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Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (left) meeting ...

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (left) meeting with President Barack Obama (right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Barack Obama has ordered the government to “fast track” the Southern section of the Keystone XL pipeline that runs from Oklahoma to Texas. To some of his supporters, this will be seen and touted as a “come to Jesus” moment. They will attempt to portray this as a key component of his make believe “all of the above” energy policy.

It’s a game folks. As usual, the president is playing the American people like a Stradivarius and the so called main stream media is tuning the thing. If you fall for this charade all I can say is welcome to Stupidville, population you.

You see, the section of the pipeline that the president is now so gung ho to get involved in, doesn’t require his approval or his involvement. Everything is, and was, already in place and trucks are already hauling the pipe for the Southern section and construction is scheduled to start in June of this year. Beyond that, the section of pipeline that does require Obama’s approval and would have brought oil in from Canada, is still not approved despite years of environmental studies. The president argues that more study is required and blames the Republicans for the fact that the Northern section of the pipeline is still not approved. President Obama is giving his “approval” for a project that has already been approved and fast tracking a project that is scheduled to start in two months anyway. What’s next? Will he order the government to fast track a polio vaccine and take credit for the decline in new cases since 1955?

Obama is simply showing up late to a party he wasn’t invited to, and acting like he catered it. He is attempting to take credit for something he had nothing to do with and could not have prevented, much like he takes credit for increased drilling, most of which is occurring on private property, beyond his authority to stop it. The pattern appears to be “stop energy production if you can” and if you can’t stop it “take credit for it and pretend to have an energy policy.” If Obama had been president in the 60′s, the Clampett’s likely never would have made it to Beverly Hills and yet Obama would have us believe that he is Jock Ewing in mom jeans.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The president’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu has stated that he wants the United States to “boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe” as an incentive for us to move towards his mythical clean energy which we can only assume involves unicorns in some way, shape or form. Obama has also stated that his policies would cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket.” This is a president who is completely divorced from reality and oblivious to the suffering his misguided policies cause. The same could be said for our intrepid Energy Secretary who does not even own a car.

The United States runs on oil. It’s that simple. We have an enormous amount of oil within our borders and our neighbors to the North and South also have large amounts. We need to exploit these resources if we are going to grow the economy. You can’t run a big rig or a stamping press on unicorn snot. You need oil and coal. We have a president who for ideological and political reasons refuses to exploit our natural resources. Ironically it is for political reasons that he now pretends to be in favor of oil exploration and at least the Southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline. A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans are in favor of approving and building the Keystone XL pipeline by a margin of 57% to 29%. I would expect to see the president in Texas and Oklahoma quite a bit between now and November. Not to pander for those states votes as it’s unlikely he can carry either state in the general election but instead to reinforce his new image as a modern day Jock Ewing. Maybe he’ll dress up like a cowboy and chew on a wheat stalk. That would be fun. After all, it’s only “make believe.”

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