Captain Barryroo is Watching Your Kids


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English: Michael Bloomberg attending the premiere of The Union at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently Michael Bloomberg, having had a spanking from the courts over his sugary soda ban is vowing to fight on, claiming “If we are serious about fighting obesity then we have to be honest about it and courageous about tackling it.” The last time I checked, the mayors of cities in the US were there for one purpose, as Adam Baldwin so aptly put it: to protect us from each other, not from ourselves.”

Today, it seems our “citizen government” is a mish-mosh of misanthropic miscreants for the most part, not qualified to change our oil, let alone make major life decisions for us concerning our retirement funds, let alone decide the size of soda we drink with our burger and fries, which leads me to my very simple point. At what time in our history did we lay down and say “please government, manage every aspect of my life-dictate my diet, my work habits, and where I go on vacation…please, I am an inept anti-social schmuck with nary the ability to match my socks, or feed myself?” When did we do that?


Today, it seems that each time I click on a news website, or turn on one of the info-tainment channels on cable, I am bombarded with lunatics like John McCain and Nancy Pelosi who have half my education, and half my work ethic, telling me they know what is best for me. The constant bombardment from them is deafening. Its almost as if they are in my living room yelling in my face. It has to stop.

Our society has, for the longest time, prided itself on our high level of education. And now that the public educators in America are more interested in collecting personality data on our children for down the line when they are deciding who lives and who dies as the communist take-over is completed, we are but a dumb mass of lazy turds who buy whatever the politicians sell us, and snap in line to go get our RFID micro-chip implants, and willingly send our kids off to be indoctrinated by the dregs of our society masquerading as highly trained teachers.

When do we stop this? When are we going to say “enough is enough” and put an end to this vast over-reach by elected officials? While all these brain surgeons with R’s and D’s behind their names are supposed to be managing the budget, and our national defense, they are actually scheming to invade our privacy, snatch us up and haul us off to CIA prison camps, and to steal our children through indoctrination and misinformation. Ten years ago I would have said that that statement is bananas, but today it is all too real, and the proof is everywhere.

The textbooks our kids are being taught with have outright lies about America’s history. They ignore the fact that the Democrats were responsible for The Trail of Tears, The Jim Crow Laws, the KKK, and filibustering of The Civil Rights Act. I can’t tell you how often a black liberal on Twitter wants to argue that the Civil Rights Act was a Democrat idea, and that the KKK was founded by Republicans. Of course I prove them wrong each and every time, but how many publicly educated buffoons are walking around out there? How many of them are running for office? How many follow the words of Obama and his surrogates without ever cracking a book or going online to see if the lies they propagate daily are true? The answer is very few! These are your future overlords! Hell, these are your current overlords.

Point is, there are no qualifying educational standards in any election process in America. The people who are being elected are the ideologues and sycophants of the lefty radicals who you watched being arrested for rioting, bombings, and bank robbery on television when you were a kid. They are the dyed in the wool Marxists, who have been trained in every aspect of subversion you can imagine, and are using the government and its vast IT networks and databases to build massive dossiers on every kid in the educational system. There is no reason for it-unless you step outside yourself for a moment, and remember what you have read about Obama, Sunstein, Ayers, Dohrn, Hayden, and other subversives they hung around with. They are looking for a way to trim our population, to commit more fully to their eugenics beliefs, and there is only one way to thin a herd: single out the weak and dispose of them.

Now, in this context, the “weak” are those whom they cannot re-train to the Marxist way. They are the ones who are strong willed, have been brought up right, and who are not easily swayed by propaganda. The schools are collecting that data. Those who fit that bill will be singled out. Those who are pliable and can be molded into that which it takes to be a miscreant liberal politician can be groomed to carry water for the Left. There are no other qualifications. None! Zip! Zilch!

The infiltration started a very long time ago. Today, they don’t hide their ultimate goals. They don’t get angry when you call them socialists now-because they’ve eased the public into acceptance. They have been slowly arming up police forces to be full-fledged military organizations. The public seems okay with that too. They are going after the last bastion of American culture-the kids. Every show on television is promoting gay marriage, pedophilia, rape, murder-have you seen a film lately-the main characters kill dozens and don’t even pause-no matter who the victims are. Now, it all boils down to the malleable children. And how do you change them without their parents catching on? Simple, know everything there is to know about them, and work a plan on each of them. And that my friends is what is going on. That is what will be the end of America. And that is exactly what Hitler did-he took the children.

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