Business and the Left – Water and Oil


Pictured here is former Chinese Chairman Mao Z...

Pictured here is former Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong announcing the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1 1949. Italiano: Immagine di Mao Tse-tung che proclama la nascita della Repubblica Popolare Cinese l’1 ottobre 1949 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At present, one can turn on the television, 24 hours a day and find a lefty talk show type exploding on air, because businesses have the unmitigated gall to desire profitability. This of course shows just how ignorant the left are, starting with their Emperor Obama, and going all the way down to the college students who are majoring in PE and Women’s Studies and at 21 years old have no clue what it takes to start, build, or run a business. This is evidenced in the construct of Obamacare and in their apoplexy over the job and hour cuts that will befall employees the nation over, between now and January 1 of next year, when the poorly thought out healthcare bill takes full effect.


You see, most of these lefties are under the assumption that the public has a say in how private business is run. And while they can disrupt business with boycotts (further showing their ignorance), they will destroy even more jobs by negatively affecting the bottom lines of the companies they boycott. In other words they are just idiots.

In a publicly traded company, the leadership has what we call a fiduciary responsibility. This is nothing more than a legal term for being fiscally responsible and protecting the investors. They are required to maintain this vigilance over investor money by the SEC, who oversees all publicly traded companies. In managing their fiduciary responsibility, these CEO’s and their top brass must do one simple thing with the company: maintain profitability. Now, if these companies pay dividends, they are even more over the barrel, as their stocks are bought and sold based on the size of those dividends. So, if dividends keep going down, due to ridiculous cost-overruns effecting bottom line, then investors flee. When investors flee, the capitalization of the company decreases. When this happens they stagnate and maybe even lose money. When they don’t have the value to borrow money to buy raw materials, to continue to manufacture, etc. they could go under. The simple way to put it is, if they lose money because of Obamacare, and they haven’t protected their stock-holders’ best interests, they can go to JAIL!

So as these morons on the left hem and haw and complain that all of these companies are cutting hours of employees, raising prices of goods and services, etc., it is because they are required by law to protect their investors. The same goes in a private company, though it isn’t required by law. It is simple logic. Why do you start a company? To make money! Why do you grow? To make more money. And as you toil for years and decades and you become wealthy, you make sacrifices to employ more people. You miss your kid’s recitals, soccer games and school plays. Often entrepreneurs are divorced multiple times, because they are never home-they are away, missing everything and it is deadly to the family structure. But they are driven men/women and they go on. You ask a lefty if he is willing to work more than a 40 hour week, or even willing to work at all! The answer in many cases is no. Why would anyone want to sacrifice like that, when they can get it all free on the backs of those who sacrifice!

Now, take into account morons like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, et al. They don’t run businesses. They have never had a real job for the most part. Chris Matthews was a political operative who helped Jimmy Carter get elected and worked for an assorted cast of characters but it wasn’t really work. Not running a business. Not employing people, and providing a ladder for them to climb and not taking on greater responsibility and teaching them the entrepreneurial spirit. These media types have just played spin doctor for other lefties who have themselves never run a business, but have helped to destroy thousands of businesses with ridiculous regulations designed to stifle business.

The left knows not what it takes to build a business, to grow a business, to have to make payroll in trying times, and to fight tooth and nail not to have to lay off employees that are really more like family to most small businesses. They don’t know and they don’t care. They are cut of cloth that is the opposite of working folks. The left, especially the politicians,  think that our money is their money. They talk about “fair shares” and “spreading around wealth” because they have never built wealth. They have stolen it as a career in politics. They continue to steal it in the name of all that is sacred to them. Socialism, which they all believe in, part and parcel to their East or West Coast educations in the bastions of Marxism that are American Colleges and Universities.

The throwbacks and bomb-throwers have all taken positions of authority and of journalistic visibility, as they realized in the 60’s they could not fundamentally transform the US into the Communist nation they desired. They knew it would have to be a slow creep, to keep from the public their ultimate goal. The funny thing is, whether they are media or politicians, they all enjoy massive paychecks. Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC is the best example. The guy wears $800 shoes and $5,000 suits, yet claims to be a dyed in the blue socialist. This hypocrisy is standard on the left, but won’t be for long. What they are hoping for is a Soviet Era styled Communism where those who pull favor from the ruling party/class get to keep their nice stuff, and the rest become serfs.

There is no room for this garbage in our society. The “have nots” are for the most part “have nots” because of their refusal to work or to at least take the steps required to achieve upward mobility and escape their circumstances. They have realized that they can complain about the nice stuff that others have, and draw a paycheck in the form of “entitlements” for lying on their couch, which the never working left-wing politicians in our country are so glad to give out, taking them right from our bank accounts, paychecks, and property taxes. They are happy to give away our money to foreigners who would see us dead, to cronies to build laughable businesses that couldn’t get real investors (green energy), and all the while complain about how much we who run businesses make. That hypocrisy is the norm on the left. That hypocrisy is illuminated by the Hollywood types who vote for higher taxes, not caring that that destroys the very people who spend their hard earned money on their movies.

The left will never learn that capitalism is driven by hard work and hard work only! The ideology that private business must conform to the irate rantings of the useful fools, who helped put our country in the position of the upcoming mass lay-offs, business closures, and doctor shortage, just won’t work this time-at least not until Mr. Obama or his successor nationalizes all industry here, as Messer’s Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung did.


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