Blame Bush – Really?


Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Português: Foto oficial de George W. Bush, presidente dos Estados Unidos da América. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many have predicted that history would be kinder to President G. W. Bush than present public opinion would suggest.   I would like to think that’s true.  However, since most history is being rewritten today by those with a not-so-hidden agenda, I would rather rely on my own recall on what happened.  Some day, virtuous historians will, hopefully, fill in the gaps.  Dick Cheney has made a start.  I make no pretense of writing history; it’s just the way I remember it, and how I perceived it as a private citizen.  So before we blame George Bush, let me go through some history from memory.

Remember what many liberal pundits were saying about what Clinton needed?  They were saying that his predecessor, President G H Bush (41) owed his popularity to the fact that he was a “war-time president”.  They implied that Clinton needed that.  I can’t say that Clinton was responding to this.  Clinton had never been a supporter of the military, and had systematically been reducing its size, but he did seem happy to go into Bosnia.  I am neither qualified to analyze the international policies, alliances, nor our duties to allies, but it did happen.  How was the USA benefited by this? An acquaintance of mine at the time, from that part of the world, shook his head and pronounced it to be folly.   All I could imagine at the time, was that we were making enemies with a crowd who were dangerously nursing a 400 year old grudge!   But Clinton now was a “war-time president”.

Then we had the election.  Oh boy!   Gore conceded, then withdrew his concession.   The Dems insisted on recounting until they could win.  The comedy of “chads” rolled on.  They all hated G. W. Bush in spite of the fact that he wasn’t the one demanding recounts; in fact he stayed right out of the limelight.   Florida’s Secretary of State, Katherine Harris courageously did what she had to, despite NY Times harshness, and the general criticism of her looks and makeup.   The Supreme court stayed the recount on December 9.  G. W. Bush had won.   He was hated for succeeding!   Then the lamestream media demonstrated their total ignorance (or was it indifference?) regarding the Electoral College by asserting that Gore won the popular vote!   Nobody set them straight.

President G. W. Bush (43) put together an administration consisting of outstandingly competent and experienced patriots.  We were blessed, in particular, by the presence of Dick Cheney as VP.  However, I felt that Bush was too generous towards those, especially in the pentagon, who had been appointed by Clinton.  President G. W. Bush (and thus the nation) suffered for that.   At all times, the business of running affairs of state progressed with dignity and professionalism, although not without occasional rancor and disagreement.   Powell left, and later Rumsfeld was replaced.

Who doesn’t remember the morning of 911?   We didn’t know where President G. W. Bush went after that school visit in Florida.   Personally, I was relieved that he didn’t start a panic in the classroom, and that he didn’t go straight to Washington, because it might still be a target.  But heaven help me if the press didn’t call him a coward for staying away!   We now know the truth, and it all proved to have been the right thing to do.

President George W Bush demonstrated grief, anger, determination and an empathy with a grieving and frightened nation.   He showed tremendous courage and qualities of leadership.  911 unified us.   He defended us!

I remember the members of Congress standing on the steps of the Capital Building singing “God Bless America” (no separation of church and state here).   They all pretended to be of one voice with the president and the nation.   But it didn’t last.   The realization sank in – Bush was a “war-time president”.   The propaganda machine was rolled into action.

Soon the bickering started.  Cries of “Bush lied, thousands died” were heard from the bigoted and divisive Left.   The experts around the world expected Iraq to have weapons of mass destruction hidden somewhere.  Iraq submitted a huge inventory of its arsenal, and never denied possession of weapons of mass destruction.  Through the “Yellow-cake saga and the mostly unsuccessful hunt for weapons of mass destruction, President G. W. Bush was the target of the most disgraceful lies and false accusations.  But here’s the undeniable truth – Bush defended us!

Bush was no Reagan.   After President Ronald Reagan passed on June 5, 2004, thousands massed in DC to pay their last respects to this great man.   I’m sure it wasn’t just I who was deeply impressed by the huge turnout to watch the funeral procession in Washington.   Then all along Interstate 405 in California, thousands more lined the way and stood on the overpasses to say good bye to their president and governor.   All the while, I was hoping that President Bush and the GOP were taking notice of this.   Reagan was obviously sorely missed by thousands.  Did the GOP get the message?  Obviously not.

In spite of two wars, President G. W. Bush tried to stabilize the economy.  He tried to reform Social Security.   He tried to warn congress regarding the housing bubble caused by Dodd and Frank of the DNC – their pet project.  He was ignored or resisted.  Instead the Liberals accused him of “talking down the economy”.   He won a second term – this time without recounts.

Then the Left won congress.   The gloves were off.

Now the Liberals accelerated their reckless agenda and started to ruin the economy – they didn’t just talk it down, they succeeded in doing so.  That’s where the blame lies!  Gas prices started to climb.   There was a call to drill in ANWR.   The Left was delighted when McCain had the casting vote and voted it down.  I have never forgiven him for that, nor for the gang of fourteen, nor McCain-Feingold, nor his role in TARP when he should have been campaigning.  Did he muzzle Sarah Palin?  Just where do his loyalties lie?   Nevertheless, Bush defended us.

Ever since then the cry goes up: “Blame Bush!”   Even conservative columnists and talk-show hosts neglect to draw attention to the truth.   You hear the reaction to the blame: “ . . but you can’t blame bush any more.”   Truth is you never could, but no-one will say it.

This is why I felt compelled to write this article:  somebody needs to recall the days of President G. W. Bush.   He was not perfect.  Some feel that Iraq was one war too many.  He was unforgivably weak on illegal immigration.    Many felt that he didn’t defend himself effectively against all the vicious lies; and there were those who felt that Scooter Libby should have been pardoned.   His signature should not have been associated with TARP.

Nevertheless, President G. W. Bush was able to withstand the ordeal as President of the United States, in a very difficult and tumultuous time, with dignity and honor.   He showed respect for the office of president and the Whitehouse.  He kept his feet off our precious furniture.  George Bush never accepted campaign funds from the Chinese.  He never sold rocket secrets to China (is that where N. Korea and Iran got theirs?), nor made private deals with Russia.  Our enemies knew exactly where they stood.  He treated the allies of the United States with respect, and never apologized nor bowed for foreign kings.  His religious convictions and his patriotism were never in question, and his love for this United States was boldly evident.   And Bush defended us.

In a few short years, look where we are today!   When I hear well-meaning commentators say: “you can’t blame Bush any more” I just want to scream!


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