel, the school security guard didn’t stop at issuing a ticket and demanded that he also remove two United States flags from the bed of his truck. The flags are 3′ x 5′ each. “She said I should take my flags down. She said this is a school that focuses on diversity and she doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. How do you suppose anyone would feel uncomfortable in America with an American flag? That’s where I’m confused.” stated Stoppel to KMGH-TV.

The school itself does not have an issue with the flags and has no policy against flying or displaying the flag. The school’s principle, Mary Lindimore says  “So I need to talk to that person, see why they did that, if they did that. We have them in the hallways upstairs. So we promote flying of American flags.” Lindimore said she was unaware that the incident took place and would speak with the security guard next week. Stoppel and his father Dan are demanding an apology from the security supervisor. Dan Stoppel told KMGH-TV, “To me, she’s just threatening him, hoping that she can just bully him so he’ll just take ‘em down and just put his tail between his legs and say, ‘I’m done. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry,’ and that’s just not gonna happen.”

Now this incident is really not that egregious as the school will permit the continued display of the flags and the boy will likely get his apology. The real question is what would make a security guard think that displaying an American flag in America is offensive? Anyone with even a scintilla of common sense can see that this is not an offensive act. Since when is patriotism a bad thing? I would tend to agree with the elder Mr. Stoppel that this is simply a case of bullying where somebody is trying to exercise their authority in an inappropriate manner, were it not for the use of the word “diversity” and the guard’s statement that she didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Since most people living in this country have no problem with the flag, whose feelings were being protected?

Remember that the flag is a symbol of the U.S.  I believe this incident goes to a poisonous school of thought wherein the U.S. is always the bad guy, the oppressor, and people need to be protected from her and her symbols. The progressive agenda is vehemently anti-American. They dislike American culture, traditions, history and symbols. They play group and identity politics like a Stradivarius. I believe that this incident, while harmless in the grand scheme of things speaks to this progressive mindset. Is diversity good? Yes it is. Our strength comes from people of all ethnic groups and religions pulling together as Americans. The glue that has held this coalition together for 234 years is our common use of the English language and our shared belief that the United States is the best place on earth. We are all Americans. When we allow group and identity politics to divide us, to tell us we are different from each other and that consequently our goals and aspirations are different, the glue fails and the wheels come off. It has traditionally been assumed that almost everybody in the country is patriotic to some degree. That anybody other than avowed Communists would be offended by the flag was unthinkable. We have now apparently fallen down the rabbit hole where the progressive agenda is, while not widely accepted, gaining a foothold in the public consciousness. We need to fight this cancer tooth and nail to prevent it from metastasizing into mainstream school of thought.

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