Death By 1000 Cuts (& Other Metaphors)


Armoured samurai with sword and dagger Françai...

Armoured samurai with sword and dagger Français : Un samouraï en armure avec son épée et sa dague. Русский: Вооружённый самурай в доспехах, с мечом и кинжалом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As is everything reported by government sources, the numbers are both confusing and questionable. I have recently read that the average student loan debt held by college students or recent graduates is $12,500. I have also read that the number is $25,000. I have also read that 28% of college students owe upwards of $200,000. I have also read that the government numbers include credit card debt. I have also read that the quoted numbers do not include credit card debt.



Perhaps the problem is not so much the money owed by college students as much as it is the fact that their parents, their president, their congressmen, and the American people have no idea what the amount of debt is, and the politicians are using this as just one more “disaster” looming on the horizon.


Here’s a politically-incorrect thought. What if we encourage those students and recent graduates to actually pay off their student loans within the agreed upon terms? Would that work? You borrow to go to school in order to get a better job. You get the better job. You pay back the loan. Wow! What a novel thought! It’s a system that has worked since all those returning soldiers from WWII swelled the ranks of colleges all over the nation and led people to believe that everyone could go to college if they so desired. From what vile crypt did this evil idea spring that college education should be free for everyone? Well, let’s see…the old Soviet Union used to identify their brightest students and pay for their advanced education; Communist China still adheres to that method of educating their brightest and best; even old Fidel Castro down South has been known to make available a free college education for those in his nation who qualify, although the real number of those who qualify is not particularly large.


“But wait!” you say. “Those are all communist countries where the government decides what is best for everyone and free choice is not even a consideration!” Ah, there’s the rub. Student loan forgiveness, free college education for all, and paying off Sandra Fluke’s burdensome credit card debt for contraception…all constitute one more large chip from the freedoms upon which this nation was founded, one more bleeding wound to the Constitution, one more step into the chasm of socialism that is slowly engulfing us.


I am told that back in the days when gentlemen fought duels with swords, the Chinese developed a fighting technique they called “death by a thousand cuts.” Rather than best an opponent quickly by a sudden thrust through the body, the Chinese swordsman would flick here and there with the tip of his sword, each time creating a small cut on the forearm, chest, neck, thigh, and so on, of his opponent. After a while, the opponent would be bleeding from hundreds of small cuts, and the collective blood loss would slowly take his life. That technique is quite descriptive of the wounds the radical Democrats are inflicting on our Constitution and way of life. College loan forgiveness is a small cut, but when added to the wounds from health care, cap and trade, the vilification of success, the entitlement mentality pushed on our youth, and a thousand other cuts, our Constitution is reeling from the blood loss and in dire need of medical support.

If you can stand one more allegory, my novel Nikita’s War is based in part on the age-old story about boiling a frog. If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog will immediately jump out. If, on the other hand, you place the frog into a pot of cool water and gradually increase the temperature, the frog will contentedly swim around until he boils to death. That concept is what Cleon Skousen tried to explain to us in his 1958 book The Naked Communist, possibly the first expose’ of the Soviet plot to infiltrate our government and society with socialist agents and ideals. Nikita’s War, via the genre of fiction, brings Skousen’s warning up to date and describes where the socialist menace can take us if we keep our heads buried in the sand. Wow! This article is metaphor Heaven!


Whether it be the Occupy Wall Street protesters whining for more government freebies or just us regular folk sitting around watching reality TV without taking the time to write, email, call, or otherwise complain to our so-called elected representatives about the real reality of socialist encroachment, we are the frog. We are merrily swimming around and watching our world crumble around us.


That’s a depressing message. I firmly believe that it is not too late to save ourselves from the cuts or the boiling water or the relentless socialist attack, but it’s getting late. I hear from many conservatives who are so distressed over the fact that Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee that they insist they will not vote at all. We can’t take that chance. Romney may well be “Obama-lite,” but he will be better than “full-bore Obama,” especially if we elect a conservative legislature to force him in the right direction. We need to make every effort to convince those people to vote, and we need to relentlessly badger our democrat friends to get their minds right and vote for the Constitution and the American way of life. Above all, we need to write! Call! Email! Convince our congress that we are Americans, not Communists. Remind them of their oath to the Constitution. Above all, VOTE! Tell your neighbors to vote! Give a speech at a local college, so the students will hear the truth about America.


Let’s get to work. Maybe our grandchildren won’t have to worry about swords and frogs and such.


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