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You know, you’d think a person who has risen to the heights of their chosen career path, has gone to college for several years, worked hard to perfect their craft…could at least count. I mean, after all, its one of the things we learn to do in our younger years that is considered (in many circles, anyway) a basic skill.


If Jane has two dollars, and spends 700 trillion of those, how many dollars will Jane have to run her country?

Please, give me a break. No one believes realistically that the economy is in this kind of trouble by accident. Not really. It took several years, many different politicians, and some major mismanagement to dig this big of a hole.

Liberals are famous for their “Make the rich pay their fair share” line, and even after all these years, there are still people who fall for that. I can’t understand how or why…but they do.

So lets state the case against higher taxes on the “Wealthy” just once, without mixing our metaphors or confusing any other issues in the mix. Admittedly, the numbers used are REALLY big, but we won’t let that deter us. We’ll use smaller numbers, just so the liberals can keep up. We want no one (not even liberals) to be confused.

Lets start with a basic premise that we can ALL agree on;

Rich people want to make a lot more money (Some refer to that as greedy, but I can’t seem to find anyone who says they’ll turn down the lottery check if they win).

They know that the best way to make a lot more money is to invest. Working small time will net small time results, and since we’re talking about rich people, we don’t want small time results. Things like leaving your money in the checking account or the savings account? Out.

Now, if you have $1,000.00, and you want to turn it into a much larger number, you need to put that money to work for you. The old wisdom promoted an idea called “Profit by Volume.” “Profit by Volume” is where, if my competitor is buying his widgets for .50 each, and selling them for $2.00, making a buck and a half profit…I’ll sell the same widget for $1.00. I’m selling mine for half what my competitor is, but I’ll make more money than him by selling many times more widgets.

Got the idea?


Now for the taxes.

Tried and true wisdom has shown over the years that every time the government raises taxes, they actually have less money to blow…um, I mean spend.

Why is this so? Simple really…when you raise taxes on the so called wealthy, what you’re doing is moving money around in the economy. You take it away from the wealthy person and move it into the government’s hands. If the wealthy guy keeps his money, he’ll use it to make even more money. He’s “Greedy”, as the left would say, and always wants more money. But for the “poor”, that’s really a good thing. If the Rich guy wants more money, he builds plants and manufacturing facilities, and hires more people to work for him.

That’s kind of WHAT WE WANT, RIGHT?

So, if you raise taxes on the rich, you eliminate his ability to invest as much, cut jobs, and get only the taxes on THAT ONE person. If you lower the taxes on the rich, they have more to invest, more people have jobs, so you get taxes on many MORE people, and the government has more money to bl …oops, caught it that time. Spend.

That’s profit by volume. It’s really not that hard to figure out, but its not what the liberals want anyway. If they wanted more money in the government’s hands, that’s what they’d do.

You have to figure that if two eleven year old kids can figure out this complicated economic theory while trying to out sell each other on their neighborhood lemonade stands, then these liberal politicians also kind of have a handle on it too. If this isn’t what they’re doing, then the results they SAY they want, must not be the results they really do want.

What they’re really doing is going after more power, and in the process, are counting on the general population to fall for their lies.

They say they want things to be better for the working class, but everything they do hurts the working class. They want us to keep more money, but raise taxes, cutting jobs. They spend money they don’t have and print more to cover their debt, money that has no real value of it’s own, thus making ALL the money worth less.

That’s inflation.

One more example. When I was a really young guy, I started smoking cigarettes. They cost (at the time) .52 a pack. Those same name brand cigarettes now cost over five buck a pack in my area. Are the cigarettes more valuable?

No, it’s the money that has LOST value over the years.


What IS it that they REALLY want?

Have to wonder.


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