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Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

This is really an amazing video. Can’t really add any witty commentary to it. Just watch it.

Lottery Winner On Food Stamps

This is just fantastic! Heck, after taking the lump sum and paying taxes, she only had a little over half a million dollars left! What’s a girl to do? She has two houses to support after all.

Obama Lauds Professor Derek Bell

Let’s all get in the “way back machine” and travel back to the early 90′s for a little dose of young Obama heaping praise on a radical professor. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose or in English, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  

Shameful: Union Mobs Storm Wisconsin Capitol

Simply Amazing. I never thought I would see mobs like this in America. Most of these protesters don’t even look old enough to understand the issues they are protesting. If they are university students it’s almost a guarantee that they have no clue. Pathetic.

Boss Tells Employee When To Show Up For Work

Oh the horror! This poor guy has a boss who actually tells him how to perform his duties. The boss even makes him show up for work at a certain time! Make it stop! Can’t anybody help this poor lad? Be sure to watch the whole thing. It’s scary.

Oh, Those Violent Tea Partiers Not

Another example of violence coming from those evil Tea Party folks! Oh wait….my bad….its a leftist not a Tea Party person. Carry on…..

Randi Rhodes Trifecta of Tastelessness

This is an excellent example of disrespect, hatefulness and incivility. Or as I like to call it a “trifecta of tastelessness.”  Thank God for all those Democrat lectures we got a few months back about being nice. I’m thinking Randi might have been napping during those. See for yourself.

Union Intimidation in Ohio (S.B.5)

Here’s a real sweet union activist for you. You have to wonder if he kisses his mother with this mouth. WARNING EXTREMELY VULGAR LANGUAGE. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Wisconsin Democrats Have Meltdown

Wisconsin Democrats Have Meltdown

This is really funny to watch. These protesters behave like spoiled children. Did the Republicans act this way after legislation they disagreed with was passed? Uh….no.

Obama Introduces “Guest President” Program

From the department of  “couldn’t lead a tornado to a trailer park” comes this little gem of a video. President Obama stating that he had other business to attend to (presumably really important stuff) handed off the podium to none other than Bill Clinton to let him pitch the proposed tax compromise. Who said Obama […]

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