Danger! Danger! Listen to the Warnings!


General Utility Non-theorizing Environmental C...

General Utility Non-theorizing Environmental Control Robot, Model B9. Created for the television series "Lost in Space", the B9 was known simply as "The robot". Exhibit at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of you will not be old enough to recognize the picture accompanying this article as that of the robot on the old TV series Lost In Space. During each episode of the show, the robot was sure to recognize some impending danger to the little group of people stranded on a distant planet, and would wave its arms wildly around while shouting, “Danger! Danger!” The human members of the cast would then heed the warning and devise a way to defend themselves against the imminent disaster. It may now be time for us to heed the warnings and take immediate action to defend against the danger that is engulfing us.



Just as an exercise, you might want to stand in the middle of the room, flail your arms around crazily, and shout, “Danger! Danger!” to all within earshot before you read the rest of this missive. If you are at work, you will certainly get the attention of your co-workers, and if they do not immediately cart you off to the in-house psychologist, they will certainly listen to what you have to say.


Author, teacher, and FBI Special Agent Cleon Skousen wrote The Naked Communist in 1958. The book is a history of Soviet-style communism, its ideals and goals, and the effect it had on other nations including the United States. Reading the book after fifty years in print makes several points very apparent. First, Skousen was right on the money with his assessment of communism. He was labeled by many at the time as a nut-case John Bircher who was unfairly disparaging a legitimate form of government, but his warnings were true at the time of publication, and are even more true now. Second, the years that have passed since publication of his warnings show the extent of patience our communist enemies possess. Soviet Communists knew during the Cold War that they could not defeat the United States militarily, so they embarked on a painstaking, well planned assault on American society, invading our schools, media, government, unions, and businesses with agents who would indoctrinate citizens about their perceived advantages of socialism. Communists of the time knew it would take many years, probably a generation or two, to achieve their goals. Their diligence and patience is now bearing fruit, as socialist ideals have invaded our culture and the highest offices in our nation.


Just to provide a glimpse into the goals set out by the communists to achieve destruction of the American way of life, here are just a few items from the Communist Manifesto and other communications of the 1950s regarding what the communists knew they needed to achieve in order to make the United States a socialist nation:


1. The United States must be isolated by all possible means, but especially by world-wide anti-American propaganda whereby we are painted as the “ugly American” out to control the rest of the world. Notice how neatly that has happened. After WWII, the United States was the white knight who had saved the rest of the world from oppression. Now, even our president apologizes for what he perceives as atrocities committed by the United States everywhere he goes. I would say this point goes to the communists.


2. Get control of schools and teachers’ associations. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and communist ideals. Particularly at the college level, virtually all American schools have gone beyond the traditional liberalism expected within our young as they find their way in the world, and have reached a point that college education has become socialist indoctrination. Students are taught the ‘entitlement’ mentality and are led to believe they can depend on government to meet all their needs, from future jobs to health care to condoms. Chalk another point up for the commies.


3. Infiltrate the press, radio, TV, and motion pictures. There is no need for me to lecture you about the socialist bent of the mainstream media and, especially, Hollywood. Point three for the socialist menace.


4. Discredit the family as an institution; encourage promiscuity and promote homosexuality as a normal and healthy lifestyle that should be accepted without question. Discredit religion in all forms; encourage dependency on government rather than God; eliminate prayer in schools and government institutions. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs. Socialists have been very successful at all of the above!


These are just a few of many, many examples given in Skousen’s book. Remember the adage of boiling a frog. The communists of the 1950s knew it, believed it, and have used it with great success as ‘we the people’ have buried our heads in the sand. When The Naked Communist was published in 1958, the United States was in a period of unprecedented growth. The WWII generation was hard at work putting our industrial might to good use to create a better world for their children. The space race was about to begin, and we were about to win it with hard work and national pride. Americans were employed, had a positive attitude about their future, and had the personal freedom and initiative to create whatever future they desired.


Lurking in the background, however, was the communist menace. Skousen saw it and warned us about it while its plot to overthrow us was still in its embryonic stages. Now, 54 years later, the plot has reached adulthood as invaders have taken over the press, our schools, our children’s minds, our Congress, and even our Presidency! No more do Americans have a positive outlook for the future. Our national pride, whether in the form of industrial might or conquering outer space, has been vilified by the left and destroyed to a large degree. Unlike the 50s and 60s, our economy and our hopes for better lives for our children are imploding. Our freedoms are shrinking and our Constitution is on life support. The communists of the 1950s planned well. The water is coming to a boil, and we, the frog, are happily swimming around in the pot waiting to boil to death.


Skousen ended his book on a positive note, with a long list of things we, as individuals, parents, teachers, ministers, and businessmen, could do to stop the spreading communist menace. It was good advice in 1958. It is good advice now. I suggest you put The Naked Communist on your must-read list, and send a copy to all of your liberal friends. They think they are just liberal thinkers, but many of them have been completely duped by the socialist invaders into destroying the United States of America as we know it.

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