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Caring About “Caring Progressives”

Caring About “Caring Progressives”

Goody. I just found a handy-dandy little tool for calculating how much a single woman with a modest income (who of course voted for Obama) will pay if we go over the fiscal cliff. Assume she makes $25,000 per year with her B.A. in multicultural feminism, with an emphasis on nineteenth-century oppressed Andean females in […]

Morsi Declares Himself a Dictator

Morsi Declares Himself a Dictator

  The latest episode of reality TV from Cairo, that happening hotbed of democracy, shows demonstrators in Tahrir Square protesting their new president’s “temporary” declaration…

Was Ann Romney Too Blonde?

Was Ann Romney Too Blonde?

When I was growing up, the hair color ads said, “Blondes have more fun!” And of course, from the movies we learned that “Gentlemen Prefer…

Military Wives Go On Full Alert

Military Wives Go On Full Alert

  Military wives have gone on full alert as the David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell scandal unfolds! There is even more to be concerned with now that…

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Stephanie Sharf Stephanie Sharf has been both a technical writer/editor and a reference librarian, and formerly worked for the RAND Corporation. She’s also been a consultant to software training companies. A native of Los Angeles, Steph feels confident her ideas will be adopted by both political parties in the near future and will lead to universal peace and prosperity.

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