Civility Breaking Out All Over Madison Wisconsin

MADISON, WI - MARCH 03:  A protestor is embrac...

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It’s strange to see violent protests in America. We are by nature a country that recognizes and respects the legislative process. While many people made their views known regarding the egregious Obama care law, it was passed against the will of the American people and for the most part they took it in stride. Sure, they vowed to work towards its repeal and or replacement but stopped short of the type of lawless behavior we are now seeing from the radical left in Madison, Wisconsin in response to attempts to curtail public employee union power.

MADISON, WI - MARCH 03:  Protestors celebrate ...

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It is interesting to note that upon passage of the Obama care law, the collective left told conservatives to “suck it up” and to “stop being cry babies” despite the fact that it was a horribly flawed law that could not be passed without a great deal of shenanigans and accounting tricks. In one voice the left stood up and gave a collective “Nana Nana Boo Boo” as we were told to “sit down and shut up” and that they had won. Now that the Birkenstock is on the other foot we are told that they won’t accept the legislative process. They plan to obstruct Governmental business by squatting in the capitol rotunda and blocking the movements of legislators. They are moving to recall legislators as well as the Governor. I stated earlier that it’s strange to see violent protests in America and it is. It is also a part of American history and part of the fabric of our great nation that people have the right to peaceably assemble. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be peaceable assembly. The apparent goal here is to achieve their ends through fear and intimidation and Republican legislators have in fact received death threats. So much for the new civility. I guess that only applies to Republicans and independents.

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We have witnessed first hand, all manner of crimes against property and person in the last few weeks. From trespassing to battery, the far left is out in force attempting to advance their twisted agenda. Some high minded theories floated by the left this week included the supposition that people are not entitled to the money they earn, that the country is not broke but in fact is flush with cash, and my personal favorite, that wealth is a national resource to be shared by all. Of course all of these theories, beliefs and fantasies are factually incorrect and wholly inconsistent with the founding principles of the country. The fact that Americans can even utter this nonsense with a straight face is blood curdling. The mask has been removed from the far left and they are now showing their true colors and they are not red white and blue. They say that they are patriotic and only want what’s best for the country but the philosophies being espoused are pure unadulterated Marxism.  I do not believe that anybody pushing a Marxist agenda for the United States can possibly have her best interests at heart. One has to wonder how these same people are going to react to the events and circumstances that are most certainly heading our way soon. Food and fuel prices are through the roof. Cities, faced with declining tax revenues are cutting back on road repairs and other essential services. Will those on the left who feel that they have been “unfairly” hurt by these circumstances take to the streets demanding to be given the fruits of others labors? I sincerely hope not but fear that they will.

MADISON, WI - MARCH 03:  A protestor celebrate...

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It’s ironic that the same supposedly altruistic people who talk about “sharing the wealth” are willing to exhibit some very ugly behavior to keep what they feel is rightfully theirs and take what is rightfully yours. That is, in effect what they are doing in Madison right now. Concessions aside, they want, and expect, the taxpayers, many of whom no longer have any hope of a comfortable retirement, to pay for theirs. They want, and expect, the taxpayers, many of whom no longer have any health insurance, to pay for theirs. It is this mentality that causes me great concern. How did people raised in this country come to have these attitudes? Where did they learn these ideologies? Is this just the beginning of a very frightening trend? It reminds one of a spoiled child who gets a toy and then has it taken away. The spoiled child will have outbursts and behave in unacceptable ways when he or she is denied what they want. I believe there is more to this than just the right to collectively bargain. The toy in this case is a Democrat controlled Congress, Senate and Executive branch that the left believed would usher in some new era of prominence for them along with retribution for conservatives. Now that it has simply ushered in incompetence, malaise, inflation and insecurity, part of their toy in the form of the Democrat controlled congress, has been taken away and they are angry and acting out. Further exacerbating this anger is the now ongoing conservative ascendancy and the creeping realization that the Democrat controlled Senate will likely go Republican as well. At this time it’s even money whether President Obama can be reelected. The wheels are coming off the gravy train and even Casey Jones couldn’t stop it at this point.

The left is cornered, and like any dumb animal, they will lash out when threatened. They obviously feel that the time to strike is now while they still hold some power and sway with the electorate. They feed on sympathy. The problem for them is that they have exposed themselves as the petulant children they really are and it’s giving the average hard working American agita just watching the spectacle. With so many in the private sector struggling right now, I believe sympathy for people with steady, secure, well paying jobs is going to be in short supply. The protesters might have overplayed their hand this time.



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